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(YouTube)   Turns out Eddie Van Halen didn't invent fretboard tapping. Here's an Italian guitarist from 1965 doing it   ( divider line
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2013-07-06 12:45:09 AM  
Mythbusters did it.
2013-07-06 12:46:02 AM  
Tapping's probably been around since there were stringed instruments.
2013-07-06 12:46:38 AM  
It's even older than that, and I don't know anyone who credits Eddie with inventing it.
2013-07-06 01:17:07 AM  
Gary Cherone invented ass-kicking vocals.
2013-07-06 01:21:52 AM  
ah, i see the confusion here.  ya see, Eddie invented ELECTRIC guitar tapping.  see?  it's totally different ...

/never heard him credited with inventing anything
2013-07-06 01:24:24 AM  
There is no confusion here.

"Support our troops"

means what, again?
2013-07-06 01:30:43 AM  
I was pretty impressed with that bit where he was tapping with his right index finger while at the same time strumming with his right pinky.
2013-07-06 01:33:01 AM  
Eddie picked up a guitar at age 9... that would have been 1964, and invented tapping a full year before this guy came along.

2013-07-06 03:00:58 AM  

LesserEvil: Eddie picked up a guitar at age 9... that would have been 1964, and invented tapping a full year before this guy came along.


Nice!  Also, Eddie invented the whammy bar.  I read about it in Rip magazine.
2013-07-06 03:15:46 AM  
I can't listen to Eruption/Girl You Really Got Me Now because the opening guitar wank is so lame.
2013-07-06 03:22:27 AM  
Nother guy, Stanley Jordan does a nice bit of it."> atch?v=G3gHtPLXQOI
2013-07-06 04:16:28 AM  
there is no contusion here...although most guitarists deserve a huge hit to the head.
2013-07-06 04:30:10 AM  
....too bad he didn't have a Marshall stack.
2013-07-06 04:40:05 AM  
Oh was he supposed to have invented it? I never heard that.
2013-07-06 05:43:33 AM  
And here's Stanley Jordan tapping on two guitars at once.
2013-07-06 05:53:12 AM  
2013-07-06 07:00:59 AM  
Not a clue what they said...But that was still pretty damned cool for me! I am not enough of a guitar nerd to really care who invented it. I like the style regardless of the who.I just like the sound created.
2013-07-06 10:15:44 AM  
2 necks, 1 guitar: Mark Kroos
2013-07-06 10:18:12 AM  
From the Wiki:
Early Van Halen stage photographs,[27] and demo and bootleg recordings from 1976 and before, do not indicate Eddie using any tapping techniques. Eddie's comments about how he came across the tapping technique vary from interview to interview. This is one interview excerpt,
I think I got the idea of tapping watching Jimmy Page do his Heartbreaker solo back in 1971. He was doing a pull-off to an open string, and I thought wait a minute, open string... pull off. I can do that, but what if I use my finger as the nut and move it around? I just kind of took it and ran with it.
2013-07-06 11:09:48 AM  
Every musician does this - take the music that inspires you, interpret it through your own experience and add your own voice to it. Eddie took a bunch of different techniques and adapted them to his own style. Clapton, Beck and co transformed American Delta blues in to British blues rock, Zappa added his own subversive worldview to Bela Bartok and Stravisnky. John McLaughlin took Miles Davis' music to a place even Davis never considered.

This is how music evolves from one generation to the next.
2013-07-06 12:14:30 PM  
Never once heard that Eddie Van Halen invented it.
If he ever made such a claim then he truly is drug addled beyond help.
That's like Kobe Bryant claiming he invented basketball. He's good at it but come on.
It was around the jazz scene long before Van Halen showed up.
Jimmie Webster wrote an instructional book for two-handed finger tapping in 1952 called "The Touch System for Electric and Amplified Spanish Guitar".
In 1958 Chet Atkins produced an album by Webster called "Unabridged" which featured his finger tapping method.
Harry deArmond, who invented the first commercially attachable guitar pickup in the 1930s used it as a way to demonstrate the sensitivity of his pickups.
Went back even before then.
As long as there have been stringed instruments.
2013-07-06 12:19:34 PM  
Jimmie Webster circa 1950s.

folies-tapping.comView Full Size
2013-07-06 12:40:51 PM  
Steve Hackett did it at least 6 or 7 years before Halen.

circa Selling England.
2013-07-06 01:16:16 PM  

El Freak: Tapping's probably been around since there were stringed instruments.

Yep. The only real difference is that you barely have to touch a string on an electric guitar to get a sustained sound, so tapping could be developed as a technique.

But EVH was cute and girls loved him, so every guitarist in the world started tapping all the time, and he somehow gets credit for it. This is like saying Columbus "discovered" America ... several hundred years after the Vikings, and several thousand after it was settled.
2013-07-06 01:35:24 PM  
Lessee, how long has flamenco guitar been around?
2013-07-06 03:56:24 PM  
2013-07-06 04:18:53 PM  
Turns out Eddie Van Halen didn't invent fretboard tapping. Here's an Italian guitarist from 1965 doing it

Yeah but can he play Eruption?
2013-07-06 08:30:13 PM  
Somehow I thought "Belladonna TV" would be an entirely different kind of YouTube channel...
2013-07-06 09:41:47 PM  
IIRC, Eddie thought he copied it from Jimmy Page when he saw Led Zep at a concert. Page said, "Nope, I didn't do that."
Eruption / the guitar wank at the beginning of You Really Got Me was just Eddie's warmup.  It was the producer or engineer that lobbied to put it on the record.
2013-07-06 09:50:04 PM  
Nobody said he did, including himself.
2013-07-07 12:15:43 AM  
I invented finger tapping all your moms.

Every one of them.
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