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(Salon)   The Pope says that if priests want to drive fancy cars, they should "think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world." I give him six months to a year   ( divider line
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2013-07-08 11:43:08 PM  

CowboyJeff: No one would tolerate any comments like this against Jews, so why all the hate against Catholics?

I don't hate the Catholics.  I just think their pope is a retarded son of a biatch that actually has the nerve to travel to Africa, (starring AIDS and starvation) and tell them that using condoms is a sin.  But I don't hate the retarded.  I realize that they have an affliction that causes this behavior to emerge.  Sexual harassment of minors and the systemic cover up operations are also considered really bad, FYI.  So there's a few things the Jews don't have going for them.
2013-07-08 11:48:01 PM  
So many here seem to think 2,000 years of ever growing bureaucracy and rules can be changed overnight.
2013-07-09 01:56:05 AM  

Haoie: What kind of van does a priest drive? Party van?

I'm a lay minister of the Church of Hank.  You damned well better believe I drive a party van.  I don't have an electrically folding full sized bed in it for nothing.

/Church of Hank preaches don't be an oppressive asshole.  Do right to your fellow men.  Buy that bastard a drink.  Counsel him to take the path that will lead to a good life of love of women, appreciation of a good drink and don't fark with your neighbor lest you meet your maker in an unpleasant manner.
2013-07-09 02:38:04 AM  

simplicimus: So many here seem to think 2,000 years of ever growing bureaucracy and rules can be changed overnight.

damned not refreshing or checking back often enough.

No organization with recognized and codified landmarks can change quickly.  There is a reason for that.  You don't move a skyscraper in a day.  It's foundations are too deep, too strong, too well established.  Change takes time.  But in time change happens.  When done right, the new foundations are so strong that nothing can effect it.
2013-07-09 09:01:33 AM  

Nabb1: Every Catholic thread on this site ends up looking like a Klan rally.  Pull something like this with any other faith, and the thread would get yanked.  The fact is anti-Catholic bigotry is alive, well, and de rigeur in this country and especially on this website.

Speaking only for myself, my bias against the Catholic church, and a great many Catholics, is the the direct result of having been raised Catholic. This includes, but is not limited to, being the product of an illegal adoption carried out by a Catholic 'charity' in Ireland. Later awareness of pedophile priests, sadistic nuns, hoarding of wealth, strong arm fund raising tactics, and the Magdalene Laundries as carried out by the Church itself, and a closed social structure (Catholics only willing to socialize and do business with other Catholics) and the sense of superiority of being part of the 'One True Religion' by fosters in the membership hasn't helped.

What you call bigotry, I call familiarity.
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