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(   Teen survives 1,500-foot drop on snowmobile after wrong turn   ( divider line
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13456 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2004 at 1:52 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-03 11:29:15 AM  
Last words during the drop: YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWW....

Nice area up there, know...when there aren't people driving off bluffs and the like.

I do take issue with the "light" clothing the kid was wearing. Its freaking BC... in the wintertime... "light" should never be an option.
2004-01-03 01:58:32 PM  
2004-01-03 01:59:17 PM  
2004-01-03 01:59:24 PM  
"It caught him by surprise and he couldn't turn around."

Thank you, captain obvious.
2004-01-03 01:59:28 PM  
wylie Coyote unavalible for comment
2004-01-03 02:00:56 PM  
What, no hero tag?

2004-01-03 02:01:28 PM  
Death will be coming for him soon

/Final Destination
2004-01-03 02:02:20 PM  
It must be cool being made of rubber.
2004-01-03 02:02:56 PM  
should have worn his seatbelt
2004-01-03 02:04:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Am I the only one who noticed this?
2004-01-03 02:05:22 PM  
"I am going to save you, but this is next year's christmas and your birthday combined. Ok?"
2004-01-03 02:06:12 PM  
I blame it on Grand Theft Auto 3!
2004-01-03 02:06:26 PM  
Just tell your father you were busy getting stoned, he'll understand.

Responsibility - your anti-drug.
2004-01-03 02:07:24 PM  
This should have an Ironic tag!!!
2004-01-03 02:08:43 PM  
"Hey thanks spiderman!"

"Everybody gets one."
2004-01-03 02:08:44 PM  
2004-01-03 02:09:52 PM  
This kid was lucky his father was a physician and able to set his broken leg. My father is a retired professor of nuclear engineering. He wouldn't have been able to set my leg but he could have kept me warm by building a small fission reactor out of melted snow and some sticks, I think.
2004-01-03 02:11:43 PM  
Eowyn: Lord Aragorn, where is he?
Gimli: He fell
2004-01-03 02:12:04 PM  
I wanna know if they retrieved the snowmobile? Also, knowing that it's difficult terrain, why would they have the dad and the others climb back out of the cliff? Wouldn't that make for the potential life threatening fall to happen again?

So many questions....
2004-01-03 02:14:44 PM  
"So many questions...."

I think the father was James Bond

/explains everything
2004-01-03 02:16:33 PM  
Next up, Niagra Falls on a Jetski.
2004-01-03 02:21:40 PM  

Naw, I'd be saying "SITTING BULLLLLLLLLL!"
2004-01-03 02:22:35 PM  
This kid's dad must have made love to a cat. 8 left son.
2004-01-03 02:28:30 PM  
there was a heliocopter wasn't there? why'd the dad have to climb back up? couldn't he and the other guys just hitch a ride back up to the top of the cliff? The kid fell 30 hours before so it's not like they were in a super-rush anyway.
2004-01-03 02:29:26 PM  
Yeah, this kid was really lucky since his dad specializes in BROKEN BONES. I want this kid around when I buy my next lottery ticket (As long as he doesn't drive me there).
2004-01-03 02:38:47 PM  
"The 16-year-old son of a Stillwater orthopedist was pulled to safety with a rope dangling from a helicopter Friday morning after driving his snowmobile off a 1,500-foot bluff in western Canada, breaking his leg and spending a long night in temperatures hovering around zero."

Holy Moly Grammar Cop! It's the run-on from hell!!! geeeeeeeeeeeeesh
2004-01-03 02:40:24 PM  
Yes but the true tragedy is that the
HOT COCOA SAMPLER BOX in the snowmobile has not been recovered

/back to the basement
2004-01-03 02:52:30 PM  
And this is why Canadians one-on-one will kick your everloving ass. We're tough, even as kids :)
2004-01-03 02:57:25 PM  
It's fairly easy to survive a fall at terminal velocity into a big pile of snow. Didn't a flight attendent once fall out of a plane over Siberia and survive?
2004-01-03 03:00:55 PM  
Yep, TRS News,
She fell over 30,000 feet into a snowdrift.
Apparently, never spilled a drop of the vodka she was serving.
2004-01-03 03:07:11 PM  
I fell out of bed once. ouch.
2004-01-03 03:10:06 PM  
Reading the article, it sounded like his Dad is MacGuyver. "He climbed down to his son; set the boy's leg and built a fire to keep his son warm; hunted, killed, dressed, and cooked a deer for dinner; constructed an emergency beacon from the remains of the snowmobile; made an improvised radio transmitter from a back of chewing gum and a Bic lighter; saved the whales; defeated communism; and cured cancer."

My Dad would have shrugged his shoulders and gone off to catch the next bowl-game on television.
2004-01-03 03:18:02 PM  
Didn't a flight attendent once fall out of a plane over Siberia and survive?

Not exactly:​i​al/vesna .htm
2004-01-03 03:19:59 PM  
And this is why Canadians one-on-one will kick your everloving ass. We're tough, even as kids :)

We Alaskans laugh at you Canadians, tough, lol.
2004-01-03 03:24:04 PM  
Meh. Headline writer owes me a refund. We "fall" off of 1,500 foot bluffs all the time and call it "downhill" skiing/snowboarding. Since it seems like dozens of people were climbing up and down it repeatedly (for the exercise, I guess, since there was a perfectly good helicopter available) it couldn't have been that steep. They didn't even trigger any avalanches, which is almost a legal requirement when entering the backcountry around Revelstoke these days.

Call me when someone snowmobiles off of a 1,500 foot cliff and survives.

The picture of the guy dressed up as a bright green troll almost makes up for the lack of death-defying cliff dives however.
2004-01-03 03:27:14 PM  
Katalyst: my hometown paper ran this story but said he only fell 475 ft.

Probably a typo where they got a metric distance and assumed it was in feet. 475 meters = 1558 feet
2004-01-03 03:34:28 PM  

Thanx, d00d. Gosh, I love FARK, you learn something new and completely useless each day! :)
2004-01-03 03:52:33 PM  
I think they made this story up: it sounds like a bluff to me.

2004-01-03 03:58:17 PM  
That young man deserves a Mountain Dew can...launched at his head at half the speed of sound. TO THE EXTREME!

He totally gleamed the cube.
2004-01-03 03:59:35 PM  
For those that are curious, thats about 6.5 seconds spent screaming at a high rate of speed.

What would you think about or say for 6.5 seconds?
2004-01-03 04:07:27 PM  
2004-01-03 04:08:18 PM  
2004-01-03 04:21:11 PM  
"Darwin unpacks bags and goes back to sleep."
2004-01-03 04:40:42 PM  
I guess snow is really good at absorbing energy from a fall, or he really didnt fall, just slid down a steep hill...
2004-01-03 04:49:21 PM  

I could only wish to go so gracefully. I'd imagine I'd be yelling something more like "AAAAAAAAGH! SHEEEEITSHEEITSHEEITSHEEITSHEEIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GADAMNITAAAAH!" while flailing my arms and wetting myself... :)
2004-01-03 05:12:32 PM  
Friends of mine were snowmobiling when the leader went off of river bank that eveyone but him remembered was there. They said it was pretty funny to see his brake light come on in mid-air.
2004-01-03 05:15:30 PM  
He's lucky he wasn't in Alberta.

I'd take a 1, 500 foot fall over a stay for longer than 10 minutes crippled outside with the temperatures we've had lately. It's -45 degrees celsius not counting wind chill. I guess B.C. is getting off easier, but I thought they were having a bad winter too. Pretty lucky the cold didn't do him in.

/couldn't read article.farked?
2004-01-03 05:18:03 PM  
I hope he has AFLAC.
2004-01-03 05:18:33 PM  
Ah, there we go.

Revelstoke is a sleepy little backwater, which probably explains the response time. If the kid's dad farked a cat, he used up more than one of his lives on this little endeavour. Beat pretty much every bad odd there could have been.
2004-01-03 05:20:13 PM  
Even more shocking is the fact Revelstoke has a hospital.
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