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(Honolulu Advertiser)   $1.99 wine has the rest of the wine industry sucking sour grapes   ( divider line
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2004-01-04 09:39:49 AM  
No biggie. I'm allergic to alcohol, so it's never been a concern.
2004-01-04 11:11:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Here's to Two-Buck Chuck.
2004-01-04 11:14:54 AM  
Gimmee a dolla! Make that two dolla!
2004-01-04 11:20:41 AM  
Now I know why the paperboy in Better Off Dead was so hard up for his two dollars.
2004-01-04 11:30:56 AM  
2-Buck-Chuck tasted like crap. The chardonnay was watery and really tasted like alcohol, the cabernet was good for cooking but not much else.

It's all about the hype, people. It's selling by the caseloads. Next thing these people know, they'll have an ass-load of cooking wine once they figure it out.
2004-01-04 11:44:19 AM  

Thanks for the review ThrowsLikeAGirl. I was interested in trying it, but it's not ever going to make its way to Arkansas, just like everything else.

/moving soon
2004-01-04 11:55:27 AM  
I think this stuff is called 2-Buck-UpChuck by it's critics.
2004-01-04 03:11:57 PM  
But is it as good as ice wine?
2004-01-04 03:12:55 PM  
it's actually $2.99 most places but California, and (I get my favorite rant in here) of course, this farking state doesn't allow liquor/wine sales outside of state-run stores (nor beer outside of ridiculously-concocted situations: distributors for more than a case-full but no less, bars for no more than one six pack at a time, nothing in between or cheaper).

it's SO NICE when I travel ANYWHERE and see beer/wine/liquor on the shelves in normal stores, it makes me feel at home again.

/not a drunk though
2004-01-04 03:14:20 PM  
Q: How can you sell wine at a price point so low that Trader Joe's can offer it for $1.99 in California?

A: our wine sux ass
2004-01-04 03:15:06 PM  
comparing this stuff to a proper ice wine like, say, Black Noble.. man. for the engineers, mathematically-inclined, and high school juniors:

2 Buck Chuck:Ice Wine::Water:Ice Molasses
2004-01-04 03:16:46 PM  
All the whinos are drinking the good shiat?

Boone's Farm forever!
2004-01-04 03:17:08 PM  
Q: What's your company's annual revenue?

A: more than you make
2004-01-04 03:17:27 PM  
Who cares about taste? It's a bottle of wine for TWO DOLLARS! Mmmmmmm, cheap wine.
2004-01-04 03:18:23 PM  
cheaper than water, it is.
2004-01-04 03:18:58 PM  
Q: Industry lore says you are buying up tanks of high-brow wine on the bulk market and using that for the Shaw label. Or is it most of your own fruit and then you use bulk wine for blending? What's the truth?

A:Our wine is mostly lighter fluid
2004-01-04 03:19:48 PM  
2 buck chuck is fine. There's a place for decent cheap wine in this world. Folks who can't appreciate a bottle of Lancer's at a summer picnic have no soul.
2004-01-04 03:21:42 PM  
Almost as cheap as Boones Farm. That stuff is nasty.

/Australian wine fan
2004-01-04 03:22:04 PM  
in defense of the two dollar wine, when you think about it, there really isnt much difference between a 7 dollar bottle of wine and a 2 dollar bottle of wine (taste wise)... so unless your serious about having a good bottle and plop down 25$ or more, why not just admit your drinking crap and go for the 2 $ stuff?
2004-01-04 03:22:50 PM  
Wal-Mart called and they want their marketing strategy back.
2004-01-04 03:23:24 PM  
A review of two buck chuck.
2004-01-04 03:24:58 PM  
15 years ago, I was drinking the cheap local wine in easter Washington state. This was $4.00/bottle Columbia Crest, Arbor Crest or, when I wanted to impress a girl, $6.00 a bottle Chatteau St. Michelle (Oooh! It's in French. I'll sleep with you (And they did, sometimes in threes!)). This stuff was on the shelf at the Safeway or Skaggs and was great with Senior Froggy Tex-Mex.

Several years later, after getting out of the service and heading back to the land of the loopy (Florida), I find this stuff is going for $12-$20/bottle. Go figure. Same thing with the cheap beer we used to drink up in Michigan; J. W. Dundee's Honey Ale. Down here, it's a premium beer. Florida sucks. Can't wait to find a job out west and blow this taco stand.
2004-01-04 03:26:10 PM  
What a stupid story -- I mean, there's cheap shiat everywhere! American union employees lose jobs because union-made products are too expensive. American IT people lose jobs because the idiots in the third world are willing to work for peanuts. Mom and Pop stores are run out of business by Wal-Mart & Home Depot. Why would the wine industry expect to be exempt from this?
2004-01-04 03:28:15 PM  
and anyone who has ever toured the $15-$25/bottle vineyards; you know _exactly_ why you're paying the extra money over 2 buck chuck - there's no multi-million dollar showoff mansion on his property (except the one he is living in).
2004-01-04 03:30:18 PM  
gilmoure - same thing in New England. Rolling Rock is considered PREMIUM beer

in PA, when we couldn't afford beer, we'd buy rolling rock
2004-01-04 03:36:12 PM  
Box wine? Seriously, there have table wines in europe selling for this much for years. Of course, the ones that come from France are cut with anti-freeze and piss. That's what you expect from the French though.
2004-01-04 03:37:44 PM  
Why was an article about California wine in the Honolulu advertiser?
2004-01-04 03:39:02 PM  
/Just kidding,for Thera:

"Australian Table Wines:"This is not a wine for drinking...This is a wine for laying down and avoiding."

/monty python
2004-01-04 03:40:53 PM  
Mass-produced, cheap, running more expensive stuff out of business because no one cares about all the talk about "quality" or "craftsmanship",

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce
2004-01-04 03:41:52 PM  
...uh, I introduce my non-working html skills. Oh well. Wasn't that funny.

2004-01-04 03:42:20 PM  
The French have a word for this. Vin Ordinaire, plain, ordainary, unpretentious utility-grade wine for everyday use.

The wine snobs have a name for it too. favorited!!
2004-01-04 03:44:15 PM  
Free enterprise.
2004-01-04 03:46:02 PM  
Franzia always has, and always will make the shiattiest wine. It comes in a bag fer chrissakes people.!!

Or in a box I really should say
2004-01-04 03:48:00 PM  
I picked up a case of their Merlot a year ago. Not great stuff, but a lot better than some I paid premium prices for.

Of course, if you want good US wine at a good price, look for stuff from the Columbia Valley - Washington state wines are all premium grade and higher. No cheap crap made here.
2004-01-04 03:48:24 PM  
The merlot and cab sauv have actually become staples in our house as a table wine (although our local Trader Joe's calls it Four-Buck-Chuck). Yes, it's unremarkable, yes, it's "fresh", but it is also unoffensive and it's easy to justify wine with dinner everynight (for um, you know, health purposes...). As long as you don't go into it expecting a complex "great" wine, it's not disappointing. I would definitely not serve it for a dinner party, but for everyday there's really nothing wrong with it.
2004-01-04 03:49:07 PM  
I have to agree with KCM, Pennsylvania liquor laws and state stores suck big time. Most stores don't open on Sundays, regular hours suck, and there are far too few stores to be convenient. At least at home I could drive 20 minutes to Jersey and give my business to a real store, rather my greedy state government.

As for the topic at hand, the quality seriously can't be that great. I remember buying wine in Rome that was seriously worth less than the bottle opener, and for good reason. The taste just cannot be that great.
2004-01-04 03:50:40 PM  
Possibly, the bad word about 2buckchuck comes from drinkers of ice wine?
Ice Wine drinkers are quite a different breed than say red wine connoisseurs?

i personally can't stand ice wine and a majority of whites

for me, there are wine drinkers......and there are ice wine drinkers
2004-01-04 03:50:59 PM what?

Boone's has been $1.99 for a long time. And easily twice a month you can find it on sale for $.99 at HEB. Hell, I've seen MD2020 for $1.99 before.

Poster obviously has never been a college student.

2004-01-04 03:52:33 PM  

i agree completely
2004-01-04 03:53:52 PM  
I've never had this stuff, but I don't see why a decent wine couldn't be sold for a couple bucks. A guy I know who lives in Italy told me that it costs about $2.50 there for wine that is the equivalent of a $20 or $25 bottle here. With more and more wine being produced in the States, I don't see why it isn't possible.
2004-01-04 03:56:09 PM  
It's completely true about wine in Italy; little cafes in Italy will pour wine from the barrel and cork a bottle for you for 2 dollars.....i'd take a bottle like that over many of the $30 bottles i've tried
2004-01-04 03:57:06 PM
2004-01-04 03:57:11 PM  
Q: How can you sell wine at a price point so low that Trader Joe's can offer it for $1.99 in California?

A: Our vineyards are so efficient.

Bronco controls 30,000 acres of California vineyards.

We have vineyards where you drive three miles before you have to turn the tractor around. Do you know how much money I save on rubber by turning the tractor less and not using up tires compared to the average farmer who is turning his tractor every quarter mile?

Being a little coy here? I know tractor tires are expensive but...
2004-01-04 03:57:17 PM  
It's the same price as Night Train, and sounds like you can actually drink it. Hmmmm. Interesting.
2004-01-04 04:00:03 PM  
2004-01-04 03:56:09 PM TheAncientDoctor

Yeah, but you would be shot if you tried to pull off this crap in Italy
2004-01-04 04:01:04 PM  
Spent several weeks in Spain last spring - wine is cheaper than water, and the worst we ever were served was quite good. But then, Spain is about the largest producer of wine in the world - and they drink nearly all of it themselves.

Forget French wine, half of it seems to be overpriced Koolaid cut with vinegar and grain alcohol.
2004-01-04 04:02:37 PM  

what crap?

not sure i followed you on that one...?
2004-01-04 04:02:52 PM  
For the record, nothing and I mean NOTHING goes beter in a beef stew than some Two-Buck Chuck Cabernet Sav. Try it sometime.
2004-01-04 04:06:48 PM  
I hate it when companies sell things for what they are worth. This goes against the basic rules of Corporatism!
2004-01-04 04:07:15 PM  
Is it just me, or did someone else notice this.

Here on the western edge of the Sierra foothills, underneath the soaring cooling towers of the defunct Rancho Seco nuclear power plant, 5,000 acres of rock-strewn vineyards mark the birthplace of Fred Franzia's Two-Buck Chuck.

I don't care how cheap it is, something that's made close to a defunct plant is just scary. Bet Blinky works for him.
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