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(Time)   With Rick Perry's departure, TX Democrats believe they have a real shot at the governor's mansion -IF they can find the right candidate, say someone who's really good at standing for long periods of time and has a good pair of sneakers   ( divider line
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2013-07-10 02:30:40 PM  
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Wendy should run...

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2013-07-10 02:59:45 PM  
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InmanRoshi: orclover: Oh jeezus christ, San Antonio. The sheer volume of the churches and their epic size blew my mind, now there are even more of them. I attended a "family" funeral in one a few years ago, this was a funeral mind you. The political speeches given and the racist vernacular tossed out followed by "praise jeesus!" from the crowd along with the general behavior of the spectators, fark man. You people here on fark in other states or locked in liberal Texas cities. You have no...farking....clue. You have no idea what you are in for.

It's very strange.  I grew up in a small Texas town, and my parents went to church regularly.  In the 70's and 80's growing up, it was generally frowned up upon to do the holding hands up in the air/talkinging in tongues/shouting affirmations.  It was just seen as attention whorey and weird.   You sang your hymns, you said the Lord's Prayer, you stood, you sat (rinse, repeat 3X), you shook hands and said hello with the people sitting on the pew next to you, you sat and quietly listened to the preacher's 15 minute sermon and you got the fark out of there to go eat lunch with family and watch football.    And if the preacher ever got into politics from the pulpit, right or left, he was promptly told to STFU and GBTW.

That all changed somewhere around the late-80s/early 90s with a wave of neo-evagelicalism and Rush Limbaugh.    It's never been the same since.   Even though I'm an atheist I'll still attend church as a gesture to my good God fearing mother when I'm visiting home.  I'm astounded by how much the tone and politics has changed.     It's now about 10% Jesus' teachings and about 90% politics/social commentary/condemning those "not like us"/wallowing self pity-fest about how much Christians are persecuted in American.

I haven't been in a long time,  but in the 70's I went to a Mormon church, and it was as you described your initial experience. At the same time, mid 70's or so, I went to a Baptist revival with my brother and sister in law, and had never been around the 110 decibel amen shouting and screaming. Then a couple of years later I had a crush on a pretty girl whose mother was Pentecostal, and they asked me to go to an evening service with them. At one point the preacher said "let us pray". I folded my hands, closed my eyes, and all of a sudden heard the loudest wailing, screeching, babbling, and running around -  I opened one eye, and people were going nuts - running around yelling, flopping on the ground like a fish, etc. I turned and whispered "do they always pray like this in your church?". She was embarrassed.

Like I said, I haven't been to church in years, but from news and such gather that a lot of the political stuff comes from the mega-churches with mega-budgets.
2013-07-10 02:31:27 PM  
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happydude45: Flappyhead: Also, Wendy my offer to father more of your children still stands.

So you can turn around and abort them?

Hoes before embryos.
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