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(Entertainment Weekly)   EW is already trying to decide who should play Edward Snowden in the inevitable movie version   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, Elijah Wood, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Gosling, Josh Radnor, Shia Labeouf, Justin Timberlake  
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2013-06-12 07:45:15 PM  
Justin Beiber.
2013-06-12 07:55:46 PM  
Où sont les niegedens d'antan?
2013-06-12 08:10:17 PM  
I don't know what everybody's on about, his girlfriend is not "breathtakingly beautiful."  Cute, sure.
2013-06-12 08:13:17 PM  

fusillade762: Justin Beiber.

That might not be a bad choice, as Beiber is probably similarly unaware of the fact that China controls Hong Kong these days.
2013-06-12 08:14:33 PM  
James Franco. He does really well in scenes where his limbs are being sawed off by pocket knives.
2013-06-12 08:17:40 PM

It is inevitabre... inevit... inevitable!
2013-06-12 08:18:47 PM  
Anyone with a punchable face like he has will do.
2013-06-12 08:21:29 PM

Straighten Dustin Diamond's hair and you may have found your man. But to make the movie suit Diamond's style of acting, it'd need to be a comedy. Diamond could speak in his silly voice, and wear a fake mole that moves to a different part of his neck in every scene.

Mr. Belding could make a cameo appearance as a Chinese secret agent who tries to find Snowden to offer him large sums of money for his information stash.
2013-06-12 08:29:28 PM  
Sean Bean.

Or would that spoil the end of the movie?
2013-06-12 08:38:47 PM  
I read that as "Edward Scissorhands".  Caffeine is a helluva drug.
2013-06-12 09:00:29 PM  
Whatever happened to the Snowdens of yesteryear?
2013-06-12 09:16:24 PM
2013-06-12 09:32:53 PM  

Atomic Spunk: Straighten Dustin Diamond's hair and you may have found your man.

Good call.
2013-06-12 09:48:10 PM  
Crispin Glover
2013-06-12 09:53:33 PM  
Edward Snowden: Alan Tudyk
Glenn Greenwald: Rob Lowe
Limber girlfriend: Sarah Chalke
Senator Peter King: Robert DeNiro
2013-06-12 09:54:14 PM  

fusillade762: Atomic Spunk: Straighten Dustin Diamond's hair and you may have found your man.

Good call.
2013-06-12 09:55:43 PM  
Someone who told us what we already knew was happening years ago, lied on his application to get an undeserved job, and was living it up on the public dole?  The GOP is fond of b-movie actors with those sorts of credentials... who's in their ranks right now?
2013-06-12 10:15:40 PM  
Kit Harrington.

He'll meet some chick in Iceland who'll say "you know nothing, Ed Snowden". And the three farkers who haven't yet got sick of the meme will go "SQUEEEEEEEE
2013-06-12 11:11:52 PM  
Frank Stallone
2013-06-12 11:37:58 PM  
Sean Bean.

You already know why.
2013-06-13 12:03:56 AM
2013-06-13 01:26:41 AM
2013-06-13 03:28:49 AM  
I called it

2013-06-12 09:24:14 AM The important question we should be asking is who will play him in the movie next summer?
2013-06-13 07:08:08 PM  
None of those actors look like him.
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