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(Yahoo)   Judge sentences drunk-driving OSU quarterback- will serve time "after the Bowl"   ( divider line
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3174 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Nov 2001 at 1:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-30 01:10:57 PM  
Here's another example showing the need for dual tags. This one would be Asinine/Obvious
2001-11-30 01:13:00 PM  
boy didnt see that one coming, but why no obvious tag, that is the mystery
2001-11-30 01:16:10 PM  
on another side note, Rex Grossman for Heisman.
2001-11-30 01:18:26 PM  
Sounds like something that would happen at the OSU I go to (Oklahoma State). Lots of glug-glug-glugging goes on over here, lots of DUI arrests, and the Payne County court system is the most ass-backwards thing I have ever seen.
2001-11-30 01:18:51 PM  
Stupid Jocks; Stupid Alumni; Stupid Coaches; Stupid Money
2001-11-30 01:21:47 PM  
eh. OSU beat Michigan without him. Glad he's graduating.
2001-11-30 01:22:29 PM  
Bellasri should not be allowed to take another snap at OSU. Tressel got so much grief over starting this dumba$$ for so many weeks but he stuck with him. This is his thanks. Krendle got you to the dance and he should start the bowl game.
2001-11-30 01:23:53 PM  


Errrr... ahem. Yes.
2001-11-30 01:23:56 PM  
shiat, here we go again.

When you get nicked for drunk driving, you don't exactly start your jail time the day after court. It can take MONTHS before you have to do your time. Maybe they did pull some strings, but I don't think it would be necessary.

In any case, the kid is one of the worst QBs you ever seen.
2001-11-30 01:25:15 PM  
2001-11-30 01:26:49 PM  
I love this country.

I love you too, Fb-.
2001-11-30 01:45:54 PM  
In jail he won't be a quarterback, so much as a receiver...
2001-11-30 01:50:48 PM  
Definitly not a tight end.
2001-11-30 01:55:36 PM  
A full back.
2001-11-30 02:04:37 PM  
Y'know..this could be a more severe punishment..especially if he farks up the bowl game before being sent to jail with a bunch of Buckeye fans...
2001-11-30 02:10:19 PM  
hrmm.. I noticed the legal blood alcohol level is 0.10. With that level a 230lb man can drink 6 beers in one hour and be right at the 0.10 limit. A 0.22 reading is almost a 12 pack.. smashing..

Where I live (Vancouver BC) it's 0.08 and they want to lower the limit to 0.05 (3 beers??? that barely tickles). Oh, and the communist government here has a "driking driving counter-attack" program that sets up road blocks in the middle of the "only street to the bar" trying to catch drunks.
2001-11-30 02:15:38 PM  
A neat little blood alcohol calculator. Should take Calista Flockhart all of 2 beers in an HOUR to get her under the limit (if she's 97 lbs. like this celeb website says) god i need to get back to work
2001-11-30 02:26:54 PM  
anyone read _Friday Night Lights_? this kind of stuff is sad but true.
2001-11-30 02:28:08 PM  
RancidPlasma: why do you have a problem with the limit being .05? i dont think it should be any higher. and drunk driving is just plain stupid anyway.
2001-11-30 02:29:24 PM  
Go Gators!
2001-11-30 02:34:49 PM  
My husband was telling me that in Germany (he wasn't sure of the country) a first-time drunk-driving offense means execution. Just like that. And in Turkey, the first time you lose your license, the second time you're dead--literally.

I think that's a tad extreme...personally I think life in jail would do it...but I guess they don't have many DUIs in those countries.
2001-11-30 02:45:52 PM  
"Fill my eyes with that DOUBLE STANDARD...."
2001-11-30 02:46:49 PM  
That sounds a little steep for Germany, considering the entire country is pretty much known on beer and driving, although not at the same time.
2001-11-30 02:47:27 PM  
I don't think we should have prison sentences. Executions and canings, floggings, torture, etc, would save us a bundle. It isn't cheap to put someone in prison.
2001-11-30 02:50:47 PM  
I go to OSU, and I've heard from other people that they saw him at at least two different parties that night, starting around 10. Figuring the time that elapsed, he had much more than a whole 12-pack. Not to mention that he had to drive to the different parties.

This proves he's a dumbass. But at least we don't still have coach "I don't care if you're failing, drunk, and being chased by the police, you're going to play" Cooper.

Nobody here thinks he should play, and I'm guessing he won't. Coach Tressel is a good coach and won't let something like this slide.
2001-11-30 02:53:23 PM  
I disagree.
I think all convicts should be force to mow my lawn and do chores around my house. I need someone to clean my catch rags and felch my dog...
2001-11-30 02:55:56 PM  
Lady A.:
I'm having trouble finding anything on capital punishment for driving while intoxicated in Germany. It looks like the penalty for the 2nd offense is large fine and a license suspension (see ). And according to this site ( ), the only time a driver even goes to prison as a result of drunk driving in Germany is if someone dies as a result.
2001-11-30 03:03:38 PM  
Well, I said he wasn't sure about the country, Bwingrave. But is it true in Turkey?

NaTaX: LOL!!! Think it would be effective?
2001-11-30 03:10:12 PM  
Lighten up. It's a freakin' DUI. Nowadays if you even smell alcohol, you'll fail the test.

The BAC level should be raised to a level where if they fail, then you KNOW they are drunk. The level it is at now is just ridiculous.
2001-11-30 03:14:47 PM  
I was watching one of those cop video shows, the good one where you see all the wild car chases. One video showed this cop questioning a drunk driver...he went to ask the guy a question and the guy just passed out! I think it was pretty obvious! LOL! And in another video the guy was showing how sober he was...he did a back flip and wound up eating concrete! Um...nice try! If I was that cop I'd have asked him to do it again just for entertainment!
2001-11-30 03:20:22 PM  
what is it with OSU quarterbacks and DUI?
2001-11-30 03:27:37 PM  
If Bellasari didn't suck so bad, I'm sure one of his linemen would have given him a ride...
2001-11-30 03:27:49 PM  
I think it would be very effective. Save us some money, too. I mean to adjust the level of punishment to the crime, though. Don't decapitate someone for littering, just cane them until they can barely walk for a week or so. Of courset he medical bills are their problem.

I also think we should tattoo criminal's foreheads with their crimes. That way you can easily tell who you want to deal with or be around. The quiet guy in the neighborhood won't be a repeat offender preying on children if everyone knows what he is.

You have a good point. Unfortunately that would never fly because corporations would lose money that you could pay to them to have your dog felched. Similar with highway building, etc. We used to actually make criminals do this, but do not any longer because companies want to be paid for the lucrative government contracts.
And you know what a huge business dog felching is. I put my kids through college with a straw.
2001-11-30 03:28:48 PM  
I believe the country is somewhere in central or south america... you know, the "other africa" we have hooked up to the bottom of our country.
2001-11-30 03:35:20 PM  
Patik2: I'm not really against them lowering the level, i don't even drive. Just hard to believe anyone could be too drunk at .05, if I have 3 beers in an hour, I bet I could fly a plane.
2001-11-30 03:37:57 PM  
Once a drunk-driver, always a drunk-driver. They really never learn or quit. Here's a true story:

In the late 70's, some friends and I bought an old 1967 Cadillac "Land Yacht" to drive to the ski resorts, and save wear and tear on our "good cars". It was parked in the off-season on the street in front of my house. Well, the city came along and made a bike lane on my side of the street so, No Parking! My neighbors across the street were a retired couple, and offered to let me park the "ski-Cadillac" on front of their house. So I did, and let them know they should call me to move it anytime it was a nuisance to them.

Well after a couple weeks, I was working late (around 7 PM)and got an emergency call at work. It was Dave, my neighbor, who apologized for calling me at work, but he thought I ought to know right away that someone had rear-ended the parked Cadillac. I thanked him and asked if he got the license number of the "hitter". Dave said no he hadn't, as the guy still hadn't finished hitting the Cadillac! Apparently he was trying to hit and run, but only perfected the hit part, as he would back up his car (a new Cadillac) and then accelerate into the backend of the "Ski-Cadillac" repeatedly. Dave figured when the guy was done crashing into it he could be arrested by the Cops he had called. Dave could see that the wheels of the guy's cadillac no longer steered, so he really couldn't get away. He actually moved my Cadillac forward in front of the next house until it came to rest against the Fire Hydrant and couldn't go any further.

Well by the time I got there, the Cops had the guy in custody. They informed me he was very-very drunk, and in fact had just appeared that day in court for a previous DUI arrest (his 10th, I believe). He was a "respected" local businessman who owned a Lumber company. Of course he was not insured, because of the numerous DUI's.

I don't know how his court sentencing came out, but I and my friends made him settle with us for $2000 compensation for our Cadillac. We only had paid $600 for it, but hey, he didn't care, he just wanted to buy his way out of trouble AGAIN.

The moral of this story:
The system only acts if these drunks kill a bunch of people or if the drunks run out of money to buy themselves off!
2001-11-30 04:31:23 PM  
Several Middle Eastern countries have severe to lethal punishment for DUI/DWI.

.05? I think it should be .00. Zero tolerance. You drink, don't even drive, even if it's only 1 drink of whatever. Driving is dangerous enough without being even slightly under the influence. If you get caught DUI/DWI at ANY level, mandantory 6-12 months prison, loss of vehicle, 5 year license suspension for a 1st offense. 10 years hard time, no parole, lifetime loss of license 2nd offense. 3rd offense would be execution.

Driving is a privledge, not a right and when anyone gets behind the wheel after drinking, they are making a statement that they are willing to murder someone while driving. Any drinking driver that kills someone close to me won't ever make it to court. If they do survive to reach court, they'd better beg for a prison sentence because I'll cap their ass as soon as they set foot on the street.
2001-11-30 04:56:35 PM  
Those not in Columbus missed the most pathetic display in judicial history. Stevie's dad was up talking to the judge and tried to tell him that since he'd already been held up to ridicule by the entire state and had missed his last two games and had basically ruined his career, he's had enough. It was lame. You gotta know that if you're the starting quarterback, it's gonna come down hard when it comes down. It's not like anyone was surprised at any of the fallout from this.
Still, he was given the minimal sentence for someone over 1.7, which is probably standard for first offenders that didn't cause an accident.
2001-11-30 05:21:19 PM  
That's right, Walkman

Lock them all up. If you didn't get enough sleep the night before, if your kid is yammering at you in the back seat, if you're allergies are acting up, or worse, if you took medicication for your allergies... you are 'D'riving 'W'hile 'I'mpaired.

The fact is, there hasn't been a decrease in drunk driving accidents for states that have lowered their limits from .10 to .08, so I doubt that lowering it to .05 is going to make a difference. I'd post links to the info, but I know how much Farkers hate statistics. The habitual offenders are almost always above .20 anyway, so lowering the limit isn't going to protect you from them anyway.
2001-11-30 05:32:02 PM  
Amen, Walkman. What people fail to comprehend is that you aren't entitled to use the public's roads if you don't obey the public's rules. And the public is very much against its members dying because some dumbass had to have that last shot of Jägermeister.

Seriously, plan your drinking. It's not that hard, and you don't have to go home. You might not get away with it.
2001-11-30 05:38:03 PM  
I guess "TLBreer's" brother wasn't almost killed by an asshole sh!thead motherfarkin useless no-good sonofab!tch drunk driving pile of camel vomit. My brother couldn't walk for almost a year and still feels the effects of it.
2001-11-30 05:45:50 PM  
OH MY GOD! Am I the first one to say this?

His lawyer's name is Sam Wiener! WIENER!!
2001-11-30 06:01:39 PM  
Weiner told the judge that Bellisari did ``one stupid, unthinkable thing and it has cost him dearly.''
Does that mean your raping him on the legal fees Sam.
2001-11-30 06:18:09 PM  
No EU country has execution (thats why they wont extradite criminals to the USA) so it must be Afganistan.
2001-11-30 06:33:07 PM  
Dave, again, driving is a privledge, not a right but people treat it as such. There's a lot that could be done to improve the safety of the roads that's being ignored. We just had an Aussie friend visit who has his probationary (learner's permit) license. 3 years of probation before being allowed to get a permanent permit. He told us any violation pushes that back and it's .00 and zero tolerance for alcohol. Sounds good to me. Under the influence? I could give a rip what it's caused by, whether screaming kids or your medication. You DO NOT have the right to endanger my life on the highway for any reason.

Requiring as much training and testing as a private pilot's license would be good. Mandantory written and roadtesting every 5 years would be great, with a required pass of 95% or better on the written, no errors on the road test. Way too many people get killed and injured on the roads and it's past time to do something about it. Permanently removing all DUI/DWI is a great start.

How about getting rid of all the under 18 drivers? The law says 16 year olds are too immature to drink, smoke or legally have sex yet autorizes them to get behind the wheel of the greatest killing machine ever invented. What kind of farking logic is that?
2001-11-30 06:37:17 PM  
The only people who crash while drunk are those who don't practice driving while drunk.
2001-11-30 06:55:30 PM  
Jocks and "stars" always get preferred legal treament in America - always have, always will. Not just a Southern thing.
2001-11-30 07:26:02 PM  
Here's a Southern thing: a case of Lone Star and miles and miles of gravel backroads, with some Ozzy or Metallica (or Skynard for the full south thing) in the cd player. Yeee haw!
2001-11-30 07:31:36 PM  
Yep. Knew a Texan once who had two refrigerators - one for food etc, one in the living room for Lone Star. Had the bottles slid in horizontally so he could get more in there. How he got Lone Star in North Dakota I do not know. If you are wondering if the bottles on the bottom ever got too old, believe me, with this guy & his Mrs, it was never a problem.
2001-11-30 07:42:30 PM  
college athletes + alumni $ = RapeInc.
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