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(Some Guy)   Peeing on Bin Laden big business   ( divider line
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4768 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Nov 2001 at 8:18 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-30 08:24:32 AM  
Now we just need a target in toilet bowls so we can take a dump on him.
2001-11-30 08:32:09 AM  
Piss on that...
2001-11-30 08:36:21 AM  
Weelly? No shiat?

2001-11-30 08:44:54 AM  
They need to make a sequel to "Being John Malkovitch":

"Being Osama bin Laden"
2001-11-30 08:46:37 AM  
arrogance or ignorance?
2001-11-30 08:46:39 AM  
"company fails to inform customers picture is actually of osama pointing and laughing"
2001-11-30 09:21:21 AM  
The Afghanistan South Park episode cracked me up.
2001-11-30 09:27:36 AM  
This should've been "follow-up", as another similar story was posted weeks ago.

2001-11-30 09:35:39 AM  
Look out Osama...urine trouble now!

*runs away*
2001-11-30 09:37:00 AM  
Rtreynor - LOL
2001-11-30 09:43:01 AM  
In a related story, janitors report that customers' aim has improved greatly in restrooms where the bin Laden targets have been installed.
2001-11-30 09:59:06 AM  
Urinals have mats??? Weird.
2001-11-30 10:11:38 AM  
The other urinal mats were better... they had a target on them with the pic of bin Laden in the middle.
2001-11-30 10:44:14 AM  
Is it just me or does that guy look like Jim Baker?
2001-11-30 10:52:49 AM  
Doesn't this deserve a "Hero" tag?
2001-11-30 11:14:28 AM  
Hey Osama--piss on you! LOL ('scuse my French)

Hmmm...might make guys' aim a lot better, wouldn't you say?
2001-11-30 11:34:20 AM  
sango.....its for keeping cig butts and stuff from plugging up the works

......wondering what the service life of a urnial mat is.....hmmmm
2001-11-30 11:38:34 AM  
Say, this gives me an idea about how to deal with that cave he's holed up in in Unga Bunga or Wokka Wokka or whatever the hell it's called. We seal up all but the uppermost entrances with quick-dry concrete, then bring in dozens of tanker trucks full of urine and dump 'em down the hole. So Osama ends up either dying from the fumes or drowning in American piss. Christ, what a way to go.
2001-11-30 11:45:13 AM  
"I am a urinal mat, without me, the urinal will get plugged up with garbage, but for once in my life, Id rather be pissed off than pissed on....
2001-11-30 12:02:44 PM  
Could he sue for defamation (almost typed defecation) of character, or using his likeness without a release? Or, should I say, releasing on his likeness?
2001-11-30 12:18:58 PM  
It pisses me off that people are using the nations tragities to make money of off farking toilet mats. I sure as hell wouldn't want to wake up to Osama Bin Ladens face every morning.

..........I have anger within me towards Bin Laden but i think it's to touchy of a subject to try and make money on.

.....I Wonder if any of the families or relief workers are gonna see any of this money. I highly doubt any of these guys lost loved ones.......

.......fark no I'm missed and lunch isn't for another hour
2001-11-30 12:27:55 PM  
where do i get one????
2001-11-30 01:26:45 PM  
Relax, Tony.
2001-11-30 01:26:54 PM  
I prefer to piss on the "Say No To Drugs" mat.
2001-11-30 01:48:56 PM  
Plankton - LOL, I agree.

Maybe they'll add Nancy Reagan's face on the "Say No To Drugs" mat.
2001-11-30 01:55:08 PM  
Otaconx: Newspaper, scissors, clear contact paper...there ya go. Cheaper and more fun than buying one.
Affix (using a small, separable handle made of contact paper for hygenic isolation) to corporate urinal a few inches above the drain and fire away.
2001-11-30 02:53:26 PM  
Now what we really need is toilet paper with Osama's face printed on it. I could go for that.
2001-11-30 03:52:12 PM  
Plankton, Not Jesus

Check it out to to learn the beauty of the "say no to drugs mat"...
2001-11-30 03:52:59 PM  
f the
goddam html:
cut and paste.
2001-11-30 05:52:53 PM  
Whenever I think I've seen the absolute stupidest thing in America...
2001-11-30 05:56:25 PM  
Ha, I like the "say no to drugs" one a lot more. While dealing with Osama is a complicated issue that arouses different arguments for what we should do, the war on drugs is so obviously wrong and could so obviously be easily solved (that is, by ending it) that trivializing it isn't such a big deal.
2001-11-30 06:38:31 PM  
Damn plankton stole my post I thought I was the only one that noticed the irony of the SNTD uranal mats

2001-11-30 07:11:19 PM  
Ah, yes. There was a urinal in a certain tanker squadron HQ once that had a nice picture of Jane Fonda stuck on the bottom. For all I know it is still there. The best I ever heard about was allegedly at a B24 base in England. It had Hitler's face, hand painted on the bottom of a toilet bowl, mouth open, and "Eat shiat Adolph" embossed over his head. Hand painted, too, so someone had to dry out the bowl and protect it from interlopers until it dried properly. Wow. There's just no time for quality craftsmanship like that nowadays.
2001-11-30 07:48:06 PM  
when you click on that picture it says zoom, but all it does is put the same little picture surrounded by a lot of blue!!!
nice zoom
2001-11-30 07:56:56 PM  
hey why don't you get a model of bin ladens ass made up then you can all fark him up the ass, that would humiliate him wouldnt it and i bet he would be really upset.....morons
2001-11-30 11:25:19 PM  
I saw a much better urinal pad at this site. As an added bonus, they have bin laden TP, too! the funniest (read:grossest) parts are the product demos...ick.
2001-12-01 12:17:44 PM  
i want one because i piss every 10 minutes
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