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2013-06-24 06:11:18 PM  
3 votes:
Ultima 9 deserves to be on that list.

The game never should have been made, ever. Buggy, poorly developed, badly written with terrible mechanics all around; this game killed the Ultima franchise. This is the game that killed Origin as a studio.

There is literally nothing good about this game either on its own or as a continuation/conclusion to the Ultima mythos. I remember hating this game from the very first moment I picked it up until I put it down about 4-5 hours in. It had nothing on Planescape: Torment, which were released in the same year. Hell, System Shock 2 came out that same year as well so it wasn't like 3d technology was just "too new" or couldn't be optimized or otherwise properly applied to an RPG type game. Even original Everquest looks better and plays better! Yes, it is really that bad.

Seriously, Ultima 9 should be in the top spot on that list.
2013-06-24 04:44:29 PM  
3 votes:
They forgot "Master of Orion III".  The first two were awesome. The third was one of those games where the designers tried to do too much, couldn't; and after going over many deadlines and over budget, threw together what they had and relased for full price a game that wasn't really even in the beta testing state.

I bought Outpost for my first 486 PC years ago.  I thought it would be  sort of like a Sim City in space.  It was really borring and you had no idea how you really controlled anything.
2013-06-24 04:59:50 PM  
2 votes:
What, no Battlecruiser 3000AD?
2013-06-25 10:56:45 AM  
1 vote:

Vaneshi: The first Duke Nukem game was actually pretty good, I played the hell out of it. Then again I'm still happily playing Apogee's Secret Agent so yeah.

Based on what I played, the major issue with the combat in Duke Nukem 3D is the poorly-defined utility of each weapon and the weapon properties.  Specific enemies take more and less damage depending on the type of weapon that you're using against them, rather than having a system where the utility of that weapon (whether it offers blowback, its rate of suppressive fire, whether it deals splash damage, how quickly it reloads) is what makes it strong against certain monsters and in certain situations.  Looking purely at the shotgun, for example, it's equally effective in short- and long-range situations and offers pretty much no blowback, which makes it a weapon that is either useful or it's not depending on extremely basic circumstances (whether you have the ammo, etc.).  I like the premise of the game, I like the way it's mocking the macho nature of the genre, I like its scope and scale, but it's nowhere near the caliber of shooting and combat already seen in Doom/Descent/Quake/etc.

Vaneshi: DNF was, when you remove the decade of hype not that bad of a game. It was worth nowhere near the initial RRP the companies wanted for it though but as a £5 budget title it can fend for itself quite well and honestly there is no shame in that. It's also an interesting poke as to how game design has changed over the years as you can clearly see which bits of it (textures and all) are from prior iterations of the project; doesn't make the game any better but fascinating never the less.

People don't seem to be willing to admit that game journalism will go both ways on a topic.  They'll hive mind the bad games just as much as they'll hive mind the good games.  So they were running around giving five-out-of-ten scores and affirming the largely negative blowback to the game.  I've cleared up most of my thoughts on that game in this thread, but it's really not that bad.  I would concur the most amusing part is seeing all these divergent game philosophies thrown into a muck pool and turned into a half-passable project.

Vaneshi: And yes that list sucks balls doesn't it? Especially as they put Postal 3 in there; a game Running with Scissors not only outsourced and disavows but withdrew from sale very shortly after it was released unlike say Daikatana!

Eh, I take the point of view that all lists are terrible.  It's usually an engine designed for the sole purpose of pissing off people and generating ad revenue at this point.
2013-06-25 02:42:14 AM  
1 vote:
Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Call of Duty: Ghosts
2013-06-25 01:21:36 AM  
1 vote:
Outpost was a great game that I spent many hours playing.
2013-06-24 08:49:33 PM  
1 vote:

Antimatter: Funny fact:  the original manual for GTA 1 mentioned that it wasn't in 3d, instead being a top down game, because streets of sim city sucked so bad.

When it finally did go 3d with gta 3, they included an optional top down camera in case the 3d sucked.  It would later go on to make the series a household name and Rockstar a major force in the industry.

And still GTA2 is the best of the series.
2013-06-24 05:57:50 PM  
1 vote:
List fails without World of Warcraft.
2013-06-24 05:36:58 PM  
1 vote:
Big Rigs is the all-time winner, now and forever. Nothing could ever be worse.
2013-06-24 05:21:13 PM  
1 vote:
Sword of the Stars 2:  On release day a barely masked alpha build showed up on steam, they initially tried to pass it off as a 'mistake' but eventually admitted that's as far as they got.  Even over a year & many patchings later its clear that game had no business getting released.  While much prettier then the first one, the changes in the mechanics broke many of the things that made the first one so awesome in the first place.
2013-06-24 04:44:09 PM  
1 vote:

Somaticasual: Duke nukem forever fully deserves it's place in that last.

Was it a good game?  No.  But it wasn't terrible, and played more like a two-dollar Half-Life clone with the inconveniences of modern shooter design (regenerating health, two-weapon loadout).  I just wish people would stop acting like the game was some kind of sacrilege because it "didn't live up to the original".  (I use "original" in quotes for a reason.)  Duke Nukem 3D wasn't exactly a masterpiece, either.
2013-06-24 04:39:32 PM  
1 vote:
GTA IV for PC. Start with all of the annoying design choices of the console version ("realistic" physics, NPCs calling you to "hang out" in the middle of missions, repetitive mission design, etc.). Fold in some game-breaking bugs (memory leaks in the cutscene render engine, a final level with a control bug that outright prevents completion of the game). Frost with mandatory Games For Windows Live integration. The GTA series is dead to me after that abomination.
2013-06-24 04:38:45 PM  
1 vote:
Step 1: Write about a bunch of games you've never played.
Step 2: Provide no interesting commentary on these games.
Step 3: Put it in list format.
Step 4: Who gives a shiat?
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