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(Uproxx)   NOPENOPENOPENOPE -- So This Is What Happens To Your Blood When A Single Drop Of Snake Venom Gets Into It   ( divider line
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10878 clicks; posted to Video » on 20 May 2013 at 4:37 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-05-21 02:20:40 AM  
And yes, venom is MUCH different from poison, and you CANNOT use "poisonous" and "venomous" interchangeably.

Yeah, I don't remember poison ruining a spiderman franchise
2013-05-21 02:42:11 AM  

Seth'n'Spectrum: Mawson of the Antarctic: "NOPENOPENOPENOPE..." Is this reddit? It must be because I've seen this video on Fark before.

Isn't "nope" from /x/?

It's from /v/, but that was back before it had any real meaning. It was soon adopted by "creepy threads".
2013-05-21 04:23:32 AM  

Klopfer: billygeek: since when do we need french dubbing over english on Fark?

We don't. But it wasn't French, so it's okay.

Hell it wasn't even remotely related to French.
2013-05-21 08:58:32 AM  

common sense is an oxymoron: deffuse: I'd wager that some of that is caused by the bloods exposure to the air as well, combined with the venom.  Not saying is not scary, but I doubt a snake bite curdles your blood that much while its in your nice vacuumy veins.

Diluted Russell's viper venom is used as a treatment for bleeding in hemophiliacs.

That's scary stuff.

Was coming in to ask whether this can be used as medicine for people with clotting problems.
2013-05-21 09:28:58 AM

I'm going to have bad dreams tonight.
2013-05-21 11:06:27 AM  
We just had this same thread with the same video about 3 months ago, maybe a bit longer.
2013-05-21 01:37:51 PM  

Keizer_Ghidorah: Ah, venom. Simple in purpose, complex in design. There are three basic types:

Hemotoxic: attacks the blood and blood vessels, destroying them and causing the prey to hemorrhage to death.

Neurotoxic: attacks the nerve cells, disrupting the nervous signals and causing muscular paralysis and failure of the diaphragm and/or heart.

Myotoxic: attacks the muscle tissue, digesting it and causing death by trauma, bleeding, and other complications.

Of course, those are for the offensive venoms that snakes, ants, and other hunters use. There's also the defensive venoms used by lionfish, scorpionfish, caterpillars, and others whose job is to cause excruciating pain and trauma to attackers, even to the point of total system collapse from the overload of pain.

And yes, venom is MUCH different from poison, and you CANNOT use "poisonous" and "venomous" interchangeably.

I was at a herpetarium years ago, and they had a picture book there of what snake venom can do.  Even the "milder" snakes like rattlers will cause vast amount of muscle tissue to bloat and die, and then they have to cut it out.  So a snakebite can result in you being left with an arm or leg with lots of muscle just removed and gone forever.

The pictures were pretty horrifying but informative, and definitely served as a great reminder why, if you see a snake and you're not absolutely sure what kind it is, you want to stay way the hell away from it.  But then, even being bitten by a non-venomous snake is not exactly a picnic.

This stuff, though, what it can do to blood, is news to me.  Yikes.
2013-05-21 02:51:01 PM  
As a kid I loved catching critters. Once I saw a snake by the ocean and netted it. Went back home to fetch my book on the local reptile wildlife and returned to poke at it since it wasn't a venomous one. When it went off into sea I thought that maybe I should have used my book on marine life instead. (Turns out it wasn't a washed up marine snake. I even scared a pretty green frog into the sea once)

Wouldn't mess with any snakes as i'm not an 8year old and have seen too much internet.
2013-05-21 06:55:56 PM  

GodlikeMole: [ image 600x245]

I'm going to have bad dreams tonight.

That messed me up when I was a kid.
2013-05-21 08:21:37 PM  

Keizer_Ghidorah: 1000 Ways to Dye: Keizer_Ghidorah:

And yes, venom is MUCH different from poison, and you CANNOT use "poisonous" and "venomous" interchangeably.

Poison is ingested, venom is injected?

That's the most basic difference. Poisons are contained in the flesh or certain organs, or exuded onto the skin. Eating or trying to eat them, or simply touching them in some cases, is a bad idea, and they're purely defensive in nature. Venoms are injected into the body by fang, spine, or stinger, and are both offense and defense. Also, poisons are composed of oils in a lipid base, while venoms are quite complex protein chains, which is why it's generally safe to drink venom without suffering ill effects.

Have done so.  Along with the blood.

/Tastes like chicken.
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