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(Yahoo)   Couple holding their wedding at a zoo get the perfect "and then the happy couple died a horrible screaming death, The end" picture for their wedding album when a tiger photobombs one of their shots   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, wedding photography, Sumatran tigers, zoos, screaming, Western Morning News  
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23974 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jun 2013 at 1:19 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-06-21 02:46:16 PM  

m00: [ image 640x295]

I hope I'm the first one, I hope I'm the first one, I...

2013-06-21 02:51:46 PM  

m00: [ image 640x295]

That's the picture I was looking for!
2013-06-21 02:52:59 PM  
Wow, A cougar and a tiger in 1 photo...
2013-06-21 02:55:13 PM  


Karma and Andrew Madgwick weren't expecting a tiger to crash their wedding

Blogger's Haggars burning bright.

That... was beautiful.

*golf clap*
2013-06-21 02:59:07 PM  

space1999: [ image 630x430]

It looks fake to me.

Then he'd have a better haircut.  You can't fake that mop.
2013-06-21 03:00:19 PM  

Came for this, leaving satisfied
2013-06-21 03:12:04 PM  
Judging by the subby's headline, I thought they actually got attacked.
-1 for subby

+1 for them not actually getting attacked.

Cute tiger, in any case.
2013-06-21 03:15:45 PM  
"The perfect service for a crazy cat lady like me!!!"

dude, it's not to late to run.
2013-06-21 03:20:31 PM  

Kyosuke: Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Wait: her name's Karma?

Well, check one more off the tiger's list.

Earl the Tiger.
/Because I learned about Karna from Earl
//Earl learned about Karma from Carson Daly.
2013-06-21 03:49:06 PM  

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Wait: her name's Karma?

I had a friend named Karma when I was growing up. Her mother was English, too. It must be a more common name over there than I'd thought.
2013-06-21 03:52:15 PM  
Dude looks more effeminate than the bride.

/Just sayin.
2013-06-21 05:03:56 PM  

Jument: As an adult, if you find a tiger in a glass enclosure scary, you really shouldn't go to the zoo.

And DEFINITELY don't go to the Johannesburg zoo...they keep the lions behind a "moat" that looks more like someone left a hose running for an hour.

I was there at mid-day, mid-week, nobody around, looked at that narrow strip of water...and starting wondering if that's how they saved money on lion food...
2013-06-21 05:08:04 PM  

Archae hippy: Dude, its your wedding day.  Buy a damn razor.

And a comb. Did this wedding take place in 1994?
2013-06-21 06:36:40 PM  
Wouldn't that be a trip if their last name was Chameleon?
2013-06-21 08:38:49 PM  
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
Something something wedding night
2013-06-21 09:23:17 PM  

StrikitRich: Did the maids of honor fling poo?

Naw, they just monkeyed around.

2013-06-22 12:23:49 AM  
The "It was scary" comment by the bride, who didn't realize until after.

How was it scary? The tiger didn't surprise you(Unlike the one here which runs at the glass) and she was behind a strong glass window.
2013-06-22 01:02:38 AM  
Terrible exposure.
2013-06-22 04:47:27 AM  

Magorn: Archae hippy: Dude, its your wedding day.  Buy a damn razor.

seriously, now that I've seen that I can't unsee it.  Even As a guy that sports a beard, that almost-beard stubble thing just screams "douchebag" to me

I find it very sexy. Keep away from the razors.

/to each their own
2013-06-22 07:14:02 AM  

eyeoftheaxis: space1999: [ image 630x430]

It looks fake to me.

Better. Much better. Over sweetened flakes at the zoo.
2013-06-22 07:59:32 AM  
Every picture is a photobomb!
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