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(Wisconsin State Journal)   Meanwhile, in Wisconsin: Thong Cape Scooter Man   ( divider line
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2013-05-25 05:33:49 AM  
Im just glad it was a guy on a moped and not a guy on a hoverround.
2013-05-25 09:10:49 AM  

strathmeyer: Remember back in the good ole days when police would know you were breaking the law before hassling you? Now shoot first questions later is policy.

Yep. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" - unless you're a cop. Then it's completely ok to harass and detain citizens that have done no wrong, and the worst that will happen to you is a paid vacation!

Anyway, my oldest daughter goes to the school mentioned in TFA, but I wasn't one of the "concerned parents".
2013-05-25 11:05:10 AM  

Torqueknot: Mikey1969: Police were called on May 16 by staff at John F. Kennedy Elementary School after the man police call "Thong Cape Scooter Man "rode by when students were walking to a bus after school.

He didn't do anything more than ride by, according to a Madison police news release. "But parents who were there said to school staff, 'Aren't you going to handle this?,'" said police spokesman Joel DeSpain in the release.

I get a tear in my eye every time I se a story with a bunch of uppity assholes involved that DON'T live in Utah. It's nice to know that ALL of the freaks don't live here. Seriously though, fark you people. What did kids see? The side of his leg? He didn't get off of his scooter and prowl the halls of the school, he rode by, sitting down. Nobody got a peak at the twigs and berries.

"He said he exercised poor judgment by going by the school at that time of day, it was unintentional and he just happened to be traveling through the area," DeSpain said.

NO, don't do it!! Don't give in to these assholes. If all you're doing is riding by, then go wherever the Hell you want. By them getting you to "admit that you exercised poor judgement", they might as well have ordered you to suit up. YOu had every legal right to be there, you did nothing "inappropriate", and these douchebags don't get to win here. Ride where you want, WHEN you want.

If it is so important to you, send him a message. According to TFA he has a website.

Tell him I agree with you.

And me...

I think it's friggin' hilarous. I'm going to be in Madison in a couple of weeks, so I'll keep an eye out for this dude.
2013-05-25 05:20:03 PM  
I live in Madison and a co-worker and I saw this guy riding down Willy St as we were headed downtown. The thong appeared to be flesh colored that day. Guy looked 100% naked and we just kinda stared at each other wondering if that really happened.
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