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Duplicate of another approved link: 7812530

(Charleston Post and Courier)   "I'm gonna jump, I mean it this time." "How about a pizza?" "Eh, maybe I will jump tomorrow"   ( ) divider line 18
    More: Fail, Ravenel Bridge, Charleston County, Mount Pleasant, Ravenel, Charles Francis  
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Archived thread
2013-06-24 08:39:19 PM  
fail for the mods?
2013-06-24 08:39:28 PM  

repeat from four threads down.

2013-06-24 08:39:51 PM  
This sounds oddly familiar..
2013-06-24 08:39:55 PM  
Pizza repeat.

Say that 10x real fast.
2013-06-24 08:39:56 PM  
News: This is a repeat from 4 hours ago. Fark: It's the same headline and everything from the same paper.
2013-06-24 08:40:28 PM  
Whoa... deja vu.
2013-06-24 08:40:56 PM  
Second repeat on the main page today.

/I have no life, obviously.
2013-06-24 08:42:37 PM  

Gr8Zen: News: This is a repeat from 4 hours ago. Fark: It's the same headline and everything from the same paper.

I wonder how that happened? I always get a "this link has been submitted by someone else with a headline that was waaaaaay worse than yours but we are going to greenlight that one anyway ha ha ha ha" error.

I am such a bad bad kitty. Always farking things up.
2013-06-24 08:43:11 PM  
This happened again in only four posts?
2013-06-24 08:46:06 PM  
That's 3 stories in about 12 greens, that's the most times I have ever heard of Paula deen whoever that is.
2013-06-24 08:46:20 PM  
never underestimate the power of pizza
2013-06-24 08:46:50 PM  
These pizza/suicide episodes seem very frequent today.
2013-06-24 08:46:53 PM  
Fark's been "error 550"ing me on and off for the last little while, maybe the mods are distracted.
2013-06-24 08:48:01 PM  
Did the negotiator ask what he wanted on his tombstone?
2013-06-24 08:48:10 PM  
I submitted this with a better headline.

/fark you insiders.
2013-06-24 08:55:48 PM  
2 attempted suicides in the same town and they were talked down the same way.  How often does this happen?
2013-06-24 08:55:50 PM  
Tombstone headline was much better.
2013-06-24 08:59:43 PM  
Havent seen a repeat for a while, was starting to miss em
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