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2013-06-30 09:34:10 AM

HKW: Ahhh, another incident that this simple cure would fix

1) upon conviction of your first felony, you do your time in prison under extreme hard-labor conditions (12-15 hours a day hard physical manual labor)
2) Upon second felony conviction, sentence time is doubled...  more extreme hard labor.
3) Third felony conviction, mandatory life imprisonment serving 12 to 15 hours a day of physically grueling hard labor.

Hard labor example #127 - carrying 50lbs rocks up a steep 200 foot hill & throwing over the other side..   tomorrow we get the rocks from the other side, carry them up the hill again.  and throw them back over where they were the day before..

I like to think, if you do this for 6 months in your first conviction -- you will NOT want to go back to prison a second time.    So, if you are that jacked in the head to show for a third conviction..  You dont need to get back out.   BTW - I prefer hard labor that contributes to the ppl who obey the law.    Need a lake for your cattle?   no problem..  Our boys will come out in a bus, with shackles, 3/4" leg chains, GPS implants, shovels and wheel barrels.     Ever tried to push a wheel barrel with leg shackels - yea it sucks.

Of course some of you may be saying, "But HKW, what do we do with those prisoners that are too old to work, or suffer some accident in which they are disabled? " or, "What about those prisons who cannot be coerced, under physical duress, to work?"

Easy.   Lets face it, medical students need practice.  In medical school, they practice on specially preserved human cadavers that were donated for that purpose.   I think its more practical for medical students to practice on a living/breathing body..   So, lets say, we are teaching a trauma class.   Lets say todays topic is medical treatment for a gunshot wound to lower chest..   We grab our test subject, explain to him carefully what is going on, you know for the mental torture, place a gunshot of the appropriate cartridge, for the subject of the ...

In the military, they use goats for the injury/trauma training.  They call it Goat School.  So, that would changed to Convict School.  Sounds good.  Hey, how 'bout that Leon Davis, Jr., aye?
2013-06-30 09:43:22 AM
Let's do the easy thing and save ourselves billions in treasure.

First Felony - One eye removed
Second Felony - Second eye removed
Third felony - Well, I don't think there will ever be a third felony
2013-06-30 09:49:46 AM

MabalzIzari: Let's do the easy thing and save ourselves billions in treasure.

First Felony - One eye removed
Second Felony - Second eye removed
Third felony - Well, I don't think there will ever be a third felony

Hmmm...  interesting..  Although, I would prefer to see a little leniency in the first offense.  Maybe something like:

Second felony - One eye removed, no anesthesia
Third felony - Second eye removed, no anesthesia.

First felony - spending some time watching/listening to advanced felons getting their eyes removed.
2013-06-30 09:50:07 AM

SuperNinjaToad: I Browse:

You're assuming that other black inmates won't target him. From what I know of life inside...certain crimes make you more of a target than others. Beating a mom in front of her child like this guy did will not give him status on the yard. Just the opposite really.

If anything it shows you DON'T know anything of life inside. This dude beat a white woman. He didn't rape or molest a kid. I seriously doubt he will be getting treated like a child rapist or molester would. The black prison gangs, groups etc whom he will certainly be apart of won't treat him different.

Trust me...I know more about it than I wish I did (not firsthand). We'll agree to disagree.
2013-06-30 11:32:00 AM

alinac: Brutal SOB. She did not put up a fight and he continued to beat her.
Watching the video made me so angry. I'm happy he's been locked up.

I haven't watched it on purpose....  The description was enough...
2013-06-30 02:02:50 PM
Chinesenookiefactory: I apologize. "Unsuccessful" was realy insensitive. Those a-holes caused a lot of death and mayhem.

Yup, splattered a pregnant woman who worked for the PA against a pillar...in the novel "Fight Club" Tyler Durden was basically recreating the '93 WTC attack, these rocket scientists thought they'd watch it across the street @ the Big Box Audio Video store  Regular guy?  That's the  "the  banality of evil"

/was in TH for McVeigh Execution
//if Feds looked into where "The Farmer"/'Liliywhites' met these guy in The Phillipines, 9/11 probably would've been stopped...
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