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(Fox Business)   Are you over 5'10''. Well, add American Airlines to the list of carriers you won't be flying   ( divider line
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2013-06-15 10:45:11 AM  
4 votes:

Eddie Adams from Torrance: I'd like to see rows of bunks instead of seats. Seems to me that on a 737, you could easily stack them 5 high. I don't need room to sit up, I don't need a crappy meal, I don't need a soda, I don't need 4 pretzels... just let me sleep for a couple of hours and wake me up when we're at the gate.

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Say, something like this?
2013-06-15 08:50:58 AM  
3 votes:

Marcus Aurelius: There are worse things than flying commercial, but none of them comes to mind just now.

flying commercial 95% of the way to your destination and then crashing.
2013-06-15 04:44:06 PM  
1 vote:
will they still let a dude with 9.5 inches of Schlong to fly?

just wondering.
2013-06-15 04:42:01 PM  
1 vote:
hey American excuse of an Airline: if i never fly again, it'll be too soon.   i love my car!
2013-06-15 04:36:55 PM  
1 vote:

Carth: Pretty much all of the American airlines are crap. They need to remove the law forbidding foreign airline from flying between US cities and let some real competition in. Force the crappy airlines we have in the US to adapt or die.

That's what we need.  Fung Wah Airlines.
2013-06-15 02:26:23 PM  
1 vote:
Ah, the airline industry.  Continually making every other possible form of transportation seem far more appealing to deal with.
2013-06-15 12:33:52 PM  
1 vote:

phaseolus: wildcardjack: Oh, and only about 3% of Americans are 6'1" and taller. We are an unprotected class, unlike gays or blacks or women. We are actively discriminated against.

Well at least the how-dare-you-keep-me-from-reclining-you-should-have-bought-a-first-cla ss-seat crowd hasn't showed up in this thread to harangue us yet, like they always do, so there's that.

I used to be in that crowd. Last flight I was on a tall person sitting behind me stopped me from reclining. I politely called the flight attendant and said my seat was broken, couldn't recline and I was concerned about its safety features if the recline function was broken. Free upgrade to first class. Win win. You don't have someone infront trying to recline I get to sit in first class. Thank you tall people!
2013-06-15 10:55:35 AM  
1 vote:

Marcus Aurelius: There are worse things than flying commercial, but none of them comes to mind just now.

You get half way across the ocean and you run out of gas. Full Size

So you have to go back and get more gas.

/we no take airplane. we no take gasoline. we take ship!
//and that's how we fly across the ocean.
2013-06-15 10:52:18 AM  
1 vote:

TheMaskedArmadillo: Staffist: TheMaskedArmadillo: Flying AA 110k+ miles a year, 1) where in the hell are they going to put more seats on their MD 80 configuration - it is nose to neck as it is, and 2) There is no room left in the overhead space and there will be more people getting on the plane with carry-ons?

Virgin America - Come to DFW and show AA how it is done!

Virgin America flies out of DFW.  I use them for frequent trips to CA, and enjoy it quite a bit.

I know - Most of my trips are to Seattle, Portland, and Toronto.  I nuderstand Virgin America only flies to LAX and SFO.  How are their prices?

Nuderstand? - I nuderstand I need another cup of coffee...
2013-06-15 08:47:05 AM  
1 vote:
There are worse things than flying commercial, but none of them comes to mind just now.
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