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2013-06-28 10:13:19 AM
2013-06-28 10:13:23 AM

How can a hog, what ain't got no MONEY, buy drugs with MONEY?
2013-06-28 10:15:38 AM
that's gross i can't eat that shiat.  cause weed makes me feel like i'm eating dreadlocks
2013-06-28 10:17:17 AM
Let's get this out of the way, too.

2013-06-28 10:21:42 AM
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 WTF is that all about?

And why are we wasting perfectly good shake on pigs? In my day we smoked the leaves, and we liked it that way!
2013-06-28 10:25:22 AM
Since cannabis is fat soluble, could you get anything from the lard?
2013-06-28 10:26:37 AM
Worlds happiest hogs.
2013-06-28 10:29:06 AM

tennessee.hillbilly: Let's get this out of the way, too.

[image1.frequency.com image 354x200]

Hoo boy, HD, huh? I bet the people who watched that sure are glad they upped the quality so they could block out a 12th of the view with a big fat "HD" logo.
2013-06-28 10:30:45 AM
Your pig wants Funyuns.
2013-06-28 10:36:00 AM
Some pig.
2013-06-28 10:36:24 AM
Pot Belly Pigs?

/Not my joke
//saw it on Leno last night
2013-06-28 10:38:31 AM
The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which, because they were totally baked, bro.
2013-06-28 10:47:26 AM
Mmm, Bacone.
2013-06-28 10:52:49 AM
2013-06-28 10:59:31 AM
 ...who is also attempting to start a privately owned mobile slaughterhouse...

Will it have murals depicting Mediterranean scenes?
2013-06-28 11:05:53 AM
So when pigs will fly...
2013-06-28 11:21:32 AM
Must be a real conundrum for pot smoking vegans, knowing that the leftovers from marijuana farming is supporting the slaughter of innocent little piggies.
2013-06-28 11:27:04 AM
been smoking bacon for years...
2013-06-28 12:16:17 PM

MemeSlave: ...who is also attempting to start a privately owned mobile slaughterhouse...

Will it have murals depicting Mediterranean scenes?

Wasn't this done in Dexter?
2013-06-28 12:31:22 PM
For some reason I can't stop eating this bacon...
2013-06-28 01:09:56 PM
2013-06-28 01:22:26 PM
Sounds like a win, win, bacon situation to me...
2013-06-28 01:23:09 PM
The pigs in the article pic look so high, lolz :D
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