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(Fox News)   Shhhhhhh, not so loud - Did you hear that the White House is recruiting librarians to explain Obamacare?   ( divider line
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2013-07-02 11:21:25 AM  
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LasersHurt: Well, Heaven and Hell take us if centers of public knowledge continue to expand their mission of helping the public get educated.

Libraries also have federal tax forms and literature to help you fill them out. OMG!!!! Socialism!!!
2013-07-02 10:01:47 AM  
1 vote:
Is this supposed to be some sort of scandal?
2013-07-02 09:59:13 AM  
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Best library story:

In one library I worked at, we had a biography of Marilyn Monroe that got checked out on a regular basis.  I shelved biographies, so I was shelving this same book over and over again; in some states I would have been considered the book's common law spouse, so much did I interact with it.  So, one day I had just shelved it, and was about halfway down the aisle when some guy comes up to me.  'Do you know where I can find [title of said Marilyn Monroe biography]." I have no idea why I said the following, but I did: "Sure, it is 10 rows back that way, left side, three ranges in, top shelf, fifth book from the left, red cover"*  He gave me a "yeah, right, smart-ass" look, and then proceeded to count off the rows, and disappeared down the appropriate one.  About 20 seconds later his head pops out, staring at me.  Best part was that he was impressed enough to tell my boss, and it got me a (small) raise.

* I told you I shelved it a lot
2013-07-02 08:50:20 AM  
1 vote:
It would be better off for our society if librarians were recruited to explain personal hygiene to the bums hanging out in the library all day.
2013-07-02 08:44:36 AM  
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Aarontology: It was hard enough to learn the Dewey Decimal System

Then you're a f*cking idiot. I knew that shiat when I was six years old.

In their defense Republicans aren't very good at the maths.  So something like the Dewey Decimal System is tantamount to rocket surgery in their world.
2013-07-02 08:40:04 AM  
1 vote:

Il Douchey: Obamacare will be like Mao's great leap forward, but with less success and more unintended consequences

When do we get to kill the parasitic wealthy?
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