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2004-01-06 05:07:29 AM
Oh baby, a naked Ana Gasteyer lookalike. I think I feel my dinner trickling up...
2004-01-06 05:52:26 AM
Can I sign up for total boobie fark? Just the boobie links? That'd be easy to do and highly felinacidal.
2004-01-06 05:55:00 AM
Nice..but Heather is still the top Oliver's girl in my book though.


Oh yeah...5 of Oliver's girls are from my hometown. Heh.
2004-01-06 05:58:19 AM
Ummmmmmmmmmmm... brunette boobies.
2004-01-06 06:00:14 AM

Ehh. She's blonde and has wierd tan lines. Of course if either of these girls showed the remotest interest....... *L*

But I figured I might be the one to start biatching about the babes.
2004-01-06 06:02:07 AM
wow i turn my head for a minute and two boobies links pop up. cool beans.
2004-01-06 06:12:12 AM
Ana Gasteyer, huh? lay off the drugs. . .
2004-01-06 06:18:50 AM
JOHNDX: I want your bookmark list.
2004-01-06 06:20:07 AM
What's the sound of one hand fapping?
2004-01-06 06:20:32 AM
Personally I'd have to go with Heidi or Veronica

Veronica NSFW
Heidi NSFW
Heather NSFW
Courtney NSFW
horseface Jessica NSFW
Crystal NSFW
Julie NSFW

There, that should save you pervs some time. All should open a new window too.
2004-01-06 06:21:07 AM
you and everyone else.... :-)

alex we shouldn't biatch about boobies, they might go away and we'll have another drought. All boobies is good boobies!
2004-01-06 06:23:38 AM
Self_made_hell: Heidi looks like she fell from the top of the ugly tree and hit ever branch on the way down.
Of course you don't have to look at the mantelpiece when you're stoking the fire...
2004-01-06 06:23:54 AM
Except for those severely deformed boobies that are like green and look like some scattered pebbles on them.

2004-01-06 06:29:38 AM
It appears as though the site has now been farked..
2004-01-06 06:39:46 AM
I'm glad I've never seen any like that......
2004-01-06 06:49:34 AM
in one pic, crystal has her mouth open for one reason.

so i can feed her some jello!
2004-01-06 06:50:49 AM
Come on, this is cute. I admit she has no boobs though, but the cootch is nice.
2004-01-06 07:19:59 AM
banging body, but-her-face
2004-01-06 07:50:12 AM
I don't think I'll ever tire of watching that free sample flick...at least not for a few years, and yes, Heather would do just nicely
2004-01-06 07:59:51 AM
Cute, but the green hardscarfe is silly. Makes her look like a charwoman.

Heather in JONHDX's link was way better.
2004-01-06 08:09:45 AM
I am Jack's lustily beating heart.
2004-01-06 08:32:56 AM
So, doctor, you told me to bring in some pictures of boobies so that you might better know the shape I'm looking for...
2004-01-06 09:42:42 AM
Oh yeah...5 of Oliver's girls are from my hometown.

You're not originally from Houston are you? Nothing like this ever comes out of that shiathole.

2004-01-06 09:48:59 AM
How little you know, 3horn.
2004-01-06 10:05:05 AM
You tell him tom !!

Nothing like this ever comes out of that shiathole.

Well, they did. So there! :-)
2004-01-06 10:08:43 AM
Feh! Houston exists only to keep the better bits of hotness runoff from the Mecca of Dallas from reaching Mexico.

Kind of like a strainer for silicone.

2004-01-06 10:21:45 AM
There must be something in your water for you to be talking all crazy like that.
2004-01-06 10:37:09 AM
Tina is agent scully.

/has a thing for GA
2004-01-06 11:03:58 AM
Fake boobies = boo
2004-01-06 11:08:53 AM
fake boobs, nice nipplage.
2004-01-06 11:36:10 AM
She kinda reminds me of Daisy Fuentes, especially with the headscarf thing going on. Daisy Fuentes is en fuego. I think this chick is en fuego as well.
2004-01-06 12:38:04 PM
Ashley Anne seems to be one of those girls that would look ten times better in person than in pictures. In fact, most of Klosov's models have that look. Pretty girls, but stay out of the modeling business. Guess that's why they are stuck doing porn.
2004-01-06 01:20:19 PM
Courtney is definitely cute but she's from 'San Deigo'. Oh so close, so close...
2004-01-06 01:56:11 PM
Veronica's totally got the whole "Sandra Bullock" look goin' on! Yummy!
2004-01-06 02:55:44 PM
Agreed. Courtney is definitive.
2004-01-06 08:43:11 PM
She looks good to me.
2004-01-06 08:55:41 PM
If I can touch 'em, they're real enough for me.
2004-01-12 04:01:51 AM
Anyone have any other pics of her!?!?
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