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2013-07-23 10:39:15 AM  
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A Canadian politician waved a secret document in front of television cameras some years ago, which captured the title and some text. The program had to be scraped because this would have given many businesses insider knowledge of the program before it was announced formally. Mind you, they get this all of the time any way, but in this case the evidence was broadcast on TV and in the print media.

What governments call "announceables" are almost always secret until announced.

Seeing as spy planes, satellites and drones can read over your shoulder, you shouldn't take secret documents out of envelopes or Faraday cages.

Which reminds me: I must look into Faraday cages. How big do they have to be? How far apart should the bars or wire be? Can you foil modern spy technology with something as simple as a metal gift box for your cellphone, like the credit card holders for RFID cards?

Inquiring minds want to know how to keep the farking power-mad governments of the world from being a bigger pest than terrorists blowing up 3,000 people a day forever.

By the by, after 911 I looked around for a number to emphasis the scale of 911 versus more probable risks that we ignore. I found what I think is the perfect metric of risk for such a use:  white males (but not just white males) get cancer of the rectum at a rate of about 9,000 new cases a year in the USA. In other words, three 911s equal one cancer of the o-ring for the Man.

Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

My belief is that our liberal democracies should be prepared to brush off a certain number of 911s, Keep Calm and Carry On Carrying On rather than trashing our political, privacy, human, freedom of speech, and civil rights the way that the US, Canada, the UK and many other countries have in panic (and opportunism).

Perhaps a crisis should not go to waste, but it shouldn't be a pretext for injustice, tyranny or plain utter stupidity. Yes, people will whine if you blow them up, but that's a small price to pay for the safety, health, security, happiness, peace, and liberty of several hundred million people.

The cost of 911 was not in victims or property damage. It was political, economic, social and moral. The "cure" was ten thousand times worse than the disease and IT IS STILL WITH US TODAY AND MAY ALWAYS BE WITH US FROM NOW ON.

That was the genius of that great terrorist, Osama bin Laden:  he used kung fu to throw the Empire into panicky oppression and wastefulness.

Why the Hell does every state have to get part of the Homeland Security Monies? Not every state or province or town or county has anything a terrorist would have heard of, let alone deem worth attacking. Stupid monkeys. Humans just don't have a clue about anything that would tax the mind of a chimpanzee.

We should drop the boastful and inaccurate name Homo sapiens and adopt the name Pan like our cousins and sometimes superiors, the four known species of chimps. Pan, by the way, is the root of panic. Panic is the terror that seizes upon people in the wilderness and is thus related indirectly to Maroon, which are people of the wilderness, of the hills.

Maybe we could call ourselves the Fifth or Half-Wise Chimp.
2013-07-23 10:37:00 AM  
1 vote:
This is how I know there aren't aliens at area 51. There's just no way that many people can keep a secret without some dolt accidentally revealing everything.
2013-07-23 10:29:34 AM  
1 vote:
Just another reminder of the fact that officers are hired after testing below a set IQ score.
2013-07-23 10:21:23 AM  
1 vote:
Top secret? Methinks subby doth exaggerate.
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