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(AZCentral)   Boy Scouts are being turned away from this year's national Jamboree if they've eaten too many brownies   ( ) divider line
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2013-07-14 03:02:35 PM  

Gleeman: In my day eating Brownies was what turned us from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.
/why is Chris Hansen in my kitchen?

prekrasno: How does a Cub Scout become a Boy Scout...?

Warthog: Eating brownies is was got me thrown out of Scouts. /asked to take a seat over there./oblig.

What's blue and comes in brownies?
2013-07-14 03:29:30 PM  

TFerWannaBe: The theme is health and fitness . . . so they're turning away the scouts that need it most. It makes sense from a liability standpoint, but they probably could have been more accommodating and actually helped these kids out.

"Our theme is to feed hungry kids. Oh, you can't afford a lunch? Sorry you can't go."
2013-07-14 03:30:54 PM  

born_yesterday: Mr. Shabooboo: MooseUpNorth: Wow. The Mormon-led BSA just _have_ to discriminate against someone, don't they?

You know who else had youth organization was picky about it's members?


You got that awfully fast..And I made it harder by not using my original phrasing,,,
  "You know who else had a youth organization and was picky about it's members, and hated Jews?"
2013-07-14 07:02:22 PM  

TFerWannaBe: The theme is health and fitness . . . so they're turning away the scouts that need it most. It makes sense from a liability standpoint, but they probably could have been more accommodating and actually helped these kids out.

They "could" have special camps set up....just for fat kids...
2013-07-14 10:10:01 PM  

rvesco: RTOGUY: I sound fat: I was never over that BMI in scouts, but I sure as hell was fat enough that I simply would have not wanted to participate in the activity they are speaking of.

/ im pretty sure the only people biatching will be the fat scout's parents.

I was thinking the same thing. If the kid is so fat that he has a  BMI of 40 he probably would be shedding buttery tears of joy to be skipping this trip with a valid excuse.

I was a big fat Cub Scout, and came here to say exactly that.

[ image 468x309]

This is Jambik. He's also the little boy in the famous McDonalds pic. His story is sad and makes me very angry.  And he will likely be dead soon.
2013-07-15 01:28:50 AM  

notmtwain: A 40 BMI works out to 248 pounds on a 5' 6" frame or 295 pounds on a 6' 0" frame.

That's pretty big for 12 to 20 year olds.

Yeah, I saw that and was like, "holy farkall, and I use almost all the seatbelt in an American sedan with a BMI of 28!"
2013-07-15 01:30:45 AM  

TFerWannaBe: The theme is health and fitness . . . so they're turning away the scouts that need it most. It makes sense from a liability standpoint, but they probably could have been more accommodating and actually helped these kids out.

That's something their local troop should be doing.  Space is limited, our troop could only send something like two Scouts on a good year.
2013-07-15 01:39:56 AM  

LordOfThePings: [ image 850x804]

I've never seen that outside of rumors and websites.  My district's troops practically had a Christmas mafia operation going on.  My troop sold pine wreaths, swags and cedar garland.  I had a friend in a troop that sold Christmas trees.  Yet another local troop recycled all the shiat we sold.  The Cub Scout pack with the same number as my troop sold gift wrap.  Seemed to be a pretty thoroughly repeated pattern across the district, to the point that I'd occasionally run into turf issues with another troop selling the wreaths and garland when I moved to another neighborhood and started trying to close the gap between my neighborhood and my troop's neighborhood (across the six or so in between).  And then there was the year that one of the relatively new guys managed to put in a successful bid to provide all the wreaths and garland for the City of Hillsboro, Oregon.  We pretty much scrapped all of our tents (most of 'em leaked and had broken zippers, missing peg loops, etc), stoves (some of 'em were white gas models with some truly scary problems) and mess kits (a lot of 'em were seriously dented, missing parts and often had permanently burned on bits only identifiable by the Spirits and electron microscopes), updated the troop library, replaced some worn out uniforms and insignia in the UX, and still had enough left over to pay for all 90+ Scouts memberships and summer camp fees for two years thanks to him...and that was after cutting everyone a 10% commission check for everyone who made quota.
2013-07-15 01:42:06 AM  

MooseUpNorth: Wow. The Mormon-led BSA just _have_ to discriminate against someone, don't they?

This...probably caused most of 'em to sit this one out.
2013-07-15 01:45:10 AM  

swankywanky: H guys, what's going on in this thread?

[ image 750x1017]

Reminds me of my first girlfriend.  She was an Explorer.
2013-07-15 02:15:53 AM  

megarian: I hate the word "jamboree".

I don't.  It was my favorite attraction at Disneyland.
2013-07-15 02:20:01 AM  

Orgasmatron138: We are a society of consumers, not producers.  It's no surprise that obesity is an epidemic; not just among children, but also among every group of people.

I'm paraphrasing Carlin here: this whole country has been turned into one giant farking mall.  We have our mega-malls, and in between the mega-malls we have the mini-malls, and in between the mini-malls we have the strip malls, and in between the strip malls we have the convenience stores.

Think about how much space is dedicated to making people fatter, lazier, and stupider.  Now think about how much space is dedicated to making people healthier.  And we wonder why people are so farking fat and stupid?

And people laugh at me when I say "maybe we should put in some more bike lanes and mass transit throughout the city and get rid of these stupid farking unused parking lots in downtown".
2013-07-15 02:25:59 AM  

baka-san: penthesilea: They don't allow them to use knives or start campfires.

I wouldn't let my kids be in a troop like that...

Our 11 YO went to summer camp for the first time this year, got his campfire chit.

Firem'n Chit.  The spirits only know how many of the damn things I've signed off on over the years.  I'm halfway across the continent and 15 years removed from where I was signing off on every one of those, and the Whittlin' Chip and Tote'n'Chip cards I've signed off on, and I've started coming across Scouts who have ones I signed off ages ago...which makes me wonder who didn't get the memo that these aren't transferable even if you erase the original name it was issued to (good trick considering I always used ink), and every Scout they were issued to is either an adult or dead now (fark war).
2013-07-15 02:41:19 AM  

max_pooper: hogans: This is good for a start.  Now they need to do the same for the High Adventure areas like Philmont. Some people simply need to be told that they won't be able to handle the stress of certain activities.  Sending a helicopter twenty miles up a trail for a fatty with heat exhaustion should never be an option.

/Eagle Scout with a beer gut

I seem to remember needing to pass a physical to go to Philmont and Northern Tier Canoe Base.

/canoe base twice
//philmont thrice
///national jamboree
////world jamboree
//eagle scout
//beer gut

What annoys me is I never got to go to Philmont because it cost too much to travel there from Oregon.  Now I can literally smell the Cimarron under the right conditions, and drive to the outermost edges of it in about an hour.  I could leave here at morning rush hour, be on US 412 (which goes directly there) in 3 minutes, New Mexico border by lunch, and Philmont by mid-afternoon.  But until they get over their Mormon hangups, closest I'll get is to tour through it on NM 21...
2013-07-15 02:42:21 AM  

Macular Degenerate: The fattest kid in my scout troop was the scoutmaster's kid, so all the fitness requirements were pretty relaxed. He quit and a new dude took over. The guy was a chain smoking drunk who needed an excuse to get away from his harbor hog wife and go fishing. After that, all we did was talk about fishing trips. Needless to say, I never made it passed Second Class.

Fark needs a "Sad" button.
2013-07-15 02:55:58 AM  

Bondith: From what I've seen of American Scouts, there won't be anyone at the Jamboree.  I'm not in the slightest bit athletic, but those butterballs made me look like Adonis.  Granted, my group was 14 and the Americans were all 10-12, but some of them still outweighed me.

/1st Okanagan Mission Venturers, 1994-6
//went to Camp Meriwether in Oregon in '94

I say this as someone who has worked for the Cascade Pacific Council: The Meriweather Lewis Scout Base has got to be, hands down, my least favorite camp in the US, bar none.  Did two camps with my Cub Scout pack there, a summer camp with my troop, a few events working for the Council and my Ordeal there.  Don't trust the wooden structures, beachfront rainforests are exceptionally awesome at rotting wood that isn't alive.  Tent frames and tent platforms have lifespans of months there.  And you can have all the tarps in the world, it's not saving you if you've gotta rough it afield without a tent there.  I typically stayed the driest of any group I was in there where we had to freeform camp it without setting out tents, mostly because I hated carrying extra deadweight when the basic goal of a tent could be achieved with more versatility with a tarp and a backpacker's poncho.  But that really was a relative term in that I'd still have dry clothes by the end of the trip.  The CPC used to give a blue segment insignia with  1" and a raindrop stitched on it, for every inch of rain you camped through.  I actively sought to have 'em stop sending me the damn things after the first 200.  Somewhere in a shed my family owns, I have a gallon sack of the damn things, next to my merit badge sash with a 300 nights camping award on the back.

Anyrate, literally every experience I have with Meriwether-Lewis is a wet, mud-filled experience, and one where I've seen colleagues either injured (usually by the steep grades of Cardiac Hill combined with slippery, wet, silty trails conspiring against them) or killed in a cannon accident on the one sunny day I saw there.
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