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(BBC)   12 people get unhappy ending at Baghdad brothel   ( divider line
    More: Sad, Baghdad, Iraq, Maliki  
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2013-05-25 01:20:19 AM  
Not getting a kick because coworker's aunt along with her husband and five kids were vaporized, whatever happens to the human body, in a market place explosion. They only found the husband's ID so they have nothing to bury.

/Wonders if all the bullshiat here is worth it
//Then bastards overseas remind him it is
2013-05-25 02:03:23 AM  

fat boy: Old enough to know better: Why don't they just make women illegal and be done with it?

They can't, Not enough goats to go around.

they prefer camels?
2013-05-25 02:46:42 AM  
Don't worry here.  Religious rules get in the way here but there are workarounds.

We all know females with their sexual attraction are to be feared and controlled.

But what if we allowed younger attractive boys to dance, like in Afghanistan.  And who knows what happens behind the scenes.  And the cool part, it isn't really even 'gay', because it is just an accommodation to the human sex drive when religious rules get in the way.

Think about it Iraq.
2013-05-25 03:47:54 AM  
And just last week, the presumably same gunmen attacked some liquor stores, killing 10 Christians working there, but allowing the Muslim customers to leave unharmed. Nice people, there.
2013-05-25 04:32:00 AM  

MichiganFTL: Prostitution is illegal and against Islam!

Murder... eh... not so much.

That's the irony of this.
Even though in the Quraan it says (my understanding) that to kill a person without justification is like killing all of mankind.
Fornication is only on penalty of death if the person is married and (get this) four witnesses see 'the act' as clearly as the eyeliner going into its bottle.

As for the "temporary marriage" that is only a shiate thing.
Even then, theoretically speaking, the woman should wait three menstrual cycles before getting married again.
However, not only are the woman there lax with this, the shiate scholars have decreed a "don't ask don't tell" policy. Even if the woman is married, don't ask her.
So if the woman does get pregnant, they have no idea who the father is.

Just to reiterate, this is NOT as per orthodox Islam.
2013-05-25 04:42:08 AM  

Ronin_S: I'm sure there's a job out there in the modern world more dangerous than 'prostitute in an unstable Middle Eastern country', but can't really think of one off hand.

Polish Mine detector?
2013-05-25 07:05:11 AM  
Well, I'm glad to see that things are under control over there.
2013-05-25 07:30:24 AM  

Befuddled: I wonder how many Iraqis, even the shiates, would prefer Saddam's rule over the current mess.

Given the choice, I would always rather be ruled by a "warlord dictator" (someone who wants money and power) than a religious theocracy, or even to live in a democracy where people don't have liberal values, where you get tyranny by the majority.

Persepolis tells this story pretty well. Under the Shah, people who opposed his rule got tortured and brutalised, but actually Joe Sixpack had a pretty good life. Or at least, certainly compared to the religious theocracy that followed.
2013-05-25 07:59:59 AM  

Befuddled: I wonder how many Iraqis, even the shiates, would prefer Saddam's rule over the current mess.

The 3 million Iraqis who have fled the country?
2013-05-25 08:38:09 AM  
No sex and booze makes me grumpy too, but at least I don't get all shooty.

/ maybe they should try the sex and booze once and chill the fark out
2013-05-25 09:19:28 AM  
Religion of peace!

/unless you like what I don't like
//magical sky aladdin told me to kill you.
2013-05-25 09:26:47 AM  

symptomoftheuniverse: I'm kind of shocked that there are brothels and liquor stores in iraq in the first place. Learn something new everyday.


Only a week ago, a row of alcohol shops in the district was attacked by gunmen. Ten Christians working in the shops were killed, while customers were allowed to leave unharmed.

You see, it's like this:  Pious Muslims don't run whorehouses or liquor stores, so the Christian population in Iraq took up the business.  The fact that their customers are all the same pious Muslims who wouldn't be caught dead running the place is a minor quibble.  It's no different, really, than your southern Baptist railing against demon alcohol and then getting his sixpack from the Catholic Irish-run liquor store downtown.
2013-05-25 12:13:38 PM  
Can think of worse ways to go.
2013-05-25 12:45:17 PM  
I think someone misunderstood the term 'gangbang'.
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