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(NPR)   Sunscreen causes people to burst into flames   ( divider line
    More: Ironic, eternal flame, Energizer Holdings Inc., sunscreens  
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2013-07-05 09:10:47 PM  
So people spray themselves with flammable chemicals, get near an open flame, and catch on fire? I'm failing to see the irony here,  subby.
2013-07-05 10:37:15 PM  
that's hot
2013-07-05 11:30:04 PM  
Sp flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

What a language!!!
2013-07-05 11:30:36 PM  
Roasted weiners?  I don't recall buying any hotdogs!
2013-07-05 11:30:49 PM  
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"Oh rats..."
2013-07-05 11:31:23 PM  
At least they won't get skin cancer.  I mean, second or third degree burns at worst, but not skin cancer.
2013-07-05 11:32:50 PM  
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2013-07-05 11:33:42 PM  
I missed a spot this morning, then went and played frisbee for an hour, so I am not getting a kick out of these replies...
2013-07-05 11:40:05 PM  
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Have you been using sunblock?!?
2013-07-05 11:48:31 PM  
The brand's corporate parent, Energizer Holdings Inc

It keeps burning and burning and burning...
2013-07-06 12:00:29 AM  
If spray-on sunscreen is meant for people too lazy to apply it the normal way, it's a pretty good bet that they don't have a working knowledge of chemistry and physics.
2013-07-06 12:01:29 AM  
Flame on!
2013-07-06 12:11:47 AM  
Yeah if you're a vampire maybe, but then you shouldn't be in the sun anyway.
2013-07-06 12:12:09 AM  
Didn't we have this thread 4 months ago?
2013-07-06 12:17:50 AM  
i44.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-07-06 12:22:00 AM  

FrancoFile: Didn't we have this thread 4 months ago?

Was think that too.....
2013-07-06 12:27:16 AM  

I want your skull: So people spray themselves with flammable chemicals, get near an open flame, and catch on fire? I'm failing to see the irony here,  subby.

Yeah, me too.  Was the Obvious tag on vacation?

Getting sunburned is way different than being burned.  Being burned causes immediate pain and damage.  Being sunburned isn't even something you notice until it's too late.
2013-07-06 12:30:06 AM  
To the Class of '99 (clicky pops)
2013-07-06 12:31:09 AM  

Its the albino code.
2013-07-06 01:04:15 AM  
Massachusetts man was cooking.

Virginia woman was welding.

Love it.

/grilling is cooking
//yes it is
///I'd love to meet her
2013-07-06 01:12:32 AM  
Picture of one of the unfortunate lotion victims.
2013-07-06 01:13:45 AM  
Trying agian.

Picture of one of the unfortunate lotion victims
meganandtimmy.comView Full Size

2013-07-06 04:10:40 AM  
Never used sunblock, always just tanned gradually. But I notice as I'm getting older, it's harder to do, burns come faster. And I'm going to the beach in a few weeks so I reluctantly bought some. Cream, not spray. I don't even use regular lotion, hate it. So not very happy about this whole sunblock thing, but didn't want to be miserable all vacation.

/end of can't-sleep-late-night-ramble
2013-07-06 07:58:04 AM  
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Warning : May cause cancer
2013-07-06 10:01:36 AM  
Gaah -- comments to the article are full of fail.

"OMG sunscreen ingredients cause cancer!" Guess you might as well take your chances with radiation burns, then.

Your skin darkens because sunlight exposure drives the production of melanin, not "melatonin", sleepyheads. And melanin production doesn't drive Vitamin D production, it actually reduces it (because darker skin lets in less UV).

"If your sunscreen absorbs UV instead of reflecting it, you'll get thermal burns." I guess that's why dark-skinned Africans are always sporting huge blisters over all their unprotected skin. The UV part of sunlight carries only a tiny percentage of total energy. If an increase or decrease of a few percent caused burns, you'd burst into flames when standing on a white, sandy beach.

"Anything under pressure can be combustible if heated in the sun." I guess that's why thousands are maimed or killed every year by exploding beers. And sun-heated fire extinguishers.
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