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(Christian Science Monitor)   Where will Snowden end up? Tell us where and why he will land in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, or an undisclosed location   ( divider line
    More: Followup, North Korea, Carnegie Moscow Center, Venezuela, political asylum, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rafael Correa, Maduro, South American country  
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2013-07-02 10:40:12 AM  
Have you seen a picture of him lately? Dude is dead
2013-07-02 10:54:18 AM  
wood chipper.
2013-07-02 10:56:05 AM  
Do your own homework, NSA.
2013-07-02 10:58:57 AM  
Guantanamo Bay.

He's arguably done more harm to national security than half the people currently imprisoned there.
2013-07-02 11:01:23 AM  

ManateeGag: wood chipper.

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Just happened to have that on the clipboard
2013-07-02 11:01:48 AM  
Haha. He's going to end up in Venezuela or Iran, or, as they've always been known: bastions of freedom and openness, always standing up for the citizens that speak out against govt tyranny.
2013-07-02 11:03:43 AM  
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Goes to China then Russia seeking asylum for whistleblowing / freedom of speech.
2013-07-02 11:13:06 AM  
Where? A country that the USA doesn't currently have by the bawls.  Because the rest of the planet loves them some greenbacks long time.
2013-07-02 11:17:20 AM  
Of those three Venezuela sounds like it's by far the nicest place to live.
2013-07-02 11:20:44 AM  
I would bet suicide is seeming like a more attractive option for him by the day.
2013-07-02 12:36:11 PM  
Well considering that the U.S. is busy threatening dozens of countries to be able to lock him away for life for being a tattletale.

He may already be in his final country. So unless the government propaganda scum known as reporters actually image him in Russia or China, idiots will continue to play the games of country roulette.
2013-07-02 01:26:20 PM  
He's going to star in the remake of "The Terminal".
2013-07-02 01:44:32 PM  
In one of McCready's black bags?
2013-07-02 01:45:18 PM  
Off to Ecuador, then points unknown once that democratically-elected government changes.
2013-07-02 01:47:21 PM  
All I know is that the US government won the media war in this case.  Instead of every being upset that the NSA is recording everyone's emails and phone calls, we're all "OMG traitor bring him to justice!"
vpb [TotalFark]
2013-07-02 02:10:02 PM  
I'm thinking Venezuela.  I don't see him going to Iran, and Raul probably won't want to stir up trouble with the US so no Cuba.  Even Venezuela has a lot of trade with the US, so he might be staying in the airport for a while.

I saw an article about possibly trading Victor Bout for him.
2013-07-02 02:45:57 PM  
C'mon.  It's Russia.  We pay some mobsters $85 and a crate of smokes and he's toast.
2013-07-02 05:02:28 PM  
bleeding out in the back of the bomber :/
2013-07-02 07:02:56 PM  
in the world


mm bop mm ba doo bey mm bop
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