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(CNN)   Florida woman files $5 million RICO suit against Apple for failing to fix her out of warranty iPhone 4   ( divider line
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2013-05-15 05:49:14 PM  

Astorix: The planned obsolescence is not a tin foiled hat conspriacy theory. We had an Imac mini that lasted for 5 years. it finally busted, so we got the last Imac mini with the CD drive. Just 18 months later it bricked up the CD drive and destroyed all the current data and corrupted the files. I was a dedicated Mac user for 22 years, defended Mac for years even when they almost went out of business in 1990's.

The 2009 model 27" iMac that I bought refurb'd is still going strong with no issues almost 4 years after it was built and almost 3 years after I bought it, so at least some of their stuff is built well. My wife's iPhone 4 also lasted a full two years until she swapped it for an iPhone 5 and got a $230 trade-in from Amazon, no issues with the power button at all.
2013-05-15 06:06:21 PM  

Satanic_Hamster: You would not believe the amount of testing a major company will do.  For something like the phone, they'll put it in a machine that will hit the power button non-stop for two months straight to simulate a X no. of years of regular use/button pressing, just to see if it's up to snuff.

Correct.  Within the auto industry there are formulas that can guess within a year or 20k miles as to when most parts will fail based on the driver profile.  It actually used to be more accurate, but now that a lot of parts are coming out of China we're seeing more fluctuation in quality and thus more variance.  I have 18 interns out there right now with next gen cars beating the living hell out of those cars.  We'll plug the results of their abuse into the system and make sure it all checks out with what we expect in terms of industry standard for failure.  Parts that handle the abuse way too well (exceed 13 year lifespan) will be cut back on and others brought up to snuff.  After that we go fight it out with the bean counters about how 13 years is a floor for reliability, not a ceiling.

/the bean counters sometimes fail to grasp that even if the guy is going to dump your product after 5 years, it still better have a decent resale value or he'll be pissed and go to a competitor for his next new car
//and if the guy who always buys used cars has your car fail on him within a year or two of purchase, he'll never buy your cars again and thus your resale value goes right to hell
//oh to be in the electronics industry where I could just tell people "Sorry your Cadillac is obsolete after a year, go buy a new CTS from the dealer please."
/seriously though if the buttons on a car's console failed en masse after one year, people would be pissed off and we'd be doing a recall to fix it, Apple has it made
2013-05-15 06:07:33 PM  

Tex570: StrikitRich: spidermann: unyon: FTFA: Meanwhile, Apple, what's with the customer support policy that digs its heels in on a 15-month-old iPhone with a power button gone bad? Are you trying to create unhappy customers?

No, sell Applecare.  Which would have covered this.  Which this woman chose not to buy.

/who the fark has a longer than 12 month warranty any longer anyways?

It's Florida where AppleCare cannot be sold.

*dons "former Apple Tech hat"*

When repairing and selling Apple products at a reseller we had quite a few people vacation from Florida who would buy products because Oregon has no sales tax. They'd go to purchase AppleCare and I'd have to deny them because they lived in Florida. Florida has "consumer protection laws" that prevent extended warranties from being sold on products. It even says so right on the outside of the AppleCare box.

From Apple's AppleCare Protection Plan Terms And Conditions : "This Plan is notavailable forFlorida consumers or where prohibited by law "

Have to call BS on this as I live in Florida and have bought Applecare on past products.  Also, whenever I buy an item at any big box store (i.e. Sears, Best Buy, Office Depot) they try to sell me an extended warranty.

From AppleCare page on amazon...

AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) Sales into the State of Florida
Resellers are not permitted to sell the AppleCare Protection to consumers in the State of Florida. Consumers resident in Florida may purchase the APP from Apple directly through the Apple Retail Stores or the Apple Online Store (

So I was right, AppleCare IS available to Florida residents, just not through resellers
2013-05-15 06:10:33 PM  
Apple really fails at this planned obsolescence thing. My 2006 Macbook is stil going strong. If it failed, I'd pull out my 2001 iBook, which still works, but it's a little slow.

/Speaking of a little slow, can you believe all the jackasses in this thread, parroting the same old lame old anti-Apple propaganda that's been poured into their empty heads?
2013-05-15 06:21:55 PM  

Deneb81: likefunbutnot: rooftop235: The elite book is the shiznit. Cracks me up that it has a drain on the keyboard.

Indeed. They're almost as nice a Thinkpads.

I have a theory that people who think Apple offers good customer service have never gotten to deal with proper business system support.

You're comparing business systems for likely a decent sized account to individual electronics consumer support. Those two are WILDLY different if only because of the value of the hardware purchased by an individual vs a corporation.

Apple DOES have good tech support if you're in warranty. Especially compared to the shiat shows people deal with for Dell, Acer, HP, eMachines, Gateway, Best Buy, Staples, etc.

Dealt with Mac genius at Altamonte store. Total jerks. At millennia mall, they were great. I haven't had to call hp for my laptop, but then again I'm one of them smart kids. Did call Dell a few times and never really had a problem. But if you're on a business account with a vendor, you generally get helped a lot faster.
2013-05-15 07:38:12 PM  

Astorix: But we had noticed a precipitous decline in the last 10 years of both the quality and value of Apple products, accelerating in the last five years.

Even if Commodore hadn't folded on its own in '93, I never would have bought another of their product from them.  I had owned three of their machines over the years, and all three of them suffered different catastrophic failures within 30 months of when I bought them.  Custom motherboards were expensive to replace.

Now when something breaks on my PC, I just use it as an excuse to upgrade.  When I had an early Socket A (KT133A) motherboard die on me once, I replaced it with the newest Socket A (nForce2) board around along with some new DDR400 memory.  Cheap upgrade with noticeable speed improvement.
2013-05-15 08:13:29 PM  

Deneb81: You're comparing business systems for likely a decent sized account to individual electronics consumer support.

Nope. I'm comparing the standard service policies offered for business products without a dedicated account rep to the quality of Apple service.

Apple: Your Macbook broke? The closest Apple store is 30 miles (but 90 minutes) away in downtown Chicago. When do you want to make your appointment? Bring an extra $30 for parking."
As far as I can tell, Apple's support consists entirely of reading knowledgebase articles aloud and pushing people to take their shiat to an Apple store.

Lenovo: Your Thinkpad has an issue? Well, we can next-day you the part and you can put it in yourself. Or we can send a courier to pick up the machine at a time of your choosing. Oh? You're not at the address we have on file? Well where and when would you like to meet the courier?"
2013-05-15 08:41:56 PM  
They have a 2 year warrantee in most other countries.  In Australia, the time specified in the contract isn't a hard time limit either for durable products so if a reasonable consumer expects a device to last 15 years, the manufacture had better fix defects for at least 5.  If there is a reasonable indication that they used a cheaper solution to cut corners, they may end up supporting things for far longer.
2013-05-16 01:11:52 AM  

sjmcc13: Satanic_Hamster: Nonrepeating Rotating Binary: Its a little button, a small mechanical item.  They break.  This isn't Star Trek where they can estimate to the millisecond how long it will last.

/bet she was a joy to have on the phone


You would not believe the amount of testing a major company will do.  For something like the phone, they'll put it in a machine that will hit the power button non-stop for two months straight to simulate a X no. of years of regular use/button pressing, just to see if it's up to snuff.

I have had devices last for years with no problems. My Game boy (the origional bought < 1 yr after release in North america) still worked fine the last time I tried it like 4 years ago, My 2 most recent cell phones have both spent nearly a year an a half  getting beat up in my pocket, and still work fine.

There could be a defective part, it could be how she used/treated it (some people just destroy devices), or it could be apple not testing right.
My money is on it not being the design, and the average life expectancy minus 1 standard deviation is noticably longer then she had the phone for.

I do not think apple is doing anything specially wrong here. But you get what you pay for, and what she paid for was something with a set warranty that is difficuly to fix outside of it.

Years ago, we got my son a Nintendo 64 console.  It had a special gold controller (Zelda).  A year later, he had completely worn the analog portion of the controller out.  (It got all crunch inside as the plastic had worn down more and more).  Called Nintendo.  Told them that all I needed was the analog portion.  They said that I could mail in my controller and they would send another one right out.  I explained how it was the gold one, and we wanted to make sure he didn't lose it.  I said, just send me the analog stick, I'll install it.  (3 screws, one connector).  They sent me one.  No charge.  Never asked for any proof of purchase.

Three years later, he wore that analog stick out.  I call Nintendo.  Give them the same story.  Again, they send me an analog stick.  Again, never asked for a proof of purchase.

Whenever I think of customer service.  I think about that damn N64 controller that still works.
2013-05-16 02:35:05 AM  

vudukungfu: She knew she was buying a cheap trinket made in china by malnourished children.
She knew what she was getting into.
Toss the case.

/never owned a portable phone in my life.

Time for a new onion aint it pops?
2013-05-16 05:55:01 AM  

Rapmaster2000: This same women filed a Rico Suave suit against me for being so damn sexy.

You too? That biatch!
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