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(Farktography) Farktography Theme of Farktography Contest No. 428: "Signs 2: Everywhere a Sign". Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme   ( divider line
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2013-07-14 11:09:45 AM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Signs 2: Everywhere a Sign"

: Signs of all sorts. Must be a tangible sign not something such as "signs of aging or signs of spring".

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:
- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Please note:
The overarching ideal behind Farktography is that image corrections are acceptable, while adding or removing elements in the image (e.g. removing telephone poles, adding Elvis) is not acceptable. Levels, curves, contrast, saturation, crop, and black-and-white conversion tools may be used judiciously, but not to cartoonish or unrealistic extremes. Avoid applying artistic filters for the purpose of mimicking film, tilt-shift, toy camera, etc type effects. HDR and panorama stitching either in-camera or in post processing are not allowed unless specified for a particular theme (true multiple exposures done in-camera are acceptable, however). See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.
- Drop by the Farktography Forum on Fark (new window) or (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)
- Stats can be found here.
2013-07-14 12:52:25 PM
2013-07-14 01:11:06 PM
4th of July Parade.
2013-07-14 02:10:19 PM  

'ya mahn. Des parking iz reserved

2013-07-14 02:11:28 PM  

Saw this in a curio storefront; thought it would fit the theme.

2013-07-14 02:12:06 PM  

Hardly a contest winner, but a cool old theater (80+ years) in Casa Grande, Az

2013-07-14 02:27:12 PM  

From the sign capital of the world.
2013-07-14 02:27:50 PM
2013-07-14 02:28:34 PM
2013-07-14 07:13:54 PM

2013-07-14 07:16:06 PM

2013-07-14 07:20:24 PM

2013-07-14 09:20:59 PM  

Century Aurora Theater

Also a sign that Aurora is healing a year after the 7/20/12 shooting.

2013-07-14 09:24:48 PM
The trail does go pretty much straight up from here

2013-07-14 09:26:45 PM  

Can I get a table by the window please?

2013-07-15 12:59:07 AM  
A buffalo crossing sign that was altered by a sharpie. Antelope Wells, NM.
2013-07-15 01:00:42 AM

2013-07-15 01:01:31 AM

2013-07-15 01:02:42 AM

2013-07-15 01:03:00 AM  
Adopt A Highway sign north of Harrison Arkansas.
2013-07-15 01:09:20 AM  
Took a road from Port Arthur, TX going west. After sinking the companys Astro van several times in sand we hit pavement and my buddy posed by this sign describing the road we just took.
2013-07-15 01:46:32 AM  
Obviously something was lost in translation at the local Asian market--I'm not sure why these rock cod should be deemed to be any dumber than any of the other fish there:
2013-07-15 01:57:42 AM  
Taken in Zurich. "Christ" is the name if the owners of the store, "uhren & schmuck" means "watches & jewelry."
2013-07-15 07:08:42 AM
2013-07-15 07:09:49 AM
2013-07-15 07:10:47 AM
2013-07-15 10:35:59 AM

" I keep telling you officer, I'm nobody's PET. I'm FERAL!!

2013-07-15 10:53:14 AM

"Dude, how come we're walking down Highway 1, carrying trash bags?"
"Dunno. Here, try a toke of this Mendocino Thunderfark."

2013-07-15 10:58:50 AM
Truly an unnecessary sign. Placed at a very creepy entrance to a cave near Hilo. It looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

2013-07-15 04:00:09 PM

2013-07-15 05:32:20 PM
This sign is part of a series that encourages good manners on the Tokyo Metro. Good manners make you sparkle!

2013-07-15 05:46:30 PM
Please do not feed the birds!!

2013-07-15 06:01:23 PM

2013-07-15 06:17:36 PM

"Cartridge Recess"
Slowly fading away.
At the WW2 gun emplacements at Point Nepean, near Melbourne Aus.

2013-07-15 06:20:32 PM

"Platforms 1 & 2"
Seymour train station, Victoria Australia.

2013-07-15 06:22:36 PM

"Southern Cross Station"
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

2013-07-15 11:27:30 PM
I have spent the last 25 years making signs.

2013-07-15 11:34:58 PM
Most of my signs are in Chicago and suburbs.
That is the infamous " Monk " next to the fresh install.

2013-07-15 11:39:08 PM
Sandblasted HDU with engine turned 24k gold leaf.
I could post my signs all night, but I'll stop with this one.

2013-07-16 11:28:53 AM
2013-07-16 11:41:04 AM
2013-07-16 11:46:42 AM
A memory module from an Apollo spacecraft.
2013-07-16 12:19:10 PM  
One of many propaganda billboards (the only kind of billboards they have) that I took pictures of in Cuba at the end of the Bush years--very loosely translated, it says "The Bush Plan: Take away the home, the school, and all that we've built so well. Thanks, but we already live in a free Cuba."
2013-07-17 02:35:28 AM  

Y U No Like Y?

2013-07-17 02:37:37 AM  

Soup Is Good Food

The "Soup of the Day" is always the same at this establishment on Howard St in San Francisco.
2013-07-17 02:44:39 AM  

Stretcher Inside

Old, faded sign on the side of an abandoned warehouse in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.
2013-07-17 07:38:51 AM  

Local Elementary School

/typical sad scene around Michigan
2013-07-17 07:43:46 AM

Caution Horses
2013-07-17 07:45:42 AM>

We Don't Call 911
2013-07-17 07:55:24 AM

Click the image to pop a bigger version

2013-07-17 07:58:57 AM

Click the image to pop a bigger version

2013-07-17 08:01:41 AM

Click the image to pop a bigger version

2013-07-17 08:22:24 AM  

Do Not Play Monkeys

/Huangshan, China
//was sternly warned about this verbally as well since the monkeys are large and attack people
2013-07-17 01:18:02 PM

2013-07-17 02:32:54 PM

Fallout Shelter - Bonham, Texas
(Click img for full size, linky for Picasa album)

2013-07-17 02:40:52 PM

La Foofaraw, Plano Texas
(Click img for full size, linky for Picasa album)

2013-07-17 02:43:38 PM

Vitruvian Park - Addison, Texas

(Click img for full size, linky for Picasa album)

2013-07-17 03:10:32 PM

2013-07-17 04:08:47 PM  

No Kidding

2013-07-17 04:32:35 PM

big sign made of flowers in Hanoi
2013-07-17 04:34:20 PM

pick a sign, any sign!

2013-07-17 04:36:46 PM
2013-07-17 04:49:16 PM  

I don't read Malay.
(Now with voting goodness)
2013-07-17 07:06:44 PM

I live in a small town.
2013-07-17 07:08:06 PM

Mt. Hood forest near salmon spawning area.
2013-07-17 07:09:04 PM

Did I mention I live in a small town?
2013-07-17 07:24:47 PM

From the Rally for Sanity in DC in 2010

2013-07-17 07:26:18 PM

2013-07-17 07:28:18 PM

From the Rally for Sanity in DC in 2010

2013-07-17 07:53:15 PM


2013-07-17 07:56:47 PM

Sure looks like it to me

2013-07-17 07:58:16 PM

Let me tell you about the night I almost died...

2013-07-17 08:48:29 PM
Sister's Chicken

2013-07-17 08:49:54 PM

2013-07-17 08:51:09 PM
Greenlawn Cemetery

2013-07-17 10:09:31 PM  
Hancock Fabrics, for all your Corn Hole needs

I'll take Unfortunately Named Midwestern Games for 200, Alex
2013-07-17 10:17:02 PM

Unfortunately, no Clark Kent Blvd to be found.
2013-07-17 10:20:21 PM
2013-07-17 10:21:37 PM
2013-07-17 10:25:29 PM
2013-07-17 10:26:51 PM

2013-07-17 10:31:13 PM

2013-07-17 10:33:16 PM

2013-07-17 11:26:55 PM
2013-07-17 11:28:05 PM
2013-07-17 11:29:01 PM
2013-07-17 11:35:23 PM  
When you need an Rx for your Rectum, trust Butt Drugs

/actual family name
2013-07-18 12:01:41 AM
Tomb of the Unknowns
Arlington, Virginia

2013-07-18 12:02:34 AM
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
New York, New York

2013-07-18 12:03:19 AM
This lawn and landscape is
presented in grateful recognition
of the veterans from every war
and armed conflict that has
befallen our great nation.

July 19, 1999
The Professional Lawn Care
Association of America.


2013-07-18 12:05:14 AM

Sign on the top floor of an office building in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2013-07-18 12:06:34 AM

Classic McDonald's sign in Green Bay WI. (It's still standing, but they replaced the McD's with a retro-style version, complete with golden arches!)

2013-07-18 12:08:27 AM
2013-07-18 12:10:23 AM
2013-07-18 12:11:06 AM
2013-07-18 12:15:59 AM  
(1/3) old shell station on us25 in ky
2013-07-18 12:17:29 AM  
(2/3) old garage in Richmond, KY
2013-07-18 12:19:39 AM  
(3/3) we happened across occupy wall street in sept 2011 shortly before it blew up as crazy as it was. we initially thought it was a flea market of some sort, but started snapping pics of the signs we saw..
2013-07-18 12:35:03 AM
2013-07-18 12:35:53 AM
2013-07-18 12:36:36 AM
2013-07-18 12:37:43 AM
2013-07-18 12:39:27 AM

Just a few things I had snapped on my phone.
2013-07-18 12:40:05 AM
2013-07-18 12:42:03 AM
2013-07-18 12:52:09 AM
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
2013-07-18 01:04:09 AM  
Pharmacy Neon - Red Bluff, California
2013-07-18 01:04:56 AM  
2013-07-18 01:06:51 AM  
Zell Bros Jewelry
(Sadly, this building has been demolished)
2013-07-18 01:11:28 AM

2013-07-18 01:17:52 AM  

Mods, feel free to delete the non-votey pic.

2013-07-18 01:19:14 AM  

Mods, feel free to delete the non-votey pic

2013-07-18 01:27:30 AM
2013-07-18 01:30:06 AM
2013-07-18 01:30:49 AM
2013-07-18 01:47:00 AM
2013-07-18 01:48:12 AM
2013-07-18 01:50:42 AM

2013-07-18 01:50:45 AM
2013-07-18 01:57:18 AM

2013-07-18 01:58:05 AM
2013-07-18 02:00:00 AM

Tacky tourist trap for the apostrophically impaired.
2013-07-18 02:10:13 AM
KQ Ranch Resort
Julian, California

2013-07-18 02:58:14 AM
There's a perfectly reasonable explanation, honest.

2013-07-18 04:57:08 AM
2013-07-18 04:58:04 AM
2013-07-18 05:00:35 AM
2013-07-18 05:15:11 AM

Christen Tool and Die
The sign has since collapsed further

2013-07-18 05:15:53 AM


Satisfaction or your money back

2013-07-18 05:16:33 AM

Clifton Springs' YMCA

Young Man...

2013-07-18 06:35:08 AM
2013-07-18 06:38:26 AM
2013-07-18 06:39:21 AM
2013-07-18 07:03:17 AM  
2013-07-18 07:12:18 AM  
Wasn't thinking about farktography but I suppose I'll put up a few from the Appalachian Trail thus far...

1/3 ~ Self-portrait on Springer Mountain
2013-07-18 07:14:09 AM  
2/3 ~ "Swag of the Blue Ridge", I don't understand.
2013-07-18 07:18:26 AM  
3/3 ~ Conveniently labeled Fontana Dam
2013-07-18 07:55:12 AM

Unisex Restroom, in Rotorua, NZ. IIRC.

2013-07-18 08:04:03 AM
2013-07-18 08:19:46 AM
This lab was serious about not being annoyed by impatient old people, like my parents.
2013-07-18 08:35:01 AM  
1 of 3
Clickr for Flickr
2013-07-18 08:36:32 AM  
2 of 3
Clickr for Flickr
2013-07-18 08:37:26 AM  
3 of 3
Clickr for Flickr
2013-07-18 09:11:36 AM

Vortograph of a sign.
2013-07-18 11:18:23 AM  
Late to the game! this one is in Sedona.
2013-07-18 11:23:57 AM  
One more:
2013-07-18 01:00:51 PM  
i81.photobucket.comA Trio of signs in Kuwait from 2011-2012
2013-07-18 02:42:50 PM
3 of 3  This was in GA on the way to Savannah I wonder what to order here ??? lol
2013-07-18 04:23:06 PM

A sign featured in Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series.  The fictional town of Tabor Heights is supposed to be near Toms River, New Jersey, but the set where it is filmed is on Staten Island in historic Richmondtown.  Fans of the show will remember that lots of mayhem takes place here despite the religious nature of the sign.
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