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(Gizmodo)   First person in history to be happy to step on a Lego brick   ( divider line
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5970 clicks; posted to Geek » on 02 Jul 2013 at 7:31 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-02 01:31:06 AM  
Fun to watch the lady working the bricks.

/if you know what I mean
2013-07-02 07:35:43 AM  
Hmm, this opens up a lot of possibilities in the penis enlargement field.
2013-07-02 07:38:32 AM  
Well, that was pretty cool. Good on ya, love.
2013-07-02 07:46:54 AM  
Nice peach.
2013-07-02 07:53:30 AM  
2013-07-02 07:58:59 AM  
Helps it's a very cute girl in very short shorts.

On the other hand the foot kept breaking because all the weight was being put onto the front and it was bending forward, could have strengthened the shin part and made a larger foot. But then again she was probably bored by then.
2013-07-02 08:15:11 AM  
The name of the blog is just too funny.
2013-07-02 08:19:11 AM  
does her tattoo say one leg?
2013-07-02 08:33:04 AM  
Pretty snappy.
2013-07-02 08:45:26 AM  

tbhouston: does her tattoo say one leg?

One life
2013-07-02 08:48:58 AM  
I'm crazy Lego-foot woman. Instead of a foot, I've got some damn Legos! Now gimme some candy.
2013-07-02 09:12:01 AM  
She has LEGO for a foot your argument is invalid.
2013-07-02 09:35:53 AM  
That's really farking dumb.
2013-07-02 09:48:50 AM  
She's not a real dork because she called them legos, amirite? Cute girl. Crush injury? Fark.
2013-07-02 10:04:15 AM  
This is only masquerading as a Leg/o video. It's real purpose is to show us her outer labia.
2013-07-02 10:18:05 AM  
She's got a future in some really weird fetish category.
2013-07-02 11:20:49 AM  
I admit it, this kind of turns me on.
2013-07-02 12:18:43 PM  
She's got quite a few bricks...
2013-07-02 12:38:48 PM  
Jesus Diaz sucks and he totally stole that headline.
2013-07-02 12:55:26 PM  
Is it still stepping if you do not have a foot?
2013-07-02 01:57:18 PM  
A cross between neat and attention whore
2013-07-02 02:24:54 PM  
I like the short shorts and the nice thigh views, not too sure about the whole outcome of the Lego foot, though. Seems like she needed a little more work on the 'foot' part. I wonder if she was the occupational therapist before the injury? If so, that would be hella ironic.
2013-07-02 03:50:08 PM  
I'll admit she kinda turns me on, too...

'cause she's a brick... house
she's mighty mighty
just lettin' it all hang out...
2013-07-02 07:19:41 PM  
She's cute. Although the LEGO stuff was cool, I'd like to see more of the ink the one on the back of her leg with the ghosted question mark and arrow.
2013-07-03 05:11:58 PM  

Uchiha_Cycliste: Pretty snappy.

I see what you did there
2013-07-03 05:30:35 PM  
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