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2013-07-19 07:06:12 PM  

ka1axy: @paradsol: quite possibly the best writing I've read on Dark in a long time.

hat (panama, of course) tip to you sir

what the d*rk did you say?
2013-07-19 07:06:20 PM  

parasol: You know what? i am not reading TFA OR the thread...

I am a third generation native Floridian - my son is the 4th -

I love and hate this state almost the same way as most of you - who still have the good fortune to live where you were born, and where your family has lived for 100 years  - do.

I have seen :
- mating alligators blocking alligator alley on a tropical night so dark and warm that the heavens begged you to get naked and lie on the hood of the car...just because
- seabirds eating fish just slightly more fresh than that on your plate
- tropical storms that make something inside you leap up as the barometer dropped and your insurance premiums rose
- endless cycles of lobster-red tourists with flabby asses and small tips who leave in time for the glory that is December-February
- snow, once, in the 70's
- my mother's orange trees that waft a blossom smell some people can only buy
- and? that blonde who wore the blue bikini in "scar face"? i sat next to her in english class
- some of the most self-inflicted irony via carl haissan and dave barry - and a multi-pulitzer paper
- riots, boatlifts, marathons for charity, cruise ships and a decade of coke-fueled madness that makes meth culture look like a dirty sock
- the quality of light - at dawn and at sunset - that still makes people save all year just to visit.

no state is perfect - and our current "red" status sucks - but? I LOVE my state - and every weird person in it - from the pols in tallahasse to the rednecks above orlando to the miccosukee who are making dollar hand over fist to the island people in miami and to the human kalaidascope of the keys

and? i love some of the other states too - been to most of them

sorry for the type-o's - i'm 26 minutes late for a boat departure

And don't forget about Kathy Willets!   ;)

/lives in the South of Florida
2013-07-19 07:48:43 PM  
Yes, Florida, people everywhere do dumb shiat.

But you do it best.
2013-07-19 10:20:28 PM  
Full of white trash and cranky old people.

I have lived in and spent quite a bit of time all over the country and I'm here to tell you Florida sucks royally!  Never going back there.
2013-07-19 11:56:52 PM  

abfalter: I live here, but even still:

[ image 746x418]

(John Oliver's Florida - 'The Worst State'.jpg)

I cried foul when I saw that the other night. I was born in the FLA, and I say as long as there's Texas, Florida is NOT the Worst State.
2013-07-20 08:14:23 PM  

Arthur Two Sheds Jackson: Skynard
Aileen Wuornos
Palmetto bugs

Palmetto bugs = roaches
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