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(NBC New York)   13 NJ TGI Fridays accused of selling well drinks labeled as premium brands, also not wearing enough flair   ( divider line
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2013-05-23 01:25:23 PM  

Gecko Gingrich: Z-clipped: Charcoal filtering is used by many many companies (including many bourbon producers) to REMOVE color and flavor from spirits.

Jack's charcoal is made from Maple. Maple is not Oak. Bourbon's requirements include aging in charred Oak. That charred Oak adds flavor, as does charred Maple.

Z-clipped: For fark's sake, it says right in YOUR NAFTA quote that TN whiskey is bourbon, and you're STILL arguing with me. WTF is wrong with you?

I'm arguing that Jack doesn't meet the NAFTA required definition of Tennessee Whisky.

Your premise thus far has been that Tennessee whiskey is by definition not bourbon.

All of the sources cited by you above contradict this point, now you're changing your point to be "Jack isn't Tennessee whiskey", even though it's straight bourbon.

Really - stand back, reread the thread, reread the sources, and look up charcoal filtering.
2013-05-23 01:43:52 PM  

Thingster: Your premise thus far has been that Tennessee whiskey is by definition not bourbon.

True, but the argument was made that Jack is a Bourbon by virtue of the fact that it is Tennessee Whisky.

Z-clipped: You're obviously finally getting off your ass and doing some research if you know that JD uses maple chips, so maybe you can read up a little more.

So, it wasn't at all possible I knew this before now? Did anyone know this before now, or am I the first one?
2013-05-23 03:01:20 PM  
I know I said I was done, but this is too funny:

Gecko Gingrich: So, it wasn't at all possible I knew this before now?

Well, let's see...


Gecko Gingrich: Jack is Tennesee Whiskey.


Gecko Gingrich: Jack isn't a Tennessee Whisky

 No, I'm going to go with "it's obvious that you're looking shiat up as you go along".  It's OK, man.  Everybody does it in these threads once in a while.  I've been reading your posts for years, and I think you're pretty right on most of the time.  Just not this time, on this particular subject.

Anyway, have a nice day.
2013-05-23 03:33:05 PM  

Duke_leto_Atredes: basemetal: Gabrielmot: basemetal: EvilEgg: If you are paying for top shelf in your mixed drink, you deserve what you get.

Meh, if you want to drink yours straight, go for it.  Myself, if I want some tonic and a lime with my Bombay Sapphire, that's my own damned business.

/and bartenders, I can tell the difference and will send it back

You probably can (I can for sure) - incidentally try Citadelle if you like Bombay Sapphire...

*BUT* most people can't.

If it was vodka, or some other spirit, I wouldn't know the difference, but I have had to tell a bartender to open the new bottle because that's not Bombay.  (a couple of times my buddy and I both looked at each other and told the waitress, that's not Sapphire).

/will try the Citadelle

Hold the phone, did not mythbustrs run cheap vodka through a Brita filter and it was the same as "top" shelf

Hold the phone, Bombay Sapphire is not vodka.
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