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(KHOU Houston)   Lifeguard drowns at community pool   ( divider line
    More: Ironic, Katy Area, Fulshear Fire Department, Fort Bend County, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Dustin Kruthaupt  
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2013-06-18 04:06:42 AM  
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It doesn't sound like he "drowned", more like a pulmonary embolism.
2013-06-18 08:01:31 AM  
1 vote:

Harry Freakstorm: At the community pool nearby, the lifeguard jobs are all patronage jobs. The teens got the jobs because their parents paid for some alderman's reelection. I wouldn't expect any of them to do anything except sit in a cluster and talk, text and hit on the hot teens who can't find a private pool to lounge around.

Sucks for you. Around here all the lifeguards are hot 20 year old russians whose rich parents send them to the states during the summer months as a sort of living abroad vacation.

Maybe I'll go swimming today....
2013-06-18 07:55:40 AM  
1 vote:
I see someone has already posted about shallow water blackout.

I snorkel or skin dive or whatever you want to call it. I don't do anything spectacular, but I do sometimes dive down for a bit. There are others, especially people who spearfish, who often dive to 50 ft or more, and stay down for over a minute. On the one hand, I would like to be able to freedive like that, on the other hand, every time I read about something like this... Let's just say, shallow water blackout, samba, things like that are really bad. I fear them much, much more than I fear any sort of ocean life (and we get BIG tiger sharks out here, luckily I haven't met any personally).

One of the common problems is that the things you THINK will make you dive better and longer will instead kill you. Hyperventilation, of course, but even taking a deep breath can screw with the natural urge to breathe enough to kill you. Swim fast? Great, your heart rate went up and you now must surface.

I doubt this dude knew what he was doing. Freediving methods are not usually taught formally (partly for liability reasons, of course), and even trained swimmers often know jack squat about freediving safety. In fact, swimming and freediving are almost polar opposites. Swimming is fundamentally aerobic, while freediving is more like yoga underwater - you slow your breathing and heart rate as much as you can.
2013-06-18 07:45:08 AM  
1 vote:
Could have been much, much worse...
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2013-06-18 04:23:22 AM  
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Shallow Water Blackout sounds like it would be a great single for the next Radiohead album.
2013-06-18 04:19:13 AM  
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