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(Western Gazette (UK))   Phantom play park pooper haunting Somerset village. "We've had enough of this crap," say residents   ( divider line
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2013-06-27 09:35:35 AM  

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2013-06-27 10:12:39 AM  
"It's been going on long enough now. We want to know who is responsible."

I for one am interested to know what the threshold number is for play park pooping incidents is because it's hard to enjoy a good play park poop if you have to constantly look over your shoulder because NOW they want to know who's doing the play park pooping.
2013-06-27 10:22:45 AM  


2013-06-27 10:24:35 AM  
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2013-06-27 10:34:15 AM Full Size
2013-06-27 10:34:32 AM  
Before college, I worked at a little gift shop off the 'happening' street downtown. This one very crazy bum would always try to come inside and harass the customers and I'd always shoo him out.

One morning I got to the shop to open up and there's a huge pile of diarrhea right in front of the shop's door.
2013-06-27 10:37:32 AM  
Mrs Clarke added: "We put a sign up there a few months ago on the recommendation of the police and the person actually ripped the sign off and did it on the sign. Full Size
2013-06-27 10:54:14 AM  
So... sh*t just got real?
vpb [TotalFark]
2013-06-27 11:05:53 AM  
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2013-06-27 11:11:07 AM  
I once drunkenly shat on a slide in a park once, my friends described it as a river of shiat culminating in a Niagara falls at the end of the slide, and imagined the nuggets of corn to be little men in barrels going over the edge of the falls.
2013-06-27 11:14:50 AM  
Better call in the fuzz.

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pic is borrowed
2013-06-27 11:15:49 AM  
I say they just make it a theme playground.

Merry Go Brown
2013-06-27 11:16:37 AM  
So that's what the Phantom shiatter has been doing since 'Nam

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2013-06-27 11:21:48 AM  
Mrs Clarke added: "We put a sign up there a few months ago on the recommendation of the police and the person actually ripped the sign off and did it on the sign."

I know I'm a bad person but this literally made me lol.

Also why the fark don't they put a dam camera up?  It's been 7 months....  Did the thought not cross your mind?
2013-06-27 11:27:07 AM  
...oh no...poop thread.
2013-06-27 11:28:08 AM  
zoiks scoob, it's the phantom pooper!
2013-06-27 11:28:45 AM  

jfivealive: Also why the fark don't they put a dam camera up? It's been 7 months.... Did the thought not cross your mind?

It's in Somerset, such technological advances may be a way off given that they've barely discovered fire.
2013-06-27 11:29:55 AM  
FTA: "It has got to be human because it is a fair pile and it's got toilet paper - and I don't see many dogs going around with a loo roll."

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Just because YOU don't see them...
2013-06-27 11:30:57 AM  
That'll teach you to ban me from the pub on taco night.
2013-06-27 11:32:04 AM  
I'd be on the lookout for Principal Humphrey J. Cornholt.
2013-06-27 11:32:42 AM  
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2013-06-27 11:34:34 AM  
Somebody may be passing through the park during their marathon training.

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2013-06-27 11:36:08 AM  

Munchkin City Coroner: Just because YOU don't see them...

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2013-06-27 11:40:26 AM  
KISS and the Phantom Pooper of the Car Park!
2013-06-27 11:49:01 AM  
i worked for public works many moons ago and had a phantom crapper at the parks. they would put a big leaf or a mcdonalds wrapper over it, and it would be toooo late by the time you picked it up off the ground.
we started treating everything on the ground like it was a bomb. a little push and prod with the a stick to check it out first.
THEN..........the individual started crapping in park toilets until it rose above the seat a good 4 inches........nothing like using an irrigation shovel first thing on a monday morning to get it out.
2013-06-27 11:56:53 AM  
Meanwhile, downstream of Misterton play park
farm3.staticflickr.comView Full Size
2013-06-27 12:00:13 PM  
ah the south west

Lord J is from Somerset, goodness me some of the nonsense on his bookface feed!
2013-06-27 12:02:36 PM  
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2013-06-27 12:33:39 PM  

Lady J: oo-arrr the south west

2013-06-27 12:57:41 PM  
This thread is grody.
2013-06-27 01:48:49 PM  
He's a little pooperchaun leading us to his bucket of honey
2013-06-27 02:00:11 PM  
FTA:  in the middle of the village hall car park

It's a car park - parking lot for those on this side of the pond.

It's not like dumping on the slide.
2013-06-27 02:49:35 PM  
i like how they keep putting up signs and how they added pictures to the second sign because they thought he ripped the first ones down and dumped on them because he just couldnt read. these people are so ignorant they deserve it.
2013-06-27 05:39:52 PM  
A similar thing happened in dallas's rich neighborhoods a while back. It was kept out of the media, but basically this guy was breaking into mansions, pooping in one of the toilets, then leaving without incident--and without flushing.

Eventually, someone reasoned that it might escalate to greater levels of crazy, so they called out the medical examiner, ran DNA on the gi-tract cells in the poop, and caught the guy.

/then his poo prolly went the other way in pmitap
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