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(The Register)   Court orders the Kazaa/Morpheus network to be shut down within 2 weeks   ( divider line
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7944 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2001 at 8:14 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-29 08:16:01 PM  
fark that.

Seriously. I love Morpheus.

Tonight is download porn night now. heh.
2001-11-29 08:17:58 PM  
so are they really going to listen to a DUTCH court?

Morpheus hasn't seemed to have made any comment about this yet....
2001-11-29 08:18:19 PM  
They can have my mp3's when they pry them from my cold dead harddrive.

Try xoloft, the man hasn't caught on yet.
2001-11-29 08:19:58 PM  
Kazaa installs spyware anyway. Try Gnotella.
2001-11-29 08:20:08 PM  
Doesn't matter, 2 more will appear for every one shut down
2001-11-29 08:21:00 PM  
That farking sucks. time to morph to winMX
2001-11-29 08:21:10 PM  
why are the courts even bothering anymore? for every program they shut down, several more spring up. the idea of file sharing will not go away - It is here to stay.
2001-11-29 08:22:34 PM  
farking farkers i hope the eat shiat and die, so i can cut them open and fark there dead bodies. im sick of "the man"
2001-11-29 08:23:21 PM  
Big Deal, the last time I checked ( 3 months ago ) there where more then 30 mp3 download sites. One of them is in India. Good luck to all trying to stop this. Seems a little late. The barn door is open.
2001-11-29 08:25:48 PM  
/cry (/me cries for ircers)
2001-11-29 08:26:08 PM  

A lot of GOOD smaller bands out there can barely afford to keep making their music with the current level of records sales. Downloading their music without buying it only f.ucks your favorite indy bands right in the ass. Support the indy music scene and BUY their albums.

Download all the Metallica you want.
2001-11-29 08:26:15 PM  
This means I'm gona have to.... just use WinMX! Yes that's correct WinMX yet another free peer to peer file swap program.
2001-11-29 08:27:08 PM  
WinMX will still be viable? It rocks.
2001-11-29 08:28:19 PM  
winmx is better since its peer to peer instead of a centralized network
but still...waaaaa

hey it didn't specifically say musiccity had to shut down...just that the code was used by morpheus
2001-11-29 08:28:23 PM  
since morpheus and kazaa are peer-to peer, how can a court legally shut them down? excuse me for being stupid.
2001-11-29 08:29:39 PM  
Yes, it is quite
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that people won't be able to steal any more. Hopefully, the courts won't shut down embezzlers and pickpockets.
2001-11-29 08:30:24 PM  
Morpheus went to a centralized server system a few weeks ago if I am not mistaken, but I could be. I may have read that on slashdot or somewhere.
2001-11-29 08:30:36 PM  
Another thing, MusicCity which runs or made Morpheus or whatever was around since the days of Napser. If you got "Napigator" when Napster was around you could just connect to MusicCity servers. What's stopping MusicCity from starting up yet ANOTHER service or just moving to some other program this time around.
2001-11-29 08:30:40 PM  
It's not a matter of legally shutting them down. They can legally do anything. Legally shutting down a true P2P network is kindof like making oral sex illegal. It's a law, but it's completely unenforcable.
2001-11-29 08:31:09 PM  
The IFPI's interest in pursuing KaZaA and co. was revealed when a Recording Industry Ass. of America internal memo was leaked to Web site Dotcom Scoop. Not long after the leaked memo was published, the RIAA and the Motion Picture Ass. of America sued KaZaA and co.

I just love the way they refer to them as the "x x ASS of America." Quite fitting.
2001-11-29 08:31:39 PM  
they all use the same centralized server so if kazaa shuts down they all go with
2001-11-29 08:32:01 PM  
morpheus switched to a more centralized server though

plus they changed protocals so that you couldn't connect to their network using something like napigator...well at least you couldn't connect to their network with winmx
2001-11-29 08:35:35 PM  
Damn, and I loved Morpheus too. Oh well, lets move on to the next program.
2001-11-29 08:37:24 PM  

2001-11-29 08:38:46 PM  
I havent heard any option for music as being the real next thing. Napster, then AudioGalaxy, then Morpheus. Whats the real next music option?
2001-11-29 08:42:19 PM  
Dammit. I love Kazaa. I know how to USE Kazaa. Kazaa does not freeze my computer. Don't take my Kazaa.....
2001-11-29 08:44:28 PM  
And now for something completely different.

Is that from some TV show or something? I'm not sure...
2001-11-29 08:45:33 PM  
So Kazaa Goes down who cares. Theres more MP3's where they came from. Teh day they shut down file sharring is the day the terrorists win.
2001-11-29 08:46:28 PM  
er? Dutch?

I don't believe that Dutch court cases take precedent anywhere other than the Netherlands... otherwise Weed would be legal everywhere.

Does anybody live in the Netherlands? Would you care to sign a petition to impeach whatever judge ruled this?

I know that if this actually affects the United States, I will be starting some petitions. They probably won't be heard, but hey thats corrupt facist oppression for you.
2001-11-29 08:46:54 PM  
Other options:
- Gnutella
- WinMX
- Aimster

I expect an influx of Gnutella users, as it's the most heard of.

But still... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-11-29 08:47:05 PM  
Just now that I was almost done downloading Harry Potter's movie, wait, that is not harry potter, he looks a lot like ron jeremy...
2001-11-29 08:47:07 PM  
"Yes, it is quite sad that people won't be able to steal any more. Hopefully, the courts won't shut down embezzlers and pickpockets."

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The music companies could sell legal MP3s at a reasonable price, and people would buy them. They almost caught on to this idea, but they're putting them in a format that most portable MP3 players can't read.

File sharing is the RIAA's own hellish game of whack-a-mole.

And your indie artists would make more money if you attended their concerts and bought souvenirs or tipped heavily at the bars they play in.
2001-11-29 08:51:45 PM  
Bon to AntiNorm's comment. Also, I'll put in my vote for Bear Share , a GNUtella-based network.
2001-11-29 08:52:16 PM  
SON OF A biatch!!! It's not the stealing I'll miss. It's... the community... ::wipes away a tear::
2001-11-29 08:53:07 PM  
fark this shiat!!!
I use Morpheus to Download episodes of Enterprise and The Tick, which I never get to see because my work schedule sucks and I have a crappy VCR.
2001-11-29 08:53:31 PM  
I hate the RIAA. They've made an enemy of me. Before, I would have considered a purchase program. I'll only buy albums from independant artist where I know my money is going to help them make a living. I'm not going to pay another dime to some clueless suit in a courtroom. That's where the stealing is going on.

Show me a place where I can put the money directly into the artists pockets, and I'll be happy to pay. Otherwise, I'll continue to increase my music archive through digital means.
2001-11-29 08:55:12 PM  
who cares, Direct Connect owns them all
2001-11-29 08:56:08 PM  
this always happens to me, it was the same thing with napster. i download it and a month later, it's shut down. arrrggghhh!!!! this sucks.
2001-11-29 08:56:50 PM  
Lopezlanda... I think that was "Hairy Pooter"...

Oh... and BTW... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
2001-11-29 08:57:24 PM  
I agree with Agent Orange.

There will either be a way in which I can directly pay the artists, or I will not pay for music ever again.

This is not an idle threat, because it is a thousand times easier to download music than to go out and uy it. No more RIAA-related purchasing for me.
2001-11-29 09:00:39 PM  
I would like to now point out that P2P file sharing is legal. It always has been, in the non-internet world it might be likened to sharing a cup of sugar.

Second by the word of the DMCA a service provider cannot be held liable for the content that its network transmits.

Third it is legal by what is refered to as fair use policy for the owner of a copy of IP media that he has bought to make a copy of that media for his own use.

And lastly if the RIAA would stop pumping out and endless flow of complete and utter over priced shiat then there might not be such a problem with music file trading.
2001-11-29 09:03:32 PM  
a short prayer.

dear jesus christ in heaven, please bring cancer to everyone involved in shutting down Napster AND the Kazaa networks. Let the cancer riddle their bones to such an extent that they eventually resemble rice crispies. Let it penetrate their livers and grow large and bloody in their lungs and brains. Let them become yellow with jaundice and experience unending pruritis. Let their doctors (who are likely former users of Napster/morpheus) recognize their foul treachery and provide them with NO pain medication, no relief, no comfort. Let them choke on their own vile bodily fluids. Let them die slowly and painfully. Alone.

In His name we pray,

2001-11-29 09:04:03 PM  
Y. Dload: Monty Python

Copywrighted File Sharing is illegal Kwdidion...

So, how about some enforcement. Kazaa does down, even if Music City goes down, you have 10000 others, unless you plan harsh restriction of the internet.. which doesn't seem like it is going to happen. Anyhow, most CD money goes to record companies, usually the best money is made on tours, or why would they do them?

I could always be wrong.

If I was going to shut down Kazaa and Music City, it would be for the child porn, not the trade of copywright material...

seems that offense is a bit worse..
2001-11-29 09:04:08 PM  
wow the holy rollers were right, prayer DOES make me feel better.
2001-11-29 09:05:05 PM  
I think i speak for all farkers when i give the courts a finger salute to the idea of closing down Morpheous ...

2001-11-29 09:05:33 PM  
2001-11-29 09:07:14 PM  
Hehe, whats cool is that even though the RIAA did not do this, it will still be getting all the shiat for it.
2001-11-29 09:08:47 PM  
yeah fark the RIAA... no more music purchases for me except by indy artists. Like Android Lust, VNV Nation, and others like them.

Boycott the RIAA!!!
2001-11-29 09:10:48 PM  
Morheus and KaZaa are really good for downloading DivX because it searches for other sources if the current one dies (Set it and forget it) ... sometimes takes forever on WinMX and Gnotella etc.... But they are decent for MP3's.
2001-11-29 09:13:10 PM  
"...Recording Industry Ass. of America ...

That was worth the whole article. I'm gonna (ass)ume they intentionally left off the "oc" in the abbreviation for "Association".
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