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(Uproxx)   HOO BOY, Paula Deen's reps buttering up the ole "no big deal she's racist because she's old" defense   ( divider line
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2013-06-21 04:50:59 PM  

Fano: titwrench: kimmygibblershomework: Mock26: rewind2846: Mock26: rewind2846: Mock26: Different levels of anger call for different words.

Bullsh*t. If a white man was equally angry at another white man, would he call that other white man a n****r?
Stop making excuses, it's making you look really stupid.

Stop being a brainwashed, politically correct drone.  It is making you look like a farking asshole.

Batter an asshole than scum that makes excuses for racists. I'll take that "asshole" t-shirt now, size xl thanks.

Better make sure that the people who tell you what to think tell you it is OK to be an asshole before you go spending your money.

Just ignore that douche.  Much like Drox, they are the racist one.  I did get to add them to the ignore list and suggest ya do the same.

You shouldn't ignore Drox I have him favorites with the tag "read his posts in an Uncle Remus voice" it makes him humorous. He is nothing but a low rent wanna be Louis Farrakhan (sp?) Filled with impotent rage. Even if you try to have discussion to understand his side he will just put up his little black panther fist and tell you "I don't need your white man understanding. Now go away my mama's making me lunch."

I like Drox. I especially like him the threads where people are really wearing their Klan robes, he really takes it to them.

Not really he just acts like a butt hurt Kanye West a lot of bolster and chest puffing but no real argument.
2013-06-21 04:51:46 PM  

pdee: Silverstaff: rewind2846: Silverstaff: Believe it or not, there were a lot of parts of the south were that word was still in significant use 20 years ago. The idea that a white woman in Savannah in 1993 might use that word in an emotionally charged situation like the aftermath of a bank robbery where she was held at gunpoint is NOT surprising.

Okay... so the question still stands - as I asked another poster, "If she said that word every time she was under stress, what word would she have used if the gunman was white?"

If the "under stress" excuse is the one she's going with, then why not use the same word no matter who is holding her at gunpoint?
The answer to that is the tell. There is no excuse.

Drop the goddamn politically correct bullshiat.  Guess what: not every person is perfect, and if you're going to go all holier than thou on somebody who used a racial slur 20 years ago after they had a gun pressed to their head.

I guess you've never once in your life ever said anything you'd regret, even if it was decades prior?  Not a single racial slur, not a single sexist comment, not a single homophobic joke, not a single Islamophobic or anti-Semitic remark?

She probably would have called him an asshole, or a farker or something.  Yeah, there is an excuse, people aren't perfect, and somebody saying a word doesn't instantly make them a bad person.

So yeah, it's a fine excuse: people aren't perfect, and one racial slur said in a emotionally charged incident 20 years ago is perfectly forgivable to any reasonable person.

In may states if a man walks in on his wife have sex with another man and he kills the man 'in the heat of passion' he gets off scott free for murder.  I would think having a gun to your head would get you at least 1 free use of the N-word.

Not according to some farkers!  They would have you believe that if you even think of using the word that you are a racist hellbent on lynching every single black person on the planet.
2013-06-21 05:20:13 PM  

rewind2846: TerminalEchoes: So she uttered a racial slur in the privacy of her own home and has to apologize for that? My lord.

I'm not asking that she apologize for it, because I don't know her nor was it directed at me. The point is that now there are some cockroaches in her kitchen that have been exposed to the light, and that homespun southern matron bullsh*t act, sales pitch and image she has so lovingly crafted is showing noticeable wear and tear. It was also germane to the particulars of the case she was giving the deposition for.

Never bought her stuff, don't give a sh*t. I simply dislike phonies and liars, especially racist ones.

I knew she was a phoney the minute she told people to add sugar to cornbread. Blasphemy.
2013-06-21 10:24:58 PM  

Bumblefark: rewind2846: Lorelle: I'm no fan of hers, but she's being honest.
Why do people use this phrase as if it somehow absolves the person in question of what they have done or said that was wrong?
I'm in the "don't give a sh*t" category about whether she was "honest" or not, the issue is what she said. If I run around screaming that I hate Jews or Muslims or whatever dumb sh*t I could spew from my piehole, does the fact that I'm being "honest" about how I feel negate the fact that I'm an asshole?
/seriously people

Nope. But it does at least make you an honest asshole. I'll take that over a closeted bigot, any day.


As others have noted, she was under oath to tell the truth. She could have easily lied, but didn't. If she had lied, the truth would have come out eventually, and then she would be attacked for THAT.

I see that the Food Network has now dropped her show.
2013-06-21 11:04:41 PM  
I can't believe all of the hoopla over this.  It's ridiculous.

If she said it on her program, the food network should drop her.

Her stating she said it 27 years ago should be ignored.

Should we all cancel HBO for showing Blazing Saddles?  The Comedy Channel for their roasts and comedians who use it?  Boycott Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx movies for their language in Dango Unchained?

The only time I heard that word any more is coming from a rapper, comedian, or actor - rarely white.
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