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13835 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2001 at 2:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-29 02:37:36 PM  
2001-11-29 02:38:55 PM  
Tasts like chicken.
2001-11-29 02:39:28 PM  
Someone has to Photoshop this.
2001-11-29 02:39:30 PM  
2001-11-29 02:41:54 PM  
Is this part of the porno the jurors in the article below had to watch?
2001-11-29 02:42:14 PM  
"Gallardo said it had been a joke."

THAT'S NO FVCKING JOKE! If that's comedy, this man must be killed.
2001-11-29 02:42:28 PM  
This is just a frigin strange way to celebrate a victory...
2001-11-29 02:42:34 PM  
Shouln't this be "weeners?"
2001-11-29 02:43:16 PM  
... but, is it just me or does it look like the guy has a stiffy?
2001-11-29 02:43:31 PM  
Spain's soccer federation is investigating whether he broke rules concerning "sporting decorum."

They need an investigation?

How about they all just quit lying on top of each other?
2001-11-29 02:44:54 PM  
MadLeaf was right
2001-11-29 02:45:07 PM  
2001-11-29 02:46:10 PM  
What do you mean again?
2001-11-29 02:46:41 PM  
if this is what this guys does when HIS team scores... i'd hate to see him upset at an opponent.
2001-11-29 02:46:57 PM  
Maybe the women will start celebrating in this manner. It may be the only way I will ever watch a soccer match.
2001-11-29 02:48:03 PM  
It really looks like the guy has him pinned down in that pic...they have gone loco!
2001-11-29 02:48:18 PM  
I bet Fb- would throw a dick in him.
2001-11-29 02:48:34 PM  
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. . .
2001-11-29 02:48:36 PM  
Coondog: Good idea. There is such little scoring in soccer.. blow jobs would be a great incentive!
2001-11-29 02:49:14 PM  
BigKahuna: Why? Does he have extra dicks to be throwing around?
2001-11-29 02:50:08 PM  
fb would throw a dick into anything. And the terrorists have won.
2001-11-29 02:51:35 PM  
2001-11-29 02:52:24 PM  
2001-11-29 02:53:51 PM  
Spain "basques" in all their glory.
Did he say a mouthfrl or what?"
2001-11-29 02:54:06 PM  
This needs to be a southpark episode.

Kyle: We can choose Gallardo, or timmy for our team.

Cartman: Ay, Hello no, Gayllardo can't be on our team. Because every time we win, he knocks me down, and nibbles on mey nutsack.
2001-11-29 02:58:24 PM  
2001-11-29 03:00:00 PM  
2001-11-29 03:00:08 PM  
That looks like it would really hurt.
2001-11-29 03:01:20 PM  
"Melts in your mouth, not in your hand"
Nevermind thats M&Ms
2001-11-29 03:03:45 PM  
I don't care how happy or frisky you may feel, biting down there is just wrong...
Pain not good. Pain not proper way to celebrate. Biting on genitals not sporting.
No bitey.

Wrong head to bite, my friend.
2001-11-29 03:04:07 PM  
This guy is some kind of loony. Its like the rugby player who jammed his fingers up some other guy's arse.
2001-11-29 03:05:06 PM  
Certain activities done in that region could be considered celebratory. Biting is not one of them.
2001-11-29 03:06:37 PM  
Bite arm, bite leg, bite torso, bite head, bite neck...

NO BITE wedding tackle.

I give you bitey... but not there.
2001-11-29 03:09:16 PM  
What a dickhead!
2001-11-29 03:09:49 PM  
Looks like the No Fun League might ban the
"Neal and Bob" celebration of the southern
Spain Buttrammers!
2001-11-29 03:10:45 PM  
C'mon guys, everybody knows soccer players are selected for their low intelligence, extreme aggression, and bizarre sexual behaviors. Otherwise soccer fans wouldn't have any suitable role models.
2001-11-29 03:11:23 PM  
2001-11-29 03:11:49 PM  
did the other player protest? maybe they all get off on stuff like that.
2001-11-29 03:15:45 PM  
I'm sure I'm just mis-seeing this, but it looks like he's got the guy's pecker out in the breeze in there and is giving him a full on hummer...


Anyway, if a man can't felate another man, the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-29 03:17:19 PM  
If I had a wait thats just farkin' disturbing.....
2001-11-29 03:17:40 PM  
Wonder if trading cards are available?

Mike Tyson is shocked by this behavior!

and finally BITE ME
2001-11-29 03:18:38 PM  
God Damn It!!!!! Can someone please make a GAY tag for this??
2001-11-29 03:22:13 PM  
When you're in the bottom of the pile, the object is always to try stomp the opponent's groin with the cleats, not gobble the nearest and dearest nob. Chicken shiat Spaniards.
2001-11-29 03:23:21 PM  
Ohio State U. needs to come up with a poster on how to celebrate soccer goals while reducing backache.
2001-11-29 03:25:24 PM  
One more reason to always wear a cup
2001-11-29 03:26:53 PM  
"The southern Spain team is 10th in the Primera Liga."

Yeah, and first in Suckus Memberus.
2001-11-29 03:31:51 PM  
I played rugby for years in college and I have to say that shoving your thumb up someones ass is an acceptable form of celebration in that sport. I don't really want to go into it... find another rugby player and he'll explain it.
2001-11-29 03:34:30 PM  
"We want to show our unreserved support for Gallardo and his family in these very difficult times for them,"

Say what? How about some support for the guy who got his pecker chomped?

Gallardo sure is cocky. (had to use that one again)
2001-11-29 03:37:57 PM  
And THIS is the sport the entire world loves. They deride "American Football", and claim this is the greatest sport ever. All I can say is, I am one proud American. Never have I seen a baseball, football, or basketball player, in any league or level, bite a teammate's (or opponent's!) schlong.
2001-11-29 03:39:45 PM  
Proud to be an American... We dont bite each others dicks!

Unless, of course... we're Marv Albert...
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