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(CapAlert)   CAPAlert reviews Monsters, Inc. - and LIKES it   ( divider line
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3994 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Nov 2001 at 10:05 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-30 10:07:14 AM  
will wonders never cease?
2001-11-30 10:10:34 AM  
Well i'll be damned
2001-11-30 10:11:06 AM  
"MONSTERS, INC. (G) -- effective in showing how easy it is to fall in love with children."

Jacko? Is that you?!?!
2001-11-30 10:11:31 AM  
I think it is fairly safe to say, therefore, that I will hate it.

I'll go rent Chopper again...
2001-11-30 10:11:34 AM  
Bad Craziness, I tell you

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-30 10:14:30 AM  
That's because everyone knows that crazy Pixar sends out brainwaves to buy the merchandise and the lot.
2001-11-30 10:14:48 AM  
"implication of nudity"

Anyone wearing clothing has THAT...

And I wouldn't call giving the movie a "yellow" light LIKING a film. I saw it, and I thought it wasn't as slam-bang funny as "Toy Story," but it was worth the price of admission.
2001-11-30 10:15:19 AM  
From CAP:
"I am not a film critic or a movie reviewer " Got that right buddy.
2001-11-30 10:19:57 AM  
Soooo, is CAP for real then? *anyone* ?
2001-11-30 10:25:12 AM  
Yes - CAP is for real.

And I thought Monsters, Inc. was the best thing Pixar has done so far.

I was forced to watch Shrek over Thanksgiving and after seeing Monsters it came across as a pathetic attempt at doing half assed animation with a lot of modern reference jokes.

I like my animated films, and all films for that case, to have a timeless quality that makes me feel if I watch this movie 20 years from now it will still be as funny, moving, scary etc as it was the first time I saw it.

With that viewpoint I can unconditionally reccomend Monsters but I think Shrek will be dated and unfunny in 2 years.
2001-11-30 10:28:25 AM  
I took my 5 year old to see Monsters, she was pretty bored by it. I though it was funny as hell!
2001-11-30 10:32:03 AM  
CAP is a mo-ron.
2001-11-30 10:33:47 AM  
Compared to his other reviews, I think this IS liking it for him. Plus, the movie got high marks across the board. He had a lot of praise for the movie, but did spend a lot of the review focusing on the "nudity" of the creature.

I thought Monsters, Inc. wasn't as good as Toy Story 2, but will grow on me when we buy it for the wee ones next year. It was funny, but I was tired and the designated "potty parent"/snack fetcher for the show...that always throws off my groove.
2001-11-30 10:35:42 AM  
Satan's sharpening his ice skates...
2001-11-30 10:37:55 AM  
Isn't CAP liking a movie a sign of the apocalypse?
or is Fb the father?
or maybe Fb is the Son or Holy Ghost?
BAH, pathetic attempt.... I surrender!
2001-11-30 10:38:02 AM  
If the implied nudity made CAP so uncomfortable, does it point to him being a closet Hentai fan? Otaku CAP?
2001-11-30 10:45:04 AM  
Hentai... mmm.
2001-11-30 10:46:56 AM  
Odd, I was disappointed by the lack of adult humor in "Monsters". I guess I expected more after watching "Shrek". Which I found deliciously funny. Vox8 and I will just have to disagree on this point.
2001-11-30 10:50:50 AM  
I saw Monsters Inc. I thought the bit where she does that thing with the double-ended dildo, the carrot and the marmite was incredible.
2001-11-30 10:55:52 AM  
I still contend that Pixar is better than Dreamworks because Pixar focuses on the humor, writing, and characterization. Dreamworks seems to be about the celebrity. Look at the Shrek poster and the opening credits: it screams "These people are in the movie...for God's sake, fork over your money because it HAS to be funny." Pixar gets big names but doesn't push the movie on that front. My $.02.
2001-11-30 11:00:05 AM  
how can you not like a crotch kick?
2001-11-30 11:05:14 AM  
crotch hit
2001-11-30 11:24:14 AM  
The crotch hit was very sexual. Only one other time in my life was I so aroused by seeing someone getting their nuts lambasted physically.

Of other note, apparently CAP has had 24 children. The Bible, in it's infinite wisdom, has to have something bad to say about such irresponsible procreation.
2001-11-30 11:24:50 AM  
"I know it is slapstick comedy to watch an animated character spray his eye with disinfectant, but would you want your child to do that when someone sneezes in his/her face? Be sure to have all your aerosol disinfectants out of reach of your little tykes if they watch this show!"

--Do they think that ALL kids are stupid or just those blinded by "the word of god"?
2001-11-30 11:25:18 AM  
"...And we've had 24 kids (foster kids). It was easy to fall in love with each of them. So easy we adopted seven of them."

Um, yeah.
2001-11-30 11:31:56 AM  
Ashthmatic and Risusa: Yeah, I noticed the 24-kid thing, too. That scared me more than anything.
2001-11-30 11:37:26 AM  
first he says the nudity is bad, and that the bible says nudity is "shameful", WELL FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!didnt the monster, who by the way didn't want to be "stripped", cover up his nudity? The problem with using the bible for anything more than a general idea in philosophy and belief is that not only does it constantly contridict itself, have over a thousand writers and translators, but that it is also highly interprettable to whatever you want it to really say. Despite what the CAP says, MonstersInc was a hillarious film for all ages in any time frame

BTW, does anyone know where I can get those flowery things on Boo's door?
2001-11-30 11:52:51 AM  
I'm not sure how far down everyone got with the article but:

"The story was very effective in showing how easy it is to fall in love with children. This point is indeed close to home for me because we have a little girl about Boo's age. And we've had 24 kids (foster kids). It was easy to fall in love with each of them. So easy we adopted seven of them"

Dude, that's just creepy to me. Kind of Rosie-esque.
2001-11-30 12:06:28 PM  
I laughed so hard at multiple times during Shrek that I dropped my bowl ... multiple times.
2001-11-30 12:09:47 PM  
Sice CAP Liked it does that mean the terroists have won?
2001-11-30 12:19:19 PM  
Oberon - I thought you said "dropped your *bowel*" multiple times. That's way funnier than dropping a bowl (as long as I'm not in the same room).
2001-11-30 12:21:20 PM  
I'm surprised, they didn't even mention the whole implied snowcone=urine thing.
2001-11-30 12:25:51 PM  
If they were worried with any attempt at nudity in Monsters, they were probably agast at the nude birds in the cartoon prior to the show, even though it was funny as hell.
2001-11-30 12:30:39 PM  
There's nothing creepy about adoption or hosting foster kids. At least CAP's giving these kids a chance; he's doing more than the government for them, anyway. He is also doing more for them than some of the other Bible-bangers out there. He's truly living as a Christian, not just telling others to change their beliefs. Very, very admirable.
2001-11-30 12:51:09 PM  
Batcar01: Actually He brought the naked birds up too. So yeah you're right. On both counts, the birds thing was funny as hell.
2001-11-30 12:51:36 PM  
Just my opinion, Chach.
2001-11-30 12:53:24 PM  
I actually remember that Cap liked Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' too. I don't think he nececcarily hates things, he just tries to be biblically accurate and literall in his reviews.

Granted, He still scares the shiat out of me...

But I think that's what he's doing
2001-11-30 12:53:47 PM  
I have to go with Pixar over Dreamworks any day. Dreamworks animationa and story lines cannot even hold a candle to Pixars work.
As for CAP liking it, well giving it yellow, I must saw I am shocked. I have read other reviews this guy wrote (cause its so damn funny) and he is hard to please. I believe for 101 Dalmations the movie he thought it was blasphamous to have talking animals.
2001-11-30 12:54:48 PM  
Cloud: I thought the EXACT same thing!!

Saw Monsters, thought it was funny. But the little short of the birds on the wire was even funnier than the feature film.
2001-11-30 12:55:24 PM  
Oh, MONSTERS INC. ! I thought we were talking about "Teen Anal 14".

Sorry, they sound similar - I got them mixed up.
2001-11-30 12:57:06 PM  
Just a thought, where did the expression "funny as hell" come from. Before this get's too religious in tone realize that I'm an atheist therefore I don't believe in hell. I do however, as does everyone reading this I'm sure, understand the concept of hell. And well, athiest or not, being tortured for all eternity with no hope of ever improving your situation doesn't sound particularly funny. Yet in the expression "funny as hell" it is used as a paradigm case of something that would have you rolling in the isles.

Interesting little morbid twist our language seems to have aquired.
2001-11-30 01:00:26 PM  
I'm more intrigued about "Fvck off".

I mean, "Fvck you" is reasonable, "Fvcking hell" is uunderstandable, but "Fvck off" is just weird. It's like saying, well, "Fornicate off." or something. Or "Paint off". The grammar's all shot to fvck (see what I did there?).

It vexes me something awful, and no mistake.
2001-11-30 01:02:37 PM  
"effective in showing how easy it is to fall in love with children."

-Silly Rabbi, CAP is for KIDS

2001-11-30 01:09:44 PM  
I remember think that the single funniest thing on CAP is the address you can send donations to. (I can however see this being uniquely amusing to me, I'm from Granbury myself and thus a little close to the joke.)

I find it amusing that CAP is probably the most worldwide exposure anything in our booming metropolis of Granbury gets. This is largely due to the valiant efforts of our friends right here at, which means that most of the people who have heard of Granbury know it as "That podunk town down in Texas that gives us those farking hilarious movie reviews...and some random atheist farker"

I could just be easily amused.
2001-11-30 01:12:19 PM  
2001-11-30 01:18:54 PM  
If something's sh*t, it's bad.
If something's the sh*t, it's awesome.

2001-11-30 01:24:54 PM  
So the monsters aren't an example of "evil being represented as good?" They aren't "demonic" and their ability to pass through their world into the human world isn't use of "supernatural black magic?" There is no mention of whether or not the monsters practice Christianity!
2001-11-30 01:25:55 PM  
So its Okay that this movie has monsters and demons in it (that survive by scarring children), and part of it takes place somewhere that is not on earth and has teleportation devices (ie magic&witchcraft)......Give me a break! CAP fails to mention these issues in the review when it would for any other movie....What a bunch of farkin HYPOCRITES. - and yes this movie was better than Shrek (just look at the detail in the backgrounds for a start).
2001-11-30 01:26:15 PM  
Actually, the time I was most surprised by was their review of "The Green Mile". In case you havn't seen it, it's about a death row inmate with the power to heal the sick. The movie makes frequent references to this being given by god. I was sure this would score a thousand on their blasph-o-meter, but they liked it! Aparrently, they REALLY BELIEVE there are people who can cure the sick without medicine. Remind me not to visit their church anytime soon in case I get sick...
2001-11-30 01:26:59 PM  
Hey, Courtney Cox-Z,

We are on the exact same page....WOW!
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