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(The Atlantic)   American of Pakistani descent racially profiled and unjustly accused of being a terrorist... in Pakistan   ( divider line
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2013-06-21 12:03:34 PM
2013-06-21 12:06:09 PM  
Oh look, a completely predictable side effect of the war on terror.
2013-06-21 12:06:16 PM  
Man that would be scary as shiat on top of being ironic and farked up.
2013-06-21 12:07:00 PM  
Subby is apparently not familiar with how the world works
2013-06-21 12:12:43 PM  
Ha ha.
2013-06-21 12:16:16 PM  
[ Obvious ]
2013-06-21 12:35:29 PM  
2013-06-21 12:45:26 PM  
Stupid cop.  The bomb was still attached to the Reaper drone that he was spotting targets for.

/kidding, I'm pretty sure we don't use them to bomb cities in the "civilized" parts of Pakistan
2013-06-21 04:24:46 PM  

Carn: Man that would be scary as shiat on top of being ironic and farked up.

From TFA:

"Officer, I'm not a terrorist, and the proof is that I'm an Ahmadi."
I blurted it out flatly, without emotion. I paused, envisioning Hollywoodesque furies of anger erupting from the officer. I might've flinched a little.
Instead, it seemed to catch him completely off guard. "You're...a Qadiani? An American Qadiani?"
"Erm, yes, an American Ahmadi. "So you know I'm not a terrorist."
I had a point. Despite the persecution, Ahmadis have never once instigated, retaliated, advocated, or endorsed any form of terrorism. Despite his obvious prejudice against "Qadianis," he knew this. The officer remained stoic, pondering over his next move. As was my big mouth habit, I kept talking.

His proof that he's not a terrorist is that he's worse:  he's a heretic.
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