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(Yahoo)   Words you never want to hear in an economic report: Grim, weak, stern, difficult   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, average wage, iron ores, exports  
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717 clicks; posted to Business » on 10 Jul 2013 at 8:41 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-10 08:52:21 AM  
Man, remember the Dino-Bots, Grimlock was the best.

/Grimlock SMASH
2013-07-10 09:11:10 AM  
10% yearly growth unsustainable? Unpossible!
2013-07-10 09:16:56 AM  
The fa-cade has been removed.  Welcome to reality China.
2013-07-10 09:33:56 AM  
Yeah, China is going through some serious growing pains, but they really ahd no choice but to let the yuan appreciate.  The exporters are hurting as a result, but the purchasing power of the average consumer is going to rise too, which should help with long-term resiliency IMO.  They knew they would have to switch from an export-based economy to a consumer driven economy at somepoint, I do find it interesting though how the economic shift seems to coincide precisely with the power transisiton in the politburo.

/Also curious just how extensive Chinese investment in US real estate truly is, and if the rumors of cash-purchases of homes by Asian investment groups are as vast as claimed
//I just hope the house-of-cards that is Chinese rubber production doesn't get hit with the inevitiable blight in my lifetime
/Or at least not until after we create a blight-resistant rubber tree
2013-07-10 10:09:20 AM  
And let's not forget "feral".
2013-07-10 10:45:15 AM  
Maybe the Chinese should stop exporting 'surprise' and export something useful.
2013-07-10 11:17:14 AM  

Mad_Radhu: 10% yearly growth unsustainable? Unpossible!

this. i was wondering when it would end.
2013-07-10 11:31:29 AM  
In an economic report? No. As pillow talk? That's a different story altogether.
2013-07-10 01:05:49 PM  
Sounds like my bowel movements.
2013-07-10 01:26:29 PM  
Try austerity! It works great!
2013-07-10 02:18:15 PM  
That's the sounds of a bubble popping.

/Hold on to your hats
2013-07-10 08:41:17 PM  

wildsnowllama: Try austerity! It works great!

Except that you'll have to listen to people biatch and whine about it until you want to blow your, or preferably their, brains out.
2013-07-11 11:46:55 AM  
In other news, board room meetings are reporting "record profits" as they light cigars with Benjamins just for the hell of it.

/because burning a yuan would probably result in death from lead poisoning.
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