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(   Man dies after discharging gun he left cocked in chair he had been sitting in for two hours   ( divider line
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2004-01-02 10:18:18 AM  

Ha! An actual death related to an idiot shooting bullets into the air at New Year's Eve.


2004-01-02 10:29:34 AM  
Dummys with guns make Jeff Cooper cry.
2004-01-02 10:38:08 AM  
You're supposed to unload your artifical penis after you play with it.
2004-01-02 10:57:39 AM  
I celebrated new years at a concert with some friends. We counted down the last few seconds before 12, drank some booze at the same time, kissed somebody, and resumed watching the concert.

I would have fired my gun into the air at midnight but I forgot it at home.
2004-01-02 04:12:06 PM  
When viewed through Perv-o-Matic 3000:

Man dies after discharging gun he left cocked in chair he had been sitting in for 2 hours
2004-01-02 04:13:27 PM  
Oh Haywood.

Shakes head

/secretly wishes I'd thought of that.
2004-01-02 04:13:49 PM  
It says the ambulance was there in FOUR minutes.

That must be a farking record. And the guy died that quick? Must hit an artery. Oh well, he was a dumbass.
2004-01-02 04:13:50 PM  
Elmer Keith too.
2004-01-02 04:14:14 PM  
How do you cock a chair?

(please, no graphics)
2004-01-02 04:14:32 PM  
He needs better gun control. Should have had the gun on the table beside him.
2004-01-02 04:16:31 PM  
Dead even if the paramedics were there in 4 minutes?!

He was meant to die, no doubt
2004-01-02 04:17:59 PM  
he said cocked...
2004-01-02 04:18:37 PM  
I hit a deer in the femoral artery once. Blood came out like I opened a spigot or something. Less than 4 minutes, easy.
2004-01-02 04:19:04 PM  
I don't know about you guys, but I celebrate everything with guns.
2004-01-02 04:19:34 PM  
I smell a Darwin Award...
2004-01-02 04:19:38 PM  
But did he breed?

I think that's the important question.
2004-01-02 04:20:06 PM  
A kid from my junior high shot himself when he pulled the clip and playfully put the gun up to his head. He forgot about the bullet in the chamber.

At least that's what the story was... Some people just shouldn't have guns.
2004-01-02 04:20:13 PM  
And another idiot dies from accidentally exercising his Second Amendment rights.

(variation of an old Onion joke)
2004-01-02 04:21:45 PM  
Guns are for pussies. Real men celebrate with heavy doses of meth and PCP and baseball bats with nails driven through them.
2004-01-02 04:22:37 PM  
2004-01-02 04:25:17 PM  
guns... darwins little helper

/gun owner myself... we'll see what happens
2004-01-02 04:26:29 PM  
maybe his resolution was to shoot himself in the leg and die within four minutes.
2004-01-02 04:27:12 PM  
The Stupid shall be punished.
2004-01-02 04:30:44 PM  
Until today I had never heard of firing guns to celebrate the new year.

That is the stupidest redneck thing I have ever heard of? Do people really do this or just idiots?
2004-01-02 04:36:06 PM  
And to think his wife (or even possibly he, himself) could have saved his life with a simple tourniquet before the paramedics arrived. So sad.
2004-01-02 04:36:09 PM  
Guns aren't supposed to fire unless you pull the trigger. Either this guy had a cheap ass piece of shiat, or there's a lot more to this story.
2004-01-02 04:36:46 PM  
Only sissies shoot their guns into the air to celebrate - real men shoot their own leg, then have a Miller.
2004-01-02 04:41:14 PM  
"After he returned to his home, Gnagie checked his weapon by pulling back on the slide, which left it in a cocked position, Day said."

Huh? If he really 'checked' it, he would have seen that he'd just ejected a live round and fed another one into the chamber from the magazine. Maybe the reporter is just totally gun-ignorant, or just didn't word that correctly. Or maybe he has a shiatty editor. *shrug*

Drop the magazine, then rack the slide. Gun empty. Simple as that.
2004-01-02 04:41:45 PM  
He deserved to die if he was firing his gun earlier to celebrate New Year's. Firing off guns like that is not responsible and it shows that you don't care about anyone else. Which means you shouldn't be in society. I wish more asshats like this would off themselves. Go, go, go!
2004-01-02 04:42:25 PM  
retro128, I'm assuming that when he got up, something snagged the trigger and pulled it.
2004-01-02 04:43:10 PM  
Guns don't kill people. Jackasses who sit on loaded, cocked guns kill people.
2004-01-02 04:50:45 PM  
Wanna have some fun? Read the article again and drink a shot everytime you see "Day said".
2004-01-02 05:02:24 PM  
I'm sure he would've been glad he had that cocked gun if a burglar had broken in though!
2004-01-02 05:02:50 PM  
2004-01-02 05:13:55 PM  
He was probably watching Nascar...

Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks
2004-01-02 05:27:45 PM  
2004-01-02 05:13:55 PM runsw/sissors4fun

He was probably watching Nascar...

Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

Trust me when I tell you that the people IN Nascar are far more intelligent than the people involved with any other big US sport. Now as far as the average Nascar fan, I can't say.
2004-01-02 05:35:15 PM  
Ok how bout.....
You know you're a redneck when....
2004-01-02 05:38:41 PM  
I thought it was going to say that he shot himself in the weener.
2004-01-02 05:54:29 PM  
Definitelly deserves a Darwin Award

Well, that is what he gets for going off half cocked.
2004-01-02 05:58:13 PM  
Yeah, right. Bring on the insurance check. Where is Columbo when we need him.

btw, anybody so stupid to live in his LazBoy drinking, everyday, well, too bad for him.

I see a brand spankin new double wide for the widow.
2004-01-02 07:02:03 PM  
2004-01-02 04:20:06 PM dutchboy

A kid from my junior high shot himself when he pulled the clip and playfully put the gun up to his head. He forgot about the bullet in the chamber.

That sucks. I got a better one though. A ways back this teenager got killed by playing Russian Roulette with a semiautomatic handgun. I guess if you were dumb enough to play Russian Roulette in the first place...
2004-01-02 10:14:34 PM  
Wasserspeier: Well, that is what he gets for going off half cocked.

The question is, was he half-cocked once all was said and done?
2004-01-02 11:13:01 PM  
Hmmm... that's kind of sad sounding....

Who remembers the episode of Band of Brothers where the American G.I. kid was looking for a german luger the whole war, he finally found on a dead body. He was so happy and went to go tinker with his gun... 10 minutes later the other men heard a single shot ring out. They came to find the kid shot in his leg (the bullet went thru the main artery) and he bled to death before he could be rushed for medical attention.

Band of Brothers RULES.
2004-01-03 12:05:03 AM  
Eat More Possum, Judging by the last couple of threads I've read from you; I take it your against Guns?
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