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(The Hollywood Reporter)   Cory Monteith's death reveals the dark, nasty underbelly of Vancouver, where a man will blow you for a hit of poutine and the Kraft Dinner addicts line the streets begging you for change so they can get just a little more orange dust   ( divider line 54
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2013-07-19 06:52:46 PM  
"Cory Monteith's death reveals the dark, nasty underbelly of Vancouver"

I read this and immediately thought of our Alien.

/Sorry Alien...
2013-07-19 07:35:07 PM  
Even twenty years ago if you heard that so-and-so had ended up in Vancouver doing heroin you knew it was unlikely you'd ever see them again. When I heard Cory Monteith had died and before the cause of death came out, I assumed heroin OD because of his addiction history. Someone lucky enough to get sober from heroin should stay the hell away from Vancouver, especially if they have "friends" there.

Now Vancouver is incredibly messed up in more ways than just the Downtown East Side. Beautiful place. Too bad there's a horribly planned and mismanaged city on top of it.
2013-07-19 09:16:54 PM  

offmymeds: Satan's Bunny Slippers: FTFA:"Lysol, rubbing alcohol, shoe polish -- they're cheaper than heroin and crack,"


I've heard of Lysol and rubbing alcohol, even hand sanitizer being used...but shoe polish?

The methylated spirits used in the boot polish is primarily ethanol with the remainder methanol. Methanol is rather poisonous and very distasteful, so its nearly impossible to drink unless you are desperate. Methanol makes you very ill and blindness is a common symptom.

The myth is that alcoholics will distil shoe polish to separate the solvents. This is unlikely as it would not be very easy and anyone desperate enough to drink the methylated spirits would likely just man up and drink the shoe polish anyway. Unfortunately, the ethanol and methanol have very similar boiling points so it's nearly impossibly to split off the methanol to make a drinkable alcohol by this method anyway.

Most likely the tramps use bread to filter the polish to remove the suspended solids and recover the alcohols. It is claimed that black boot polish poured through bread will yield a clear liquid. Of course, this will still be a foul liquid to drink but, at least, it wouldn't stain the teeth black ... but how many tramps would worry about that?

It has got to be cheaper and easier to just drink rot-gut booze. How much does shoe polish cost and how much alcohol could you get out of it? I find this a bit dubious.
2013-07-19 10:04:33 PM
Die in Vancouver?  Well, if you insist.

Seriously, though... Vancouver's Downtown East Side is about a nasty a place as you will find in North America.  On the plus side, you probably won't killed by marauding gangs, but you will witness abject poverty, mental illness and the worst kind of drug addiction everywhere you look.  Friggin' depressing if you ask me.
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