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(New York Daily News)   Shape a Pop-Tart into a gun? Point your finger and say "Bang"? Bring a 3" plastic toy gun to school? That's a suspension and a mark on your record. Threaten to blow up the school? That's a...well, nothing, so long as you're the principal   ( divider line
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2013-06-27 01:14:56 PM  
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Very Uncool Story Bro:

My friend was walking down the school hallway with another buddy about ten years ago (they were both 16 at the time). It was close to Halloween and there had been rumors of this other kid who was planning to 'shoot up and then blow up the school' because he had been expelled for a major fight at the beginning of the year. My friend and his buddy were talking about that rumor and the buddy said he had heard that some kids were planning to skip Halloween day and some even mentioned bringing weapons to protect themselves. My friend jokingly mentioned that he already had his bomb in his locker. There was a teacher standing at the door of a classroom as they passed and this teacher overheard their discussion. My friend was arrested and given a one year probation and the court-ordered stipulation that he had to pass the next two years of high school with a C average or he would be locked up. To this day I am still outraged about it, as he was joking and anyone who knows him would know he was joking and would be unable to find or create something as expensive and complicated as a bomb anyway.

If this adult in a position of power and responsibility gets away with what he said while an innocent kid gets a police record over what he said, I will be one step further down the road of wondering how Americans can think they are the greaterst people in the world, and live in the greatest country in the world (we don't anymore, but some refuse to accept it and are willing to destroy what is left to prove it). Only self-centered, moronic sheep allow both of these things to have the outcome they have had.

Like the man said, "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention!"
2013-06-27 01:12:00 PM  
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FTA:  "In 2004 he was fined $20,000 for employee misconduct while principal at IS 313 School of Leadership Development in the Bronx. "I don't understand how he is still here," said one of the teachers.
2013-06-27 01:05:11 PM  
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Good thing he wasn't Muslim
2013-06-27 12:42:52 PM  
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he often yells and rants

If you are not a drill sergeant, this means you are a lousy supervisor.
2013-06-27 12:07:18 PM  
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He sent himself to his office as punishment.
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