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(KATU)   "Concerned Citizen" arrested after making traffic stop. Evidently you need to be a cop of something...who knew?   ( ) divider line
    More: Dumbass, traffic stops, Oregon State Police, impersonating a police officer, KATU News, semiautomatic pistols  
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2013-06-22 10:31:53 PM  
Yet another responsible gun owner.
2013-06-23 12:30:38 AM  

Nina_Hartley's_Ass: Yet another responsible gun owner.

Go bang your head against the wall or something.
2013-06-23 02:55:11 AM  

finnished: hardinparamedic: Part of the problem is that there is no pay-for-performance model in EMS - it's all pay for transport. Medicare, medicaid, and the insurance companies will only pay if you transport someone.

Does this vary per location? When my wife had a severe allergic attack, and she thought her throat was closing shut, we called the ambulance. But by the time they got in, the attack seemed to be over, and she was better, so they didn't take her to the hospital. We didn't receive a bill, and if I remember correctly they didn't ask for insurance information either. Not that we have a stellar insurance anyway. But our town does use a volunteer ambulance force.

It depends. Some places will bill the patient directly for a treat-but-no-transport, but medicare won't accept that kind of charge currently.

Volunteer Ambulance Forces are a little different. And not to knock volunteers, but they're not known for maintaining high standards, either. By the sound of your statement, it sounds like she was having an anaphylactic reaction, and I'm surprised they were eager to not transport her, since they are well known for having rebound attacks 12-24 hours down the road without treatment.
2013-06-23 03:17:11 AM  

hardinparamedic: And if you had actually linked the article from the other day, I might have actually read it.

I told you right where it was. Fark main page, 6 stories down,

Here's a link, even. s hoplifter-who-stuffed-eggs-down-his-pants-captures-video-of-capture-of -man-who-stuffed-eggs-down-his-pants-Wait-grocery-stores-have-handcuff s#new

2013-06-23 03:43:01 AM  

hardinparamedic: basemetal: /if you wannabe a cop
//go become a cop
///earn it

Come to Memphis. The police want you, for crap pay and long hours! And if you're a felon*, it's no problem! They'll second chance you!

/*non-drug and non-sexual violence.
//No. I'm not being sarcastic or kidding.

As a falled wanna-be cop in the Northeast reading this at his watchman job on a Saturday night, I am reacting with a hmmmmmm...
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