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(SeattlePI)   Bull escapes slaughterhouse, hits woman on scooter. To be fair, he never did get over the cancellation of Night Court   ( divider line
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1361 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jul 2013 at 9:40 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-12 09:14:42 AM

2013-07-12 09:42:54 AM  
Now all we need is a bull market and this will be a great Friday.
2013-07-12 09:46:54 AM

Markie Post threadjack!
IIRC, She gets kidnapped by those scuba divers and doesn't even get her hair wet.
2013-07-12 09:47:21 AM  
Okay lets move this along. We all know where this is going. Bull Shannon - Night Court - let's just jump ahead to the Marki Post posts...
2013-07-12 09:48:07 AM  

Harry Freakstorm: [ image 181x278]

Markie Post threadjack!
IIRC, She gets kidnapped by those scuba divers and doesn't even get her hair wet.

*** shaking tiny fist ***
2013-07-12 09:48:11 AM  
If you smelled death in the air around a slaughter house and escaped, you too would do your first herd protecting duty and attack the predator riding the back of your young calf (aka scooter)

/all makes sense if you think a bull.
2013-07-12 09:48:47 AM
2013-07-12 09:49:11 AM  

Harry Freakstorm: [ image 181x278]

Markie Post threadjack!

All in favor say Aye?



[crickets chirping]

2013-07-12 09:58:12 AM  
Headline made me laugh, subby. Well done.
2013-07-12 09:58:35 AM  
Well now I have that song stuck in my head.
2013-07-12 10:02:44 AM  
Night Court was one of the best sitcoms ever.
2013-07-12 10:05:35 AM
2013-07-12 10:25:17 AM  
He never was the same after Velma died.
2013-07-12 10:30:26 AM  
What the cow might look like:
2013-07-12 10:48:02 AM  
Fark, I am disappoint.
2013-07-12 11:46:42 AM  
Four bovines escaped a McDonalds' slaughter house?  When did they start using meat?  Also, where did the bull get a scooter?
2013-07-12 11:49:35 AM  

itsaidwhat: /all makes sense if you think [like] a bull.

Temple Grandin's a Farker?
2013-07-12 12:21:11 PM

"Yes, I did have sex with that woman. You asked me about that other woman. Not this woman and yes I banged her like a gong, right in the Lincoln Bedroom. Yes, I am the luckiest SOB you're ever going to meet. Now, piss off, I'm making millions on the Lecture Circuits."
2013-07-12 12:50:55 PM

Show us your gazungas..
2013-07-12 01:12:22 PM  
Hello, Dan Dan Fielding!
2013-07-12 01:20:36 PM  

Blackbird: Hello, Dan Dan Fielding!


2013-07-12 08:46:23 PM  
Art: When you got hit by that lightning bolt, you absorbed over a million volts. It must have been like french kissing a light socket.

Bull: No... that feels different.
2013-07-12 10:44:55 PM  
Night Court wasn't cancelled.
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