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(SeattlePI)   What does a volcano say just before blowing its top? Well, a scientist discovered that it says, "eeeeeeaahhheeeeEEP"   ( ) divider line
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4239 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2013 at 5:20 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-15 05:21:25 PM
2013-07-15 05:22:06 PM  
Drums. Drums in the deep.
2013-07-15 05:24:23 PM  
When lava pours out near the surface, tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur..
2013-07-15 05:24:43 PM  
Its not
2013-07-15 05:26:26 PM  
It's the tormented screams of the Thetans.
2013-07-15 05:26:40 PM
2013-07-15 05:28:18 PM  
"I apologize in advance. This never happeeeeens!"
2013-07-15 05:29:42 PM

/hot like lava
2013-07-15 05:37:08 PM

2013-07-15 05:41:45 PM  
Sounds like the volcano was requesting BIE.
2013-07-15 05:48:19 PM  
Sounds like me after some bad chili.
2013-07-15 05:52:27 PM
2013-07-15 05:55:03 PM  
I wanted to make some kind of witty comment regarding Galeras and screaming scientists, but it turned angry and ranty in a hurry.

/ego and volcanoes don't mix well
2013-07-15 05:57:59 PM  
Call me an asshole one more time?
2013-07-15 05:59:02 PM  

NuclearPenguins: Drums. Drums in the deep.

Followed by a demon of shadow and fire
2013-07-15 06:00:26 PM  

uncleacid: Sounds like me after some bad chili.

Chili and cheap beer for me.
2013-07-15 06:12:57 PM  
And boom goes the dynamite
2013-07-15 06:32:55 PM  

LewDux: [ image 371x267]

New keyboard.
2013-07-15 06:33:39 PM  

darth_badger: [ image 480x360]

/hot like lava

Who is that?
jvl [BareFark]
2013-07-15 06:48:13 PM  
I thought the big trouble comes when the drums stop?
2013-07-15 07:14:02 PM  
another volcano thread... are we comparing it to subby's girlfriend too?
2013-07-15 07:23:23 PM  
Brought to you by
2013-07-15 07:34:34 PM  
The magma's not over till the fat lady sings....
2013-07-15 08:51:20 PM  
i thought it was less like "eeeeeeaahhheeeeEEP " and more like "EYJAFJALLAKOKULL"
s24.postimg.orgThanks to
2013-07-15 10:35:06 PM  
Wow!  I was pretty sure it was "gag me with a spoon!"
2013-07-16 05:31:32 AM  

Mock26: darth_badger: [ image 480x360]

/hot like lava

Who is that?

Kate Pierson of the B52s ... Hot Lava video.
2013-07-16 09:55:11 AM  
Maybe that's the sound of what's UNDER the volcano.
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