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(LA Weekly)   New study, originally started in 1967 and just completed, concludes that pot makes people lazy   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, marijuana, biological psychiatry, King's College London, Imperial College London  
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2013-07-03 08:52:44 AM  
That's why I drink instead.
2013-07-03 08:57:15 AM  
I would have read the article, but I just don't feel like it.
2013-07-03 08:59:07 AM  
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2013-07-03 08:59:24 AM  
I'm sorry, what now?
2013-07-03 09:16:59 AM  
But I don't smoke pot, well not since the early 90's
2013-07-03 09:19:36 AM  
They would have finished the study sooner, but like they were too high, man,
2013-07-03 09:30:08 AM  
I was gonna finish my study, bitten I got h
2013-07-03 09:32:16 AM  
I'm sure it makes some people lazy. It makes me more productive because I can better focus on one task.
2013-07-03 10:06:30 AM  
just dangle a bag of Cheetos in front of them.  that will get them moving.
2013-07-03 10:22:52 AM  
explain the 'amotivational syndrome' which has been described in cannabis users, but whether such a syndrome exists is controversial

OK then.

Now where did I put those Cheetos?
2013-07-03 10:38:10 AM  
Groovy, man.
2013-07-03 10:40:04 AM  
And who exactly cares if I'm lazy?
2013-07-03 10:43:16 AM  
Yeah, and I'm lazy without it, too
2013-07-03 11:08:26 AM  
Depends what I'm doing. If I'm doing something creative... playing/composing music, coming up with ideas for writing, or even ideas for coding something, pot (and alcohol for that matter) can be great. Like the saying goes though, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. For almost anything, there's a hell of a lot of work to be done after the initial inspiration... and when doing that grunt work, I find pot and alcohol are not my friends.
2013-07-03 11:12:03 AM  
"Mucuna Pruriens"  It's smokable.


Oh for fark's sake, do I have to spell everything out?  Mix it in your weed and you'll be fine.
2013-07-03 11:31:40 AM  

homarjr: I'm sure it makes some people lazy. It makes me more productive because I can better focus on one task.

Me too. I can do that one task like a motherfarker, whether it be playing a video game, watching TV, or even sleeping.
2013-07-03 12:51:48 PM  
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