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(The Courier UK)   If you stole a bottle of cypermethrin in Scotland, police would like you to know it doesn't contain meth, even though its name does. And oh, by the way, you really, really shouldn't ingest it   ( divider line
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2013-05-27 01:18:51 PM  

Shadow Blasko: Likewise, if you took that bottle of oxytocin from the farm supply shop, go ahead and take it. Its just like oxycotin. I promise.

/And i hope you're not female.

Oh do tell.

AverageAmericanGuy: /special thanks to the beariot from whom I stole the comment in its entirety.

Yup I didn't figure you were that dull, I had to go straight to the comments section from TFA to be sure two hours really had passed :). Stay highlighted, awesome poster.
2013-05-27 03:07:16 PM  

KawaiiNot: Cypermethrin?

Is that the new Doctor Who Villian?

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.
2013-05-27 03:18:35 PM  

LoneWolf343: Forest ranger?

one day hopefully... i worked in their warehouse putting fire gear packages together and now im back to my first employment love... Fire Lookout Observer. I am farking from a helicopter access only site somewhere in the wild north of alberta and getting paid... F'yeah.

Being the ecentric crazy bastard i am schooling for forest ranging and officcering is taking a bit, but whatever -- i'm young and the ranger job would just be something to make money so i dont starve while farming.

\sorry if its a brag post... i love my job and i dont actually talk to people face to face but once a month...
2013-05-27 04:12:18 PM  

LoneWolf343: mikefinch: Pribar: I had some Potassium permanganate stolen a couple months ago. My journeyman was unpacking and storing a UPS delivery and didn't know what it was (used to age bone so you can match saddles, tuner buttons, nuts etc on vintage instruments) so she left it on the counter for me to take care of once I got done serving a customer. while I was busy writing up a estimate for the guys guitar a teenager that I had assumed belonged to the customer (since they had walked in nearly at the same time) grabbed the bag of KMnO4 and booked with it, the customer was as shocked as I and had no idea who the kid was. I called the cops and did a FYI report with em but have not heard anything more about it. I have no idea why he grabbed the crap as it is a bluish purple powder that looks like someone fished it out of the depths of Chernobyl I can not imagine anyone trying to snort or shoot it and if they did they will find out what a strong oxidizing agent can do to you.

/my shop is generally not open to the public, the only customers I normally allow in are referrals, customer pick ups or friends

If you mix it with antifreeze it starts on fire...

At work we have boxes and boxes of ping pong balls half filled with KmNO4 and a special gun that injects them with glycol and fires them out like a potato cannon. There are handheld versions and a big one that hangs underneath a helicopter. Super cool to watch in action.

Molten ping pong balls ftw. On boring days when visitors would come by i would show them how the chemical reaction works with a needle of antifreeze and a few ping pong balls of the stuff. It lights up freaking HOT.

Forest ranger?

...or his work just takes sponsorship of a paintball team  very seriously...
2013-05-27 06:41:47 PM  

art_shamsky: What about f f-pensioner-repeatedly-inserted-hand-in-horse-s-bottom-1.95970 , linked to the side of TFA?

Finally, the owners of the horse were contacted and when they confronted Nicoll about his behaviour, he replied: "I live at home by myself and I'm very lonely".

Defence agent Alison Mackay revealed her client had learning difficulties and said he was seen as "fairly odd" within the Crieff community.

No kidding. Apparently the horses parents failed and did not teach it how to kick. We are not talking helicopter horse parents here.

/wish my horse never learned that
//it hurt but I survived
///sort of
2013-05-27 06:47:12 PM  

Fritriac: One word: Enema

/not sure how the result would look like

Tub girl?
2013-05-27 09:36:03 PM  

saturn badger: Fritriac: One word: Enema

/not sure how the result would look like

Tub girl?

A girl in a tub?  I see no problem with that.
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