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(Boing Boing)   Fark's favorite new slushy flavors: pizza and spaghetti   ( divider line
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1825 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2013 at 6:59 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-06-10 05:44:44 PM  
i was hung over and needed to puke, but couldn't quite puke, then i read this headline. thanks.
2013-06-10 06:22:56 PM  
Quebecois convenience store chain Couche-Tard

Sofa king wee todd ed.
2013-06-10 06:51:53 PM  
It's about time the Bloody Mary had a competitor. Mix these with some vodka, and you've got a nice hang over cure.
2013-06-10 07:03:52 PM  
Couch tard
2013-06-10 07:06:23 PM  
Douche Tard
2013-06-10 07:07:32 PM  
Another reason Montreal is the best city in the world to have a broken jaw.
2013-06-10 07:08:01 PM  
Ha, at the outdoor mall in St Pete there's a bar that sells alcoholic slurpees with names like Call A Cab and Last Thing I Remember. Nothing gross like pizza or hobo pee or anything.
2013-06-10 07:12:29 PM  
Reaches for a zantac.
2013-06-10 07:13:01 PM
2013-06-10 07:16:49 PM  
Damn y' tastes the same coming out as it did going in.
2013-06-10 07:17:02 PM  
Can't be any worse then walking into a 7/11 in Manila and seeing avocado as a slurpee flavor.
2013-06-10 07:22:06 PM  
You guys doubt but I've had both pizza and spaghetti. I can assure you that both of these things taste good. They might also taste good in slurpee form.
2013-06-10 07:29:55 PM  

picturescrazy: You guys doubt but I've had both pizza and spaghetti. I can assure you that both of these things taste good. They might also taste good in slurpee form.

I would think it would be like ice cold V8
2013-06-10 07:40:47 PM  
I've read somewhere else that these aren't flavored at all like pizza or spaghetti, but are just fruit flavors and an unrelated photo.
2013-06-10 07:42:57 PM  
I was expecting pizza and spaghetti SUSHI.

Pizza slushy is infinitely worse.
2013-06-10 07:46:30 PM  
"Couche-Tard has a history of whipping up weird variations of the popular drink, like wonton, swamp and beef. But, as far as we can tell, none actually taste like what their names suggest.
The same seems to be true with the pizzaghetti Sloche. (We're just the slightest bit disappointed.) Comments on another photo of a pizzaghetti dispenser, posted to Reddit, say that the "pizza" flavor is actually strawberry and the "ghetti" is kiwi."


sure does seem to be getting them a lot of press, though.
2013-06-10 08:34:31 PM  
This is an instance where the ad is so far away from the truth, (ad and product done as a lolz), that I'm actually going to buy one of these next time I'm at a Couche Tard.
2013-06-10 09:35:36 PM  
2013-06-10 09:37:18 PM  
Ask for your "septua cen tenial" cupcake in a ... cup!
2013-06-10 09:41:57 PM  
Just say "oregano," kids!
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