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(CNN)   3rd person dead from Asiana Flt 214. Accoding to KTVU the victim's name was Sum Yung Gil   ( divider line
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2013-07-13 04:18:06 PM  

ambercat: Plane crashes don't happen all that frequently, and different planes crash differently.

Yeah, but avoiding debris is pretty standard. Including human debris. Car accidents with people being ejected aren't uncommon.

I just wonder where she got ejected. I wonder where it was that she ended up.

In one of the other crash threads, there's supposedly some pilot who said there were two people who were ejected like 1000-1500 feet away from the plane. Those aren't necessarily the ones who died or the one that got run over, of course, but I'm curious to know the facts.
2013-07-13 04:26:17 PM  
2013-07-13 04:54:34 PM  

Kyosuke: MattyFridays: italie: Sad, but 304 of 307 surviving gross incompetence @ 100 mph is pretty good.

//Boeing builds great air frames.
///Electrical systems, not so much....

Two of them had their spinal cords severed and will in wheelchairs for life.

Remember: Just because you hear "injuries" doesn't mean everyone is going to be walking away OK after a few days in the hospital.  Injuries can be mean life-changing horrific stuff that gets under-reported.

A car accident victim can walk away from a crash but be suffering from nerve pains for the rest of their life.  It happens.

[ image 300x243]

Hi Deb! What's cookin'?
2013-07-13 09:50:01 PM  

ambercat: legion_of_doo: rhiannon: [ image 650x366]

So she came out the top of the plane? The one that got run over? In the various pictures, it looks like virtually all the foam is right under the forward end of the fuselage.

I'm not saying they are lying about the foam, and I think they probably shouldn't have said anything until they knew something.  It's just an odd story, to get run over by the fire truck in what is a freakish but somehow survivable crash.

The whole thing was odd, so even if these firefighters had general experience, they had probably never experienced this kind of scenario before. I'm sure they had training with how to deal with plane accidents and crashes in a broad, theoretical way, but I doubt anything they trained for specifically and in great detail covered this exact situation, and it's doubtful they ever had a real life experience doing this before, so they could have just gone in there, making snap decisions about what would be best to do. They were probably thinking of saving the most people possible. The idea of watching out for people who could have been thrown from the plane and survived that might not have occurred to them with a crash like this, and even if it had, who knows what slowing everything down to get her out of the way would have done for the chances of everybody else still trapped inside.

Plane crashes don't happen all that frequently, and different planes crash differently. I don't think there's ever been a crash quite like this with that kind of plane, so I don't they would know exactly what the absolute best thing to do would be. It's sad, but in intense, unusual emergencies, shiat happens. I'm sure they'll be poring over this later so that future fire fighters and emergency responders can have better training.

I'd bet you're on the right track.  I could easily see the driver looking up at the burning fuselage, instead of down on the a perfectly natural reaction.

Poor bastard must feel lower than whale shiat right now.  Frankly, I hope she WAS dead before he hit her...that'd help, a little.
2013-07-14 08:43:33 AM  

legion_of_doo: I just wonder where she got ejected.

Hard to say.

I wonder where it was that she ended up.

Under the fire truck.
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