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(Wimp)   Believe it or not, there are actually a bunch of people playing instruments in this video   ( ) divider line
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9200 clicks; posted to Video » on 27 May 2013 at 12:32 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-05-27 11:09:12 PM  

Krieghund: Music isn't bad, and the chick is do-able if you have a couple of paper bags handy.

I'd go with a condom, but whatever works for you man.
2013-05-27 11:09:49 PM  
No Russian rock n roll thread is complete without
2013-05-28 12:14:07 AM  

Snapper Carr: That put a smile on my face which I'm desperately in need of today. Girl was pretty too.

Is it just me or do Russian women follow the same attractiveness trajectory as Japanese women?

[ image 500x437]

I'd phuq 'em when they's old. I just base the old women on their pics when they were young. It's the same snatch.
2013-05-28 01:11:57 AM  
My favorite Russian rock band is Belorussian. Whole lotta WTF chocolate chip asteroid cookie video but cool song:
2013-05-28 02:37:43 AM  
lol, I'd have no problem bouncing her on my knee for the next 30 years:

You've got to see her ass...
2013-05-28 04:39:45 AM  

Jekylman: My favorite Russian rock band is Belorussian. Whole lotta WTF chocolate chip asteroid cookie video but cool song:

I thought that "chocolate chip asteroid cookie" stuff was hyperbolic, sort of surreal "purple monkey dishwasher" stuff, but no, you were serious!

/ You left out the dragons
2013-05-28 04:43:14 AM  
It's not horrible, but it ain't great. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like the hook is muddled or something. And the bim is unnecessary. I bet half the guys in the band hate her f*cking guts.
2013-05-28 04:59:54 AM  

Ellimem: crypticsatellite: Reminiscent of Gogol Bordello...

That was the same thought I had. This is some Russian-ass Gypsy rocksteady.

There is a notable lack of chaos for that comparison to make any sense.
2013-05-28 05:23:36 AM
2013-05-28 07:37:36 AM  

FrancoFile: SockMonkeyHolocaust: dletter: This is Russian Ska music I take it?

Leningrad calls themselves ska but what Westerners consider the "ska" beat and horns are fairly common in Eastern European folk music.

I could never get used to the gravelly vocal style of Russian folk/pop when I lived there.  I can't understand how those guys can sing more than 3 songs in a row without going hoarse.

/even after they smoke 3 packs a day
//for 20 years
2013-05-28 10:58:30 AM  
i looked and looked but no vodka.......
2013-05-28 05:44:11 PM  
That was good but she needs to play an instrument of some kind, like her triangle.

/i'd play her triangle
2013-05-28 06:11:32 PM  
I am the Machine!!!
2013-05-28 09:46:08 PM  
The youtube version has a link to download the mp3
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