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(Daily Mail)   Morbidly obese 36-year-old mother-of-three ends abusive marriage, loses 252 pounds through diet and exercise, falls in love with boy-toy nine years her junior, plans to open her own weight loss business. TA-DAAA (w/before and after pics)   (dailymail.co.uk) divider line 141
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2013-05-14 05:14:30 AM
British hot.
2013-05-14 05:26:24 AM

I had to do it.
2013-05-14 05:52:41 AM

Bonobo62: octopied: No flaps of flab from all the extra weight?
Why do you think she's wearing the long, loose sleeves?  If she takes her shirt off, she can glide through the air like a flying squirrel.

I would expect flying like a squirrel would sound like the whole-body version of my dog's lips flapping with his head out the car window.

Sigh... at least her neck doesn't look like a vagina.
2013-05-14 06:17:02 AM

serial_crusher: wow, so her hypothyroid condition went away, just like that?

She's so brave for beating it.  Now if only the other 50% of the population who suffer from this debilitating condition could be so lucky...

2013-05-14 06:19:22 AM
Two thousand years of screwing your first cousins. Welcome to Ol Blighty.
2013-05-14 06:24:22 AM

Befuddled: [i.imgur.com image 306x462]

I had to do it.

I can't tell the difference.
2013-05-14 06:34:35 AM

Befuddled: [i.imgur.com image 306x462]

I had to do it.


Is it wrong I find that an improvement?
2013-05-14 06:35:25 AM

2013-05-14 07:04:23 AM
/ I pass
2013-05-14 07:17:11 AM

Well, I for one say 'Congratulations!' I know this has been a struggle.
2013-05-14 07:42:16 AM

Elvis Presleys Death Throne:

That's what I was thinking too.
2013-05-14 07:49:56 AM

Fark Me To Tears: FTFA: She has her sights set on becoming a bodybuilder after a tummy tuck operation to remove excess skin in the summer.

Couldn't she donate it to a burn unit?
2013-05-14 08:02:53 AM
Woman gets fat. Woman divorces. Woman loses lots of weight to gain another man...

And we are halfway through the story. What will be the surprising end to this tale?
2013-05-14 08:25:50 AM

Befuddled: [i.imgur.com image 306x462]

I had to do it.

Actually makes more sense
2013-05-14 08:54:29 AM

Snarfangel: Woman gets fat. Woman divorces. Woman loses lots of weight to gain another man...

And we are halfway through the story. What will be the surprising end to this tale?

This tale has no end. It's cyclical.
2013-05-14 09:33:58 AM

lokidecat: .... a man.

beat me to it.
2013-05-14 09:35:11 AM

GuidoDelConfuso: Huh. Is it just me, or was her face actually more attractive before she lost the weight? I mean, I'm no chubby chaser, but if I had a few beers I might just slap her thigh and ride the wave in. Sure, she was still only British hot mildly attractive, but what the heck, right? But now she's totally got a Sarah Jessica Parker thing going on. Boner kryptonite.

When it comes to the face, fat is nature's botox. All the wrinkles and turkey neck show up after the fat disappears.
2013-05-14 09:47:53 AM

sleeper2995: Morbidly Obese now that's a great band name


/You don't say.

Oddly, when I hit play (gah, they suck, and I'm a huge fan of 80's death metal like Death and Napalm Death), below the progress bar it says "Coming next, songs from similar artists like Kelly Clarkson, Ne-yo, and Carrie Underwood. I wonder why MySpace is no longer relevant?
2013-05-14 10:05:01 AM

Shmopee: The after pictures...It's like that nightmare I have where I'm boning Chyna (post steriods, pre-porn) and her face starts melting from the intensity of the...well, let's call a spade a spade, of the farking (I don't know either, my scumbag brain has a scumbag brain) and now me and my confused erection have no idea what to do.


Is Chyna farking you with her clenis in this nightmare?

Befuddled: [i.imgur.com image 306x462]

I had to do it.

Is it wrong of me to think that they look better this way?
2013-05-14 10:54:38 AM
Fat Chicks take notice. You can get rid of the fat, if you try. It is much harder to get rid of the god awful lower arm tattoos that you seem to like so much.
2013-05-14 11:19:45 AM
2013-05-14 12:49:12 PM

octopied: No flaps of flab from all the extra weight?

Good god, yes. You could make Buffalo Bill a duvet.
2013-05-14 01:41:47 PM

Befuddled: I had to do it.

Had PS launched & ready, but had to check whether someone else had beat me to it. Bravo!
2013-05-14 01:53:23 PM
Not bad.  Above average looking for a woman her age.  I bet those guys here clowning her for her looks don't have a woman as good looking, or even any woman at all.
2013-05-14 02:10:25 PM
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/20541951@N02/8739243168/" title="images by jeepsterdave, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7286/8739243168_2aedf775ea.jpg" width="258" height="196" alt="images"></a>
2013-05-14 02:14:15 PM
2013-05-14 02:14:43 PM
That sad thing about these stories is that all I can picture is what her skin must look like. Seriously, even with a tuck or two I'm going to assume that she's going to look hideous naked forever.
2013-05-14 02:21:04 PM
A handsome sort of woman
2013-05-14 02:25:47 PM

TheOtherMisterP: Those "before" photos are NOT of a woman who weighs 378 pounds. If you are brave enough, google what a 375 pound woman looks like. They're a lot bigger than the broad in the article.

/good for her, wish her the best

This.  I feel like somebody mistyped "17 stone" and by doing so made her 140 pounds heavier.  The only way she's 378 pounds in the before picture is if she's 7 feet tall.
2013-05-14 02:29:24 PM
So how much is a stone? How many pounds is a stone of precious stones worth?
2013-05-14 02:50:42 PM
Lost 18 stone, gained lazy eye. Meh.

/1s = 14 lbs.
//18 x 14 = 252
2013-05-14 03:04:45 PM
Did anyone mention yet that her head is bizarrely large? Because I noticed that.
2013-05-14 03:17:05 PM

Abox: [i.dailymail.co.uk image 306x462][www.infobarrel.com image 238x238]

Came for this reference.  Thanks.
2013-05-14 03:55:16 PM
So, the women's section of the Daily Mail is called "Femail?"

That's just...truly awful.
2013-05-14 04:05:01 PM

MagSeven: Since I don't know what a stone is, I'm assuming she lost 17 stones from the gastric surgery and then one extra stone when she had her penis removed.

1 Stone = 14 lbs
2013-05-14 04:46:04 PM

Dude, she's JACKED!
2013-05-14 04:49:26 PM

DreamSnipers: GreenSun: Good for her. At least she doesn't spend her time taking pictures of herself while acting as a massive obstacle in public areas.

I think she is a lot more deserving of praise than the fat whiner with her 'gland' problem.

Buncha ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ right here.
2013-05-14 05:09:08 PM

mikefinch: wildcardjack: I'd offer my 370 pound photos but I'm a 6'5" titan, I look slightly above average. Think linebacker.

To the normal height person, I offer my congratulations on the loss through diet and exercise. Much better than Chris Christi.

/My shoulders fill an average doorway.
//Not something you can reduce.

yeah my friend (just got on with the carolina panthers) is around 320... not even close to fat. Hes huge. And fast. He was normalish sized till highschool... then he turned into some sort of hulk man. He is a hulk man.

And i mean hulk man. He crushed out 36 reps of 225 lbs. Thats beefy. And yes he informs me there is a second brain that controls his lower half. Its called the stomach dick neural complex and he says his head brain is just for drinkin and thinkin.

I'm good for 16 reps (2x8) at 250 but I'm spent after that. Your friend did 36 reps for the NFL combine, which might be a level for me to aim at. But I refuse to bulk up again, being able to tip over cars might sound fun but you aren't going to be versatile.
2013-05-14 06:44:47 PM
They look like the Mighty Boosh together.
2013-05-15 01:40:01 AM
That guy should know that about 97% of these people gain all the weight plus more back, good luck pancake man.
2013-05-15 02:02:03 AM
Hey, has anyone thought to post the Austin Powers "It's a man, baby..." jpeg.? Coz, It's a man, baby...
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