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18996 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jan 2004 at 11:15 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-07 11:50:16 AM  
drake113 ;

They're not twins,

"There COUSINS, identical COUSINS, and you'll find, they walk alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even emit solar flare radio interference alike. You could lose your miiiiind, when COUSINS are two of a kind!"
2004-01-07 11:51:44 AM  
I amazes me how we can tell the temperature of that sun (or our sun for that matter) so accurately.

I predict someday we will send a hover-rover (named Icarus) to our sun some day. Just have to make sure they do it at night, so it doesn't burn up.
2004-01-07 11:52:27 AM  

Love is God's mistake.

(according to Tears For Fears, anyway.)
2004-01-07 11:53:05 AM  
"Two brothers on their way , two brothers on their way, one wore blue and one wore gray..."

Sorry -- channeling Disney World. Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day.
2004-01-07 11:55:26 AM  
"Two brothers on their way , two brothers on their way, one wore blue and one wore gray..."
"Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day."

Hmmmm. It rhymes.

Coincidence? I think not...
2004-01-07 11:55:27 AM  
"Two brothers on their way , two brothers on their way, one wore blue and one wore gray..."
"Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day."

Hmmmm. It rhymes.

Coincidence? I think not...
2004-01-07 11:57:11 AM  
"These figures are off by over 4 billion years"

No, you are.

/and so on
2004-01-07 11:58:32 AM  
Hey, lets not pick on Bevets too much now. I don't believe what he does, but at least he has never changed his stance and always puts with all the crap he gets. He might be stupid, but he's my kind of stupid.
2004-01-07 12:01:28 PM  

All the more reason to mock him... the guy doesn't have a logical bone in his body. He's so tenaciously wrong he deserves ridicule.

Blind faith that extreme is not a virtue, it's a mental illness.
2004-01-07 12:03:55 PM  
No one is going to give our sun a last name? You know, like Goode?

2004-01-07 12:05:57 PM  
Remember...Spock had a beard. And the babes had less clothes on and looked buff.
2004-01-07 12:06:32 PM  
My favourite is the sun...always has been...i like it because its like the king of planets....

- Will Ferrell as Harey Carey....."HAY!"
2004-01-07 12:06:46 PM  
GIS for "twin sun"
[image from too old to be available]

that's what you get for messing with America, jack!
2004-01-07 12:08:51 PM  

Granted, blind faith that extreme is not a virtue. It is tenatious. And that's what I give him credit for. For standing up in the face of overwhelming odds for something he believes in. And really, we shouldn't mock the mentally ill. Not saying that he is, or you believe that you should mock the mentally ill. Just, you know.
2004-01-07 12:10:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

More like they were able to sense themselves being probed and now they're sending a vanguard invasion in advance to conquer us and make us their slaves.

I've got a really good attitude about this...
2004-01-07 12:12:02 PM  
Imagine if this was reported by the Sun Newspaper:

Astronomers find the Sun's twin in constellation. The Sun is there.
2004-01-07 12:12:19 PM  
Twin suns. Mars looking supsiciously like Tatooine.

Perhaps George Lucas really is God.

Prepare to meet Jar Jar Binks, your new overlord.
2004-01-07 12:14:56 PM  
If 18 Scorpii has an identical Earth, I really think we should bring toys and candy to trade with the local child-savages.

/Star Trek "Miri"
2004-01-07 12:16:21 PM  
They're saying that the bizarro sun is 12 degrees hotter than ours? How the FARK can they measure the temperature of a distant sun to within 12 degrees? I mean, 12 farking degrees? Come on.

Technical skepticism aside, if it's only 12 degrees hotter and damn close to the same age, and there's only 2 days' difference in it's rotation cycle, then yeah, it is pretty much exactly the same as our own sun. That doesn't mean there's a planet like ours orbiting it though. I'm sure they're going to be monitoring this new sun even closer for the tell-tale wobble that denotes the presence of planets orbiting it. Who knows, maybe bizarro Earth is out there too. That's a lot of goatees. All I know is that if I ever run into my bizarro self, I'm going to kick his ass all over the place.
2004-01-07 12:18:56 PM  
"The star... has long-been suspected of being Sun-like."

Phew! That settles the science question.
2004-01-07 12:23:32 PM  
On 18 Scorpii Earth, I have the power to break the atomic bonds of any thing, living or inanimate.

On 18 Scorpii Earth, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, and comic books are cooler than professional sports.

On 18 Scorpii Earth the headline reads: It -is- news, it's ...

So does this mean that "On 18 Scorpii Earth" is about to become the new version of the "In S*\/iet Rushya" Fark cliche?

On 18 Scorpii Earth, governors recall you!
2004-01-07 12:23:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
we''l call our earth 'earth a' and their earth 'earth 1'
-thanks to
2004-01-07 12:25:27 PM  

I think it's through measuring the spectrum of the light emitted by the star
2004-01-07 12:25:38 PM  
Did anyone else read the second article on the page about a galaxy being ripped apart? Pretty cool stuff...
2004-01-07 12:27:18 PM  
lets go there !

actually, no, lets just send a rover probe thingy.
2004-01-07 12:28:15 PM  
I love the use of the word doppelganger.
2004-01-07 12:29:48 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

"It's a trap!!!
2004-01-07 12:32:58 PM  
On 18 Scorpii, terrorists flew buildings into planes... The horror...
2004-01-07 12:35:16 PM  
calitom writes:

I used to work with a JW. (Jehova's Witness) But he was special. He had his own beliefs about the universe. He said that aliens were God's mistakes while making people.

But God doesn't make mistakes, people do.

2004-01-07 12:37:06 PM  
On 18 Scorpii Earth, Fark has no cliche.
2004-01-07 12:39:16 PM  
Bevets -

Hows the AI goin', steve? Brilliant experiment, and I think revising the Turing test as you have is appropriate. I haven't seen Bevets show up for a while - I wondered if you'd come up with another one. What's different? New cue words? Phrases? I notice no back up quote, which is certainly new, but the post is more concretely on-topic than the older models. A success so far?
2004-01-07 12:40:19 PM  

On the sun's twin, I'm a porn star without AIDS.

Are we to assume that on this world you're an AIDS-riddled virgin?
2004-01-07 12:42:57 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new 18 Scorpii overlords.
2004-01-07 12:43:18 PM  
If space is curved could we not simply be looking at our own sun from the past?
2004-01-07 12:43:58 PM  
sooo whats our sun's name? sol?

Yes, our sun is Sol. And Earth is Sol 3, or third planet out from Sol.

We generally name other stars based on 1) the constellation they appear in, and 2) their brightness, when viewed from Earth.

For example, Alpha Centauri is the brightest star appearing in the constellation The Centaur, followed by Beta Centauri, Gamma Centauri, etc. I would guess 18 Scorpii is the 18th brightest star in the constellation Scorpio.

Sol doesn't get a compound name like other stars because, from where we're standing, it isn't in any constellation. Get it?

/channeling Carl Sagan
2004-01-07 12:47:20 PM  
Swamp Thing

Isn't the third one called Proxima Centauri due to its relative closeness to Earth?
2004-01-07 12:50:13 PM  
Yes, but is it an evil twin?
2004-01-07 12:54:16 PM  
Since there's like billions and billions of stars in billions and billions of galaxies, there's BOUND to be a star somewhere that just HAPPENS to have the same spectral signature as ours. Astronomers get all giddy over nothin.
2004-01-07 12:55:47 PM  
Swamp Thing
So since our sun's name is Sol because it's not in a constellation, does that mean it is literally 'Shiat Out of Luck'?
2004-01-07 12:59:31 PM  

You can get a very good measurement of a star's surface temperature by looking at the wavelength of light that the star emits strongest. I think the formula is called Wien's Law...Google it for a better explanation.

No Nemesis posts yet? Good...


Yes, you are correct, sir. Hah hah, yes!. Hay-ooooo.

2004-01-07 01:14:48 PM  
For example, Alpha Centauri is the brightest star appearing in the constellation The Centaur

that would be centaurus
2004-01-07 01:18:55 PM  

One which point? Curved space or Proxima Centauri?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-07 01:19:14 PM  
Hmm. Thanks for pointing out the light/temperature thing guys, but that's not exactly what I meant. I already knew they looked at the light emitted to determine the temperature. My astonishment is in regards to the apparent accuracy. 12 degrees is not very friggin much. If they could look at it and go "Hmm, seems to be within a couple hundred degrees of our own sun.", that wouldn't have taken me back. Just surprised that they could discern it to such accuracy.
2004-01-07 01:19:23 PM  
That doesn't mean there's a planet like ours orbiting it though. I'm sure they're going to be monitoring this new sun even closer for the tell-tale wobble that denotes the presence of planets orbiting it.

It could mean that one day, w/better technology, we could go there and BUILD another Earth...
2004-01-07 01:22:46 PM  
On the twin Earth, which is called "Party Central", I am the #1 NBA draft pick, and I just won American Idol last night. Also, Wink Cola is the most popular drink in the world.
2004-01-07 01:28:12 PM  
we could go there and BUILD another Earth...

Sure... Let us wreck another planet!!!
2004-01-07 01:31:55 PM  
Bizzarro! Bizzarro!

What if theres just some reflective cloud up there and we are looking at the reflection of our Sun .3 billion years ago (since its 45 billion light years away).

Oh, wait, my 2 college astronomy classes come back to me... esh.... 45 billion light years away... that means that star is 45 billion years old... no... 45 billion plus the 4.3 billion, so 49.3 billion years old... and since its our twin, and our Sun is 4.5 billion years old, and is only expected to last another 5 billion years... and because the light from that star can still travel billons of years after it dies.... chances are its a dead star. So its not our twin. Maybe our grand daddy.

Tin foil hats, back to the closet! With logic provided, we can safely assume that Science has put its foot into its own mouth again. Unless we can perfect a technology that moves faster than light (Which Einstein or someone) says is impossible, we will never find life outside our own galaxy. Even if we found something that could move faster than light, noone alive today would see anyone we sent over there, because to move faster than light would accelerate space-time for the individual making the trip, who in turn would experience time much faster than we, and we would all be dead, and our children, and their children.... in what would appear only a few seconds to that lucky astronaught going that fast. Or.... they would vaporize (since any known metal or metal alloy we currently have on earth cant withstand that G-force, let alone us fragile humans...)

To sum up:
1. Our "twin" is so far, It must be older than us or dead.
2. Travel there isn't feasable.
3. Attempts at post-light speeds are currently impossible
4. My arguments are probably full of holes and waiting for a bigger geek to prove me wrong, and cite his/her work in both MLA and APA formats.

That is all!
2004-01-07 01:33:54 PM  
The Proxima one. On the other point, you are a flagle-HEY oh-LADY with the mop handle and the PAY-AYIN!
2004-01-07 01:43:03 PM  
Blind faith that extreme is not a virtue, it's a mental illness.

Don't ever make the mistake of mocking someone elses views. You may challange a belief, present evidence to counter that belief, but do not make it personal. Blind faith is a good thing in moderation.

To some people, God is like the wind. You can't see it, and so can't prove it was there. But you feel the effects of the wind. That effect is what the faith is based on.

Another thing. Religion isn't a logic based practice, that is science. And if you would like non-partial proof that Jesus did exhist, just watch the Discovery channel. They have specials all the time about archeological evidence to support that at least part of the bible is true as written.

Yah, I am a Christian. Yah, I am proud of it too. Flame me if you want, but remember, I don't go asking you to come up with written, fact based logical proof for everything you say and believe in. Its part of what I believe that faith (even the size of a mustard seed) is a stronger thing than logic.
2004-01-07 01:46:34 PM  
Sure... Let us wreck another planet!!!
Better than wrecking this one, more than we've already done. ;)
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