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(Southwest Iowa News)   Apparently, the best way to remind people about fire safety is having volunteer clowns wear bright coveralls and go door-to-door with flyers   ( divider line
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2013-05-13 11:15:18 AM  
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I'm a consultant, and work for a lot of companies.One of my clients, the call center for a large corporation, has their share of problems.This one, however, tops the cake.

So, today wasn't one of the best days for my client.  Still stinging from Worldwide ATM outages this week, the Service Center people are already a bit edgy.  Then, about 9:00am or so, the network starts to crap out.  Phone reps can't get to their systems.  Calls get backed up.Many people are seen walking around the help desk area with wireless phones stuck to their ears.  Conference calls on speakerphones.  Not a good scene.

Then, about 10:00am or so, they come on over the PA in the building, and let us know that the water to the buildings was out (again, this happened last week too).  (We still think they didn't pay their bill, which is par for this client...but I digress).  They remind us that visiting the restrooms during this water outage isn't such a good idea, as you can't flush.  So, they told us to stay out of the restrooms.  Then, they said that they were
arranging for *Porta-Potties* to be delivered to the facility sometime after lunch.  They also announced that in the interim, they had arranged for the Security Shuttle Vans (they use them in the parking lot) to take people over to the Golf Course that's near there in case they couldn't wait.  Needless to say, we went out for lunch.

And, I had to remind the help desk, since the water was out, that means the A/C would start going out as well. (Water Cooled).  It started getting hot in there.

So, we have a bunch of people in the building that were already tired, stressed, needing to go to the restroom, and hot.  And, the network problems still haven't been fixed up yet.

So, after lunch, the management of this company made what I call one of their "Power Decisions"...

They sent in the clowns.

I'm going to repeat that, as it bears repeating.

*They* *sent* *in* *the* *clowns*.

No, not the upper-upper management that are never on site.  Those clowns would never come there.

No, these were *real* clowns.  They went out and hired a troop of floppy-shoed, white-faced, red-nosed, mop-haired, horn-tooting drama class dropouts to come in and "entertain the troops".

So, let me recap.

Network out.  Hot.  No water.  No restrooms.  Calls backed up.  Chaos everywhere you look.  Clowns roaming the building trying to cheer people up.

Surreal, I tell you.

But, the clowns did have an effect on the people working.  It wasn't the clowns and their silly antics per say.  It wasn't that the clowns were
passing out animal balloons and throwing confetti around.  It was the fact that they ACTUALLY WENT OUT AND HIRED CLOWNS is what entertained people the most.

The song of the day was "Seeeennnd iiiiinnnn....the clooooowwwwwwnnnnssss"...
2013-05-12 08:39:18 PM  
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2013-05-12 07:24:37 PM  
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If I was a sex offender and had to report myself to the neighbors, wearing a clown suit would be the ONLY way to own that shiat.

/ Hey she showed me ID!
// Wanna balloon?  hehe
2013-05-12 06:59:20 PM  
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We all float down here at the Fire Department....
2013-05-12 06:44:57 PM  
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2013-05-12 06:35:59 PM  
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That's funny, as it's also a way to remind people of horror.
2013-05-12 04:35:47 PM  
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best way to remind people about fire safety is having volunteer clow-
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